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Venue : @Crypto_miners_Community
Date : 04th July, 2021
Time : 5PM UTC

Guest 👀: MR. Peter Perlitz( SOLAR MOON )
Mr. Peter Perlitz shared with us a well detailed insight into the Project and Unique features of SOLARMOON…


WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Hello community ,welcome to a special AMA session with SOLAR MOON.

Peter Perlitz:
Hey guys!!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Before movin on to our first segment ,could you introduce yourself to our community ?!

Peter Perlitz:
Absolutely! My name is Peter Perlitz I have been in the solar industry up here in New Jersey in the U.S. for over 4 years now. My brother in law Brackston was a dev on a project called SYA and after that did so well it inspired us to make this coin and my knowledge on the state solar incentives up here as well as the dirty energy problem people have been talking about with bitcoin inspired me to come up with this coin!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q1) Can you explain a bit about the concept of SOLAR MOON and how does it work !

Peter Perlitz:
Hey guys, thank you so much for having us in the group! My name is Peter Perlitz I am the creator and one of the Devs for the Solar Moon Project. Our project will Presale on Dxsale on July 5th at 11 PM UTC on Dxsale and launch on pancakeswap July 6th! Solar Moon will use a transaction fee to fund a community wallet that will be used to build solar mining operations which will pay the ETH/BTC mined back to our holders while reducing our carbon footprint from mining! Our goal was to create the first crypto that is fully sustainable financially and environmentally by making a platform where we are all able to come together as a community to fund these projects that will help fix the dirty energy blockchain problems that cryptos like BTC face while paying great returns to our holders! I have 4 years in the solar industry here in NJ and brackston who is our token dev was also part of the SYA coin team, so we are fully capable of completing this project and already have the plans in place! Watch our previous AMA recap as well as our other youtube videos when you guys have the time to learn even more about our project as well as check out our site and white paper!

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WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Also we would like to know about the core team behind this project 😉

Peter Perlitz:
This is a intro I had prepared for you guys! It tells a good bit anbout hiw our project works and what our goals are as well as some great links for you guys to check out!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q2. What are the risk management policies that SOLAR MOON uses to safeguard the investments and credits granted by its platform?

Peter Perlitz:
Well we have a quick check audit completed to make sure there are no major vulnerabilities and we will be getting a full audit back shortly after launch. Also to make our community feel comfortable as leaders our dev wallet will be placed in a sig wallet to avoid us from pulling out liquidity while still allowing us ownership of the project!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q3. What factors will influence the future demand for SOLAR MOON project ?What steps would you take to boost demand?

Peter Perlitz:
So to make things clear again we are using a community wallet to fund our solar mining operations. This is funded by a 6% transaction fee on each transaction. For the first month we will be using it strictly for marketing to help grow this project! We are already going to be holding AMAs with major influencers like my financial friend, as well as getting videos made by tyler hill investing and crypto love! Also we are currently having articles written up from my friends fiance who writes for modern luxury! We will be having those articles submitted to all major publications shortly after launch for approval!

Also we are going on the radio already, we have lot’s of marketing that will beginning in other countries, we have already been written into a script for an Anerican TV show that will be airing in about 6 months around when we will have our solar mining operations up!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q4) Could you share us an overview about tokenomics and roadmap ?!

Peter Perlitz:
So there is a total 10% transaction fee for each transaction. 2% goes to reflection to be redistributed to Solar Moon holders. 2% goes to liquidity. 6% goes to our community wallet that will be used to fund our solar mining operations as well as marketing! At the start like we said we will be using all of our community wallet for marketing month one! After that it will be 1% to marketing 5% to our solar mining operations!

As far as road map you can check out the full road map on our site as well as the timeline for getting our operations up and running on our whitepaper! The first couple months will go to marketing and acquiring land near a town called Salem, NJ here in the US

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Q5. What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from SOLAR MOON ?!

Peter Perlitz:
So like I said we plan to start hetting our solar mining operations underway as quick as possible we will not eed much volume to start because we will be able to acquire loans for the solar

Also the main thing starting out is fiing our entire proess and beginning to make use of the influencers that we already have on board!


🔋you will launch your development at Binance Smart Chain Network but since Solar moon is about reducing carbon, electricity and energy for the financial work of mining, you have planned to develop in the blockchain of Cardano? this even spends less energy and is cheaper compared to ETH

Peter Perlitz:
We chose BSC evause that i what so any people are becoming famlir wth especially after safemoons rise. We want as many people a possblevto be already familiar with the process! Ur ain golenvironmentallis to reduce carbon from big blockchains like BTC and ETH of course.Great question!

Anandhu Santhosh:
Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Can you tell us about your current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Peter Perlitz:
So we are already working on those publications and our main focus will be media for the environmental aspect as well as the sustainability of the investment! Also like we said we have Allt if influencers who love our project! Also we will be on that tv show and we plan to get this project in front of some big name celebrities as well as we geow further in this project!

My question is about your long term marketing plans. How, or through which big partnerships do you plan on utilising to pass your product onto the normal - especially non-crypto people????@peterperlitz

Peter Perlitz:
News outlets will be huge like we said also we will ramp up our facebook and youtube marketing which we have already began! On top of that we will be paying viral marketers to create different marketing angles for our project the environmental aspect is anazing! We plan to focus more on that for marketing after launch and again above all else filming the entire process with a professional team and outting that out to major media outlets will be massive!!

FAdIL 『𝐈ɴ𝐃🇮🇳 』:
Most of the projects now a days do burning !!
Are you doing token burning?? tell us something about your token burning ?

Peter Perlitz:
There is a 50% initial burn. Also we will be buying back Solar Moon tokens with the BTC and ETH that is mined and doing burns to inject the value of the BTC and ETH back to the Solar Moon that is already held by holders this will allow us to fully automate our process, pay everybody back based perfectly on how much solar moon they hold and grow our market cap!

Antonino Thory:
Hello sir,,
Is this your project only for prime investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?Do you have any plans to do airdrops and bounties to the users? How can we join them??

Peter Perlitz:
The amazing part about solar moon is that with our platform it is the first opportunity for any incestor to be able to invest in large scale solar mining operations whether you put in $10 or a million dollars you will be paid back the crypto mined perfectly relative to the amount of Solar Moon you hold!


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