Venue : @Crypto_miners_Community
Date : 2nd AUG, 2021
Time : 6PM UTC

Guest : Mr.AI (Founder)
MR. AI shared with us a well detailed insight into the Project and Unique features of RIYOKU…


WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Hello community, welcome to a special AMA session with RIYOKU ✨

Now let's welcome our special guest from RIYOKU team here to join us.

hey crypto miners! thanks for having me

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
So let's start without making much delay!😁
Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & RIYOKU ?

I’m AI, the project lead here at RIYOKU, we started this project about 4-5 months ago when there was a lot of hype around getting into crypto.. we saw many projects launch and end up scamming poor people including us.. so we started RIYOKU to educate and teach the masses about the crypto world, we are coming out with a educational cartoon tv show with some of the cutest characters !

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Great so what are your main features that discern you from other projects and what robust advantages do you have?

Great question .. so our main features are our farms and pools on our DeFi ecosystem. They will offer 10X multipliers on our $MARU LP pairs. The robust advantage we have is that we have a real use case to help release a tv show that can ensure the safety of interested investors. Investors care for each other, and dont want to see anyone getting scammed or rug pulled. So our community will all have it in their highest interest to spread the word about , some things you can learn on our tv show are basic concepts of what crypto is , what tokenomics are , and how farming works .. etc
We will also feature our partner tokens on our tv show and teach about their story, their suceesses, their roadmap, their usecases, tokenomics and etc.. it will be a great way for tokens to get additional exposure and marketing to the masses.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Cool 🙌 can you provide an overview on how RIYOKU tokens are being used & the Reward System?can you distinguish $RIYO & $MARU both token's Unique Features?

yes so the $RIYO and $MARU tokens are inherently different. The $RIYO token is a governance token that the community can stake to vote. We have a deflationary feature on $RIYO that will drop the emission rate by 5% each week. This will allow a stable price while minting until the max supply of 25,000 tokens, and will help keep the farms and pools APY stable. $MARU is a deflationary meme token, that will have 10X multipliers with exclusive LP pairs, along with 5% AMM and 5% redistribution to our holders, just last night we actually lowered the tax from 10% to 8% and plan to do this every Sunday night until we reach 0.1% tax on $MARU and ultimately will become a farming token with multipliers on select pools / farms.
($RIYO can be used for future voting on a number of different things such as "which token will be recieved as a dividend on a token that will be released at a future date that is part of our ecosystem")

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
So how has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far? 😁

oo good question.. Being involved in crypto for some time, has helped us fully understand what an investor wants, and how we can give that to them. We have also seen many rug pulls and also have invested and lost money in such projects, we then went and learned what we did wrong and how we can avoid doing this again and now its time to educate the masses on this very critical issue in the crypto space. People obviously want a 10000X and to sell, which is understandable. But our goal is much much broader than that. We see the power of a community that wants the best for everyone, and that is what our process will show over time. I think crypto has painted this image of getting rich in one day, and thats not the reality here, you can get lucky and make a lot of money on a crypto token but if you dont learn how to sustain it then what is the true point?
RIYOKU will change the way people invest in crypto , with more educated people investing beside us we really can’t go anywhere but the moon. Together we are strong!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Can you share more details about the RIYOKU Tokenomics,is there any particular vesting schedule if so can you share more about it?

Our $MARU tokenomics are simple:
There are 1,000,000,000 MARU total tokens.
There is a 5% AMM and 5% Redistribution
Now 4% and 4% since last night.
Next Sunday will be 3% and 3% etc..
Team tokens are locked (team isnt selling tokens is bullish) 😉
Liquidity locked on PCS as well as Apeswap.
Tokens are vested for 3 months and will slowly unlock.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
So how long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from RIYOKU? If possible could you please share road map with us.

Riyoku was born in April - May and we have been developing the website front end and back end along with the platform and ecosystem since then..

We have been negotiating patnerships and have secured a few big names (finalizing with them now and pools should be up when dApp goes live)

We are excited to finally be here and ready to share it with you all!

We decided that the public needs a better way. Our dApp releasing 5-10 days and will feature $MARU LP pairs with other exclusive meme tokens.
RiyoSwap - holders can swap in and out of their favorite meme tokens.
RiyoPool and RiyoFarm within the dApp that holders can pair LPs and stake and earn rewards. A RiyoPad is being built which is an incubator for small MCap meme tokens to launch on (pre vetted projects we will not be launching any scam projects)

Our main focus though is to release the cartoon tv show that will make an impact on the crypto world and we will have a healthier environment in the long run if we have more educated investors beside us. The goal is to partner up with blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and meme tokens, to have them market their token with us and explain the whole story behind how they started. The large reveneue will be pushed back into the Riyoku community for further expansion. We are confident in our ability to bring this to life.
Last but not least we will also have a RiyoLottery on our dApp similar to pancake swaps lottery but better 😉

We plan to release more tokens for the other characters in our tv show, each of them will have their own unique use cases. (Examples: Gamification, NFTs, Dividend token, Merch, etc)

This is really just the beginning and we are excited to roll everything out !

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Perfect 👌 Is staking live ? Or should we wait for further announcement from the team's side?

Staking is live on Apeswap right now , Single Staking MARU - MARU will be exclusive to our dApp and will be released in 5-10 days and we will make an official announcement on all social media platforms.

SEGMENT 2️⃣ — Twitter Q & A

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

Upon Research about farming with $MARU,i have seen that the slippage is reduced on a weekly basis.Ultimately reaching 0.
How is this system of Reducing slippage will he beneficial to MARU?
Apart from farming,will there be any staking options?

Great question, yes there will be staking options into exclusive pools (partner tokens) as well as farming with $MARU,
the reducing slippage is benefical because there will be no fees! right now the fees are at 8% and when they reach 0% it will save a lot of money for the holders who want to stake or farm with $MARU

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

#RIYUKO - is the first decentralized educational cartoon TV show token ecosystem on BSC and just recently, the launch of the $MARU token was a success. So can you share how was it and may we know what's the next big step of RIYUKO after the IDO?

thank you for that, the launch of $MARU happened on launchpad, the best launchpad in BSC in my opinion, they handled everything on the backend for us making the team really able to focus on the frontend, marketing and other work involved behind the scenes.. their admins helped out in our chat and we even got trending on dextools #1 spot on day 1 and listed on coingecko as well , something other projects take weeks to do we accomplished in one day..
The next big step for riyoku after IDO is to further build out our community and gain partnerships and release the rest of our ecosystem!
The dApp and the TV show are the two most exciting things to look forward to from the team.
We will be releasing a short introduction video in the next 4-8 weeks ! (film production takes very long)
We have a huge marketing campaign incoming so be ready to hear about RIYOKU everywhere 🚀

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

RiyokuTV aims to become a decentralized meme tv show that educates the public about cryptocurrency markets. Can you explain how a “Decentralised TV show”works compared to normal ones? How will community members be able to reap rewards with the wider acceptance of the show?

With exposure to large broadcasting channels and marketing campaigns RIYOKU will partner up with multiple blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies. For example, lets say we have a contract with Shiba INU for a promotion on one of our shows. We will explain the story of how Shiba INU began and its massive success / developments and its roadmap. It will then be aired to hundreds of thousands of viewers.
The large revenue is actually pushed back to the community for production and further expansion. The governance token $RIYO will be used for voting on how we use the funds and the function of the next tokens releasing as well as giving whitelisting opportunities to $RIYO holders.
These contract deals with larger cryptocurrencies can bring in very large revenues which will all be disclosed to our community and voted on how to spend the budget.
10% of all revenues will be distributed to the RIYOKU team.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

As i understand $MARU Token functions as a meme “Style” token. What does this “STYLE” signify here? How is $RIYO and $MARU unique compared to the normal meme tokens in the market?

We are a meme defi ecosystem , to kick off the ecosystem $MARU was released to build out the community and raise funds needed for producing the tv show. Meme tokens are here to stay, but many have no usecase and end up just being pump and dumps which turn into "community tokens" after the devs leave, we have a usecase at the end of the day being our tv show, this makes us different from most meme tokens but at the same time staying a meme token.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

I read the whitepaper and it said that you're going to issued a second token $RIYO. What is the purpose of a new token in the platform? Will issuing a new token cause to Obsolate the old one? Or the opposit? What is your view on this?

$RIYO’s purpose serves as a governance token ultimately, which you can farm with as well.
$RIYO is needed to vote on how the community spends the revenue produced from the tv show, further developments and improvements to the platform, how to spend marketing funds.
$MARU will be attractive in its own way because it will offer 10x multipliers on pools / farms.
$RIYO holders can farm or stake into any pools on the dApp.
$MARU holders are tied to only exclusive pools with partner tokens.
We don’t think issuing another token will cause any negative effect to happen to $MARU as a result of releasing $RIYO , but maybe the opposite as you say 😉

SEGMENT 3⃣ — Live Q & A

-Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same???

beautiful question, one of the main reasons riyoku was born was because of this.
our liquidity is all locked on PCS and APESWAP
visible on the blockchain for anyone to see! our team has locked tokens as well to ensure investors that the team is invested in the project for the long term and not trying to make a quick buck.
We launched on a very trusted launchpad, they did KYC on the team and verified the project before IDO.
We also partnered with PRE IDO.. apeswap is a huge platform and very trusted on BSC..
If these things are not enough to gain trust of an investor, the team really cant do more !

Alve Al:
Do you have any Coin Burn/BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token and attract Investors to invest ????Thank $RIYO & $MARU

We do not have coin burn or buyback systems in place. But we can do SUPRISE buybacks with extra marketing funds 😉
We have a huge campaign incoming on social media and we will be seen everywhere.
Coinmarketcap listing is coming any day now and we will be trending there.
Be ready for RIYOKU.TV , We are HERE ❤️

Muhammed K:
What security and transparency model will your project implement to demonstrate to its users that donations are made in a transparent and fair way? Will the community have the role of proposing and voting for charity proposals of their choice?

We will be posting TXID’s and proof for any donations made by
$RIYO can be used for voting on where the community will donate money if there are plans to in the future.
Transparency is very important to our team and we want to make sure our community knows whats going on.

Can we stake $MARU? Can you share your tokenomics?

Staking is live on, single asset staking like MARU - MARU will be availabe exlcusively on our dApp (DO NOT STAKE YET) it will be opened to the public in about 5-10 days from now.
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Tokenomics: 5% AMM, 5% Redistribution to Holders (10% Slippage at launch) - Goes down 2% every week. (CURRENTLY 8%)

Good day sir 💖

can I buy your tokens right now and also which wallet support your token?

Yes, our token is live on Pancakeswap and apeswap!

Meta Mask / trust wallet are 2 good wallets that I am a fan of

Thanks for having me here today! Really enjoyed this AMA with your community and i hope that some people learned about a little more today!
HUGE MARKETING CAMPAIGN coming this week and next week.


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