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Venue : @Crypto_miners_Community

Date : 7th September, 2021

Time : 6PM UTC

Guest : Uzema ( Project Lead & Steven ( Community manager )

CardanoEvo Team shared with us a well detailed insight into the Project and Unique features of CardanoEvo…


WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

Hello community, welcome to a special AMA session with CardanoEvo

Now let’s welcome our special guest from CardanoEvo Team here to join us.

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.,

Hi guys

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

So let’s start without making much delay!😁

Introduce yourselves please. How did you guys get to be involved in crypto & CardanoEvo ?

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.,

Usema is 32. Originally from Morocco; but settled in Italy 25 years ago. After leaving University, Usema gained experience in managerial public-facing roles as well as product development in a joint venture in his fathers’ company. Three years ago, Usema took up a managerial position as a project leader in a well-known telecommunications company, specialising in satellite tracking technology. Usema has been investing in cryptocurrencies for five years. Usema also has 4 years’ experience managing a drop-ship e-commerce business; He has been involved in several projects with varying success, as an associate developer. CardanoEvo is Usamas’ brain-child and his breakout for success as a project leader.

Steve — EVO Dev Community

Steve is 52, originally from the UK and now based in New Jersey. He has had a successful 25 year career in project management and community liaison within the U.K. civil service. Over the last 10 years, Steve has also built two successful e-commerce businesses. One utilising drop-shipping, the other being inventory-based. Steve has been investing in cryptocurrencies for two years. This is his first Project Management role since retirement from government work. As well as a wealth of experience in project management and community liaison, Steve is academically qualified to Master’s Degree level in social research.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

That was a great intro🤝 so team can you give a brief explanation about ‘CardanoEvo’ ? What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in this space?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs],

We wanted to create a community project that gives reward for long-term investors, away from the ‘pump & dump’ crowd of meme coins

As you can tell by the branding we are not your usual Meme coin.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

Great 🤝 So what are your main features that discern you from other projects and what robust advantages do you have?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs],

Well, the Dev team have worked tirelessly to build a community of investors focused on the long-term future of the project, enjoying passive income from their hold, whilst being involved in development of:

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.,

Web presence — We have designed and built a beautiful and impressive website to act as the ‘store front of the project’…

It cointains all the information that our investors need

to make an informed decision.

It contains features such as the dashboard

The merchandise store

The Cardano News Blog

And the future progress of the project in the Whitepaper and the Roadmap

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

Sounds cool ! can you provide an overview on how CardanoEvo tokens are being used & the rewards provided for wallet holding?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs],

We can talk about EvoSwap and EvoNFT shortly but I guess you question is referring to the tokenomics and how the reward system works.

Buy Tax 15%:

7% of the total transaction value is redistributed, in Cardano (ADA), to wallets holding CardanoEvolution tokens.

The number of ADA tokens that each wallet receives is directly proportional to the percentage of the total CardanoEvolution balance that is held in that wallet.

This means that holders do not need to do anything other than hold CardanoEvolution tokens in their wallets to receive ADA token rewards.

3% of the total transaction value is added to the Pancake Swap liquidity pool, in BnB and cEvo tokens. The liquidity added to the Pool promotes price stability, increasing the overall liquidity of the token supply and acting as a price floor.

5% of the total transaction value is reserved to provide funding for auditing, marketing, exchange listings and legitimate development team expenses.

Sell Tax 17%:

‌These are the same functions as for the buy, but the percentages are slightly increased for reflections and the marketing wallet:

8% Cardano reflections.

3% Liquidity Pool.

6% Marketing

This to discourage investors from selling and encourage earning from reflections

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

The de facto rewards for investing in the project are the ADA reflections and the projected increases in token value as the project progresses.

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.,

We have a VIP program which facillitates enhanced communication with our top holders and gives them initial consultation in project updates.

Coming from a background of community liaison, I have spent 25 years building and developing partnerships with agencies outside of the organisations i worked for.

Collaboration with partners is the best way to garner trust and acheive a higher understanding of the needs of the community we serve.


As community manager, it is my role to maintain the relationship between the leadership team and our investors, as well as relationships with current and future partners.

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]

4 years of trading and development of work in the crypto world has helped me understand of token design and enabled me to work effectively with my code writer Rohit, to produce such an effective contract.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners,

Great 🤝So how long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from CardanoEvo? If possible could you please share road map with us?

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.,

Sure, the roadmap is here on the website: Usema, can you talk about the project so far and then about EvoSwap / EvoNFT / Governance and then I’ll talk about the future after that?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]

We have been working on this projet for 2 months having already produced

  • white paper
  • - roadmap
  • - dashboard
  • - merchadinse store

We are now coding and testing the EvoSwap and the EvoNFT marketplace

I’ll talk about EvoSwap first.

Through EvoSwap you will be able to swap pairs in BNB, BUSD and USDT.

Thanks to the governance system we will be impleting, investors will be able to vote (vote power depends on how many cEvos you are holding) for which coin will be listed next in the Swap.

We are also implementing staking but I’ll be conservative about it for now.

Thanks to the NFT marketplace we are working on, investors will be able to Mint, Buy, Sell and bid through auctions for NFTs.

We are already collaborating with differents artists who will have their own dedicated page which will act as a showcase of their work.

cEvo will have a central role to play in the marketplace since it will be the main currency.

SEGMENT 2️⃣ — Twitter Q & A

From @Jaisonmakhi

How are CardanoEvolution able to provide $ADA reflection to every holders? Holders needs to hold a minimum amount? Can you tell us how does CardanoEvolution rewards calculated & tokenomics works?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]

Investors need to have a minimum hold of 90.000 cEvos.

Our contract collects tokens into itself through taxes. Once it hits a certain threshold and when it detects an organic sell, it triggers it’s own sells. 3 of them to be specific:

  1. Gets swapped into Pegged-cardanos and given to holders in a percentage based on holdings.

2. Goes into liquidity (half bnb and half tokens)

3. Goes to the marketing wallet in form of pegged-Cardanos.

The amount of cardano reflection is dependent on how many cEvos the investor holds.

From @dillmeinao

I came to know that are some airdrops as follows, Merchandise Giveaway #2

💎1st. — CardanoEvo Polo

💎2nd — CardanoEvo Hat

💎3rd — CardanoEvo Mug

Is this still available? How can participate i this? Any requirments to eligible airdop?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]

These are regular competitions that I run with my moderator team. The ‘prizes’ are either merchandise from our store or cEvo airdrops. Each competition has a different task to complete, either in marketing terms or a small ($5) buy-in to participate. We have one or two competitions every day.

From @Bearbroonline

CardanoEvolution is a community-driven project, reflecting not only the Cardano ($ADA) token, but also the ethics and charitable status of our ‘parent’ coin. Can you tell us what is CardanoEvo’s main role & utility? What was the connection of Cardano($ADA) token with CardanoEvo? Are you two came from the same developer?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]

I think we already answered that in our introduction. We are not the same developers as Cardano, we are following the ethics of ADA but at the same time walking a different path; an evolved one if you will.

From @achuach34893150

To what extent have the recent bear market have on the project development and how have you been able to survive this longest bear market and continue building and developing?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]

The recent bear market across crypto is expected from time to time. We haven’t seen any significant affect on our price / chart to cause us, or our investors, any cause for concern. Our investors know that we are a long-term project with long term goals. They see us delivering on the promises we make and are able to converse with us in voice chat several times per day. It is this kind of reassurance that maintains the project stability. Survival of a bear market is done through project progression and update rather than reacting to short-term fluctuations in the market.

SEGMENT 3⃣ — Live Q & A

Nᴜsʀᴀᴛ Jᴀʜᴀɴ:

Do you have a token burn or buyback program plan to attract investors?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]:

We have a manual burn function embedded into the contract as you can see on BscScan.

We are planning future burns which will be announced through our main board. So keep up with that 😉

Ikra 2:

Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]:

Security wise before the deployment of the contract we were aware of the fact that someone was using an exploit to suck all of the rewards collected by the dividend tracker. We prevented that by adding the OnlyOwner function to it so nobody else is able to touch those.

We are working on an audit as per roadmap. It will be done by both Certik and TechRate as soon as enough money is collected into the marketing wallet.


How can I be in the VIP program and how many holders are in the VIP program?

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.:

Good question. Currently, holders of at least 120m cEvo are invited to join the VIP program. Each member is asked to provide their wallet address and an email address, before running through a verification process so that we can be sure they are in control of the wallet. This has a dual benefit: Not only does it verify the investor as a VIP, it allows us to let coin listing sites that we have verified wallet holders / investors. We are soon to be applying to CMC for listing, around the same time as the EvoSwap launch. To be able to provide a list of verified VIPs will see that application processed far more rapidly.


is it suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Usema [I don’t answer DMs]:

It is absolutely suitable to crypto beginners. We also have a Help Desk chat in case you needed anything. We also do troubleshooting and have a “How to buy” video 😊

Maruf Siddiqur:

How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Steve — EVO Dev Community I do not DM you first.:

We have engaged with the community right from the beginning. We designed the contract to reflect (excuse the pun) the wishes of the community. When we have decisions to be made, community consultation is paramount. The VIP holders are engaged in the first stage of any consultation, before expanding to the wider community on the main board. For example, upon the launch of EvoWap, we will begin consultation on the next functionality to be researched, coded and tested following the EvoNFT marketplce. That way, we are continuously programming/coding and continually engaging about the ‘next step.’ As you will find in our chat and in the regular VCs, we have become family to some of our investors and formed bonds that we never expected to gain.


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