Venue : @Crypto_miners_Community
Date : 27th June, 2021
Time : 4PM UTC

Guest : MR. B( Marketing|VICE ) & Ms. JORDANNA FOXX( Founder|VICE)
MR. B & Ms. JORDANNA FOXX shared with us a well detailed insight into the Project and Unique features of VICE WRLD…


WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Hello community , welcome to a special AMA session with Vice Token🙌

Blockchain "B":
Hello Crypto Miners 🙌🍒

Jordanna Foxx ( Won’t DM you 1st ) BST ⏰:
Hello miners 😊

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q1) Can you explain a bit about the concept of ViceToken and how does it work !?

Blockchain "B":
To start $Vice has a practical application in our ecosystem as it will be used to tip on our live streaming platform, which we aim to have out by Q4. Addtionally $Vice will be used on our nft marketplace and other ways in which you can spend our native token that have never been seen before in the adult defi space.

We saw that there is a gap in making an all in one solution that customers actually want to use and we have the know how to bring it to market in an easy to purchase and use method that both crypto and non crypto folks will want to understand and participate in!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Great 😉 we would like to know about the core team behind this project too?

Blockchain "B":
Our team experience is as follows:

Jordanna Vicewrld CEO has 20 years experience within the adult industry not just in film but production , dance , management , and as a BDSM instructor she also has a degree in business and event management (Vice parties are going to be awesome 😉)

David has a BA Honors and is working on his masters in Buisness as well in international security and as a risk consultant. He is a former paratrooper in the British army and had led teams and advised businesses throughout the Middle East and west Africa. David will be focusing on our cyber security as well as general risk

Mr.Vice and myself are the marketing officers at Vice and have worked together on past projects taking speciality in splitting our talent so that we cover marketing on both the crypto and non crypto side of getting the word out.

We also have an army of dedicated $Vicedolls that are our brand ambassadors and one look at our Twitter will show we mean business 🍒

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q2) Are you working on any partnerships or marketing initiatives to help build awareness for your platform?

Blockchain "B":
Yes , we are continually working on connections such as building our $Vicedoll Ambassador program for top model talent. Outside of our Ambassador program we are also working with other project managers in the defi and adult space that we can't name just yet 😉

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q3. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Blockchain "B":
Our team is diverse and passionate, we have the working industry knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t but also the team to implement these plans and bring them into action. Also no one has a CEO in the defi space that knows the adult industry like we have!

Charity is also a side of the project that we deeply care about and have worked into the very tokenomics of the project. Knowing that we can use decentralisation not only to effect change for sex workers and improve user experience within the industry but to actually redefine the way people perceive porn is amazing. Vicewrld would like to be conscious in actively helping to heal some of the damage that has been caused by traditional platforms while making creators and users have an amazing and profitable experience.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q4) Could you share us an overview about tokenomics and roadmap ?!

Blockchain "B":
The roadmap is currently being updated but you can expect our top priorities to be token listings and platform development to make sure our platform is ready to accept $Vice token for all features on the website.

We encourage everyone to take a peek at our whitepaper and expect an amazing V.2 of the website coming in the next few months 🍒

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q5. What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from ViceToken ?!

Blockchain "B":
You can expect vicewrld to go global, we have no doubt that vicewrld will be a key player within the space especially in the niche kink scene.

We want to have slow and steady growth, rewarding our holders and have a core supportive community along the way with burns and contests rather than just a pump and dump.

We are a passionate team and are doing this project because we believe in it and it's long term potential we see ourself forging partnerships with other key players in this field very quickly. I think everyone is going to be using vicewrld as the gold standard in future years.

SEGMENT 2️⃣ — Live Q & A

Q1) He Mallu
-Are you a global project or a local project?
-Can anyone use your project anywhere without any restrictions?

Just like the defi and crypto world we are a global team from all around the world including The UK, Europe, India, and the Unitwd States.

We are decentralized and we stand by that meaning any users on our platform can remain completely anonymous while using every single one of our diverse platform features

Q2) Dinkan Original

I think your whitelist is not over !!!
Guide us how to enter whitelist

You are correct you still have time!! we are at just about 40% whitelist raise to cap on our goal of 50BNB this is the cheapest you will ever see $Vice.

All steps and specifics can be found on our channel, just hurry it ends today 😉

Q3) sara 103

Good Day Sir❤

Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Thank You❤

Jordanna Foxx ( Won’t DM you 1st ) BST ⏰:

Yes this is an unfortunate reality of the crypto space and we want to be as transparent as possible.

Our entire team has and will always continue to be internally doxxed at token launch to ensure token holder safety, addtionally a large portion of team tokens will be locked at launch with a gradual unlock over the course of months.

Given that our platform is decentralized as well users will never have to worry about personal data leaking while using our platform, you can stay anon and have fun ;)


How strong is your team ? Many projects starts with good impression and later abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others?????? Please share with us!!

Jordanna Foxx ( Won’t DM you 1st ) BST ⏰:
In terms of abandonment questions we had a few of those so I would like to address this .

VICEWRLD means business we are a registered entity in UK as a LTD company and you can search for this on the uk gov website and see the paperwork on our website

On a personal level as B touched on earlier we have a chance to positively impact the sex industry and give workers freedom and expression something I know is needed. The main charity we are going to be partnering with is the THORN project a global leader in the development of software protecting children online. As the project grows and finds its place you come to know the team you will see passion is at the heart of VICEWRLD over everything.

Best of all we get to have fun doing all of the above , with an amazing community … whom can profit greatly from all of this .. so in summary we’re not leaving 👆 ⛓ 😈

Q5) Taxi
How will you protect the token value? Will there be repurchase or burning?

Blockchain "B":

This is super important considering there are a million and one tokens launching every day it seems.

We think long term and that is always where the biggest value will be in holding $Vice but we do not ignore the short term as well and will be aggressively marketing and creating never before seen collaborations with big names in the adult industry. For those that hold we will also being doing suprise burn events to reward our loyal $Vice Army! 🍒


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Come join our telegram above for a after party quiz and voice chat with our founder and CEO Jordanna, see you there 🍒



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