Venue : @Crypto_miners_Community
Date : 23rd August, 2021
Time : 2PM UTC

Guest : Mr. Patrick (Business Developer)

Mr. Mr. Patrick shared with us a well detailed insight into the Project and Unique features of Launch Zone…


Hello community, welcome to a special AMA session with Laun ch Zone.

Now let's welcome our special guest from Launch Zone team here to join us.

Patrick BM:
Hi everyone

So let’s start without making much delay!😁
Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Launch Zone ?

Patrick BM:
I'm Patrick - Business Developer of the LaunchZone project. I have 4 years of experience in the crypto world and have worked on big projects like Kyber Network or TomoChain.
9 months ago, when the market was still in a correction and it cost me quite a bit of income, I met Tony(CEO). He gave me a great perspective on the LaunchZone project. And that's why I'm here with you today

Cool, that was a great start! so can you briefly introduce the project and the recent changes to LaunchZone?

Patrick BM:
In December 2020, we launched BSCex Ecosystem, a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We have released many products such as SwapX, LaunchPoolX and LaunchPadX

Our mission is to make Binance’s off-chain services available on the blockchain, develop multi-chain applications and promote features of decentralized finance that let users gain economic benefits.

As BSCex continued to grow and partner with many crypto startups and projects, we have undergone a rebrand to LaunchZone, which aims to focus not only on providing users a seamless crypto experience, but also on assisting crypto startups with fundraising and software development until they are robust enough to launch successfully on their own.

Recently, LaunchZone has completed its acquisition of The Sowing Network, BSC Army and ezDeFi. This combination makes LaunchZone stronger to better serve the community and compete more effectively in the DeFi space

This recent acquisition also renewed our resources by migrating the old BSCX token, the ZD token to our new LZ governance token; while the zSeed, ZDcash and BARMY tokens were migrated to our new LZP token.
The partners products were also integrated into the new ecosystem

in short terms, after such recent changes LaunchZone is a bigger ecosystem with more products aided by the LZ and LZP tokens

the ezDeFi wallet of ezDeFi shall soon be the new LZ wallet with new upgrades

Nice! What is the difference between $LZ and $LZP and what are their effects?

Patrick BM:
the LZ token is our new governance token. This token was migrated directly from our old BSCX token on a 1:1 rate

Technically, the LZ token inherits the ulitilities of BSCX token on our platform, including: IDO participation; LP farming; Referral link activation, etc. Furthermore, as we are having plans to release new products and services, the LZ token shall be ultilized in our future products and we are also working on the new products as we speak. New updates and announcements shall be made prior to the launch of new products along with the new ultilities of LZ token

LZ token is also a deflationary token and its tokenomics is designed to give various financial benefits for holders and service users.

On the other hand, LZP is the inflationary token that we use to reward our LP providers and ultilize community interaction. LZP can now be farmed on our

Great! 🤝so how will the token merge affect the development of LaunchZone?

Patrick BM:
The token merge is a strategic movement of LaunchZone and partner projects in order to create a bigger and more capable ecosystem to satisfy different market demands

As each integrated projects specialize in a different field: LaunchZone - incubation; ezDeFi - wallet app and payment gateway; Sowing network - Community ultility; BSC.Army - ad and promotion services; the integration made the united LaunchZone ecosystem more flexible to carry different business decisions while having sufficient resources.

The token migration was an essential outcome for all projects to focus their resources and concentration to build the common LaunchZone ecosystem

We believe that this concentration shal result in a better user experience to LaunchZOne supporters as well as creating a bigger success for the whole ecosystem.

Up to now, how many products have you got in total? Can you introduce and highlight their outstanding features?

Patrick BM:
I gotta say this is a very professional question. Well,
For now, our we still having 3 key products but their names were changed from the original versions:

1, LZ Swap: AMM aggregator
2, LZ Pool: yield farming product
3, LZ Pad: IDO platform

The new versions of our Key products have also been upgraded and equiped with new functions:
1, LZ Swap: Limit order function
2, LZ Pool: New pools with high APY; flexible to create LP and staking pools for most token models
3, LZ Pad: Upgraded UX, UI and more stable connection

Since this is still the early stage for LaunchZone since the acquisition, we have prioritized to upgrade our existing products. In the coming period, we shall establish our own stable coin of USDZ and new functions like LZ savings or LZ vaults shall be introduced to the public

In short terms, the current LaunchZone ecosystem inherits all existing hit features of the old platform while having new upgrades and functions
LaunchZone is really changing for the better guys and our LZ Swap recently ranked 3 on Dappradar

Sounds really great!😍 so now tell us about your achievements?

Patrick BM:
We are working on a new version of our archive but anw, this is the old version of our archive on social interaction
In simple terms, I’d say that what we mainly achieved as project developers were:
1, Creating a functional economic model for our vision
2, maintaining a vibrant community of above 36k members
3, maintaining a stable business throughout different market conditions.
the recent acquisition is also one of a great achievement we’ve gained on this journey as the event changed the entire LZ platform to a bigger ecosystem while expanding our operation and business fields.
ezDeFi has a great wallet app that shall be one of the core product of LaunchZone once rebranded to LZ wallet
BSC.Army is a media company on the rise and their live AMAs are improving in both traffic and content
with all of these achievements and experience our team was able to acquire throughout our operation, we have no doubt that LaunchZone shall reach its goal to be one of the best and biggest Defi Ecosystem

SEGMENT 2️⃣ — Twitter Q & A


How can @launchzoneann merge things like NFT, GameFI and DeFi while further developing the ecosystem by working with a variety of partners to help innovate and further develop the ecosystem at BSC, Polygon, and possibly other chains?

Patrick BM:
This is exactly what we’ve been doing. After the recent acquisition, LaunchZone’s technical structure is much more improved and more flexible than before. This allow us to offer services to different projects and we’ve also been incubating potential projects for our next IDOs. In the meantime, we’ve also cooperated with 100Xcoin team to create a new project on Polygon called CremePieSwap.
CremePieSwap is also testing various technical designs and our cross-chain solutions designed we planned for LaunchZone. In the longterm, we are aiming to build LaunchZone an ecosystem capable of working on all networks.

NFT is currently a global trend as well as having a direct impact on the market. We are in deep discussions to be able to incubate an NFT project strong enough to become a platform with functions like Marketplace or NFTPad.


Do you have any YouTube channel or website for this project?From where we can learn something???

Patrick BM:
After the acquisition, BSC.Army is now a part of the LaunchZOne ecosystem. As BSC.Army is well known for conducting great Live AMA sessions with defi projects, you can follow BSC.Army’s youtube channel to get more information on new projects and ideas:
regarding information about LaunchZOne, you can either follow our twitter account
or joining our official community @bscextalk as these are where our latest updates are announced


Most investors focus only on the price of the token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you come up with some new plans for users to invest in long-term? What can we expect from this project in the short term and beyond?

Patrick BM:
In the short term, we are launching a series of services to ultilize our LZ token and our stable coin. The new products shall benefit users in various financial aspects. The launch of such products shall come along with series of new marketing campaigns and giveaways so the short term investors may find their chances to benefit from our future programs

On the other hands, all changes and new upgrades to the LaunchZone ecosystem are made with the intention to build real and long lasting values for the space and we’ve been going with such ideals since the start of this project. Therefore, the long term investors can always find our services useful and may see us as a potential investment.


How important is the community to you? And how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Patrick BM:
For every defi project, Community plays the vital role since this is where projects get their investors and supporters. This is ofcourse applied to us too

As we are having various plans to introduce new products and services to improve user experience

I guess it’s fair to say that community members can help by staying supporting to us with your trust and feedbacks on the new products.

Everything we do are aimed to create better values for the community and every support we get is helping is stepping toward such goal


For a project development first of all main priority is having enough fund. Does your team financially capable to run this project? Do you have enough fund for it's developement Can you tell us that how your project generate the profit?

Patrick BM:
LaunchZone is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that spans communities in different countries. Behind it is a large development investment fund that is the incubator for leading decentralized finance projects of the Binance Smart Chain network, Polygon, and beyond... We never had to worry. about investments, because the community and CZ understand what we're doing and where LaunchZone is located

SEGMENT 3⃣ — Live Q & A

Benjamin Solamon:
What projects do you consider competitors and What differentiates you from them, if there are any?

Patrick BM:
As LaunchZOne is built to be the incubator of defi projects, we see other projects as potential partnerships and investments instead of competitors. This idea shall be the guiding method of business and operation of LaunchZone throughout our operation

John SabalaSuka:
Why was BSCex rebranded to LaunchZone? What changes are planned with this rebranding? Also u have mentioned that,the project aims to support crypto startups. Can u explain,about these startups are selected?How will the @LaunchZone gain benefit from this?

Patrick BM:
As mentioned earlier, we decided to rebrand to LaunchZone since this name better indicates vision and business focus. LaunchZone does not focus only on providing users a seamless crypto experience, but also on assisting crypto startups with fundraising and software development .
Upon registering for our IDO, every projects and startups are required to have KYC, working products and audit reports. After passing the register process, we shall contact the projects directly and evaluate if they are potential enough to get LaunchZOne IDO spot and support.
incubation is the highest level of support we give to other projects and this process shall be done only to projects we see truly potential.
As the founding members are all experienced investors, this evaluation process is our way to make sure that the IDO projects are all showing value in the long term

Lucy Chan:
What are the key milestones on your roadmap - both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? Any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to?

Patrick BM:
Here, take a look this one then you will figure it out

𝚅𝙸𝙽𝚄 🤟 | ★𝙲𝚂𝚇★:
They said, the problem of most DeFi projects on BSC is liquidity, which causes price slippage. So how does #SwapX solved the problem of low liquidity using your unique technology called "Cross Liquidity Layer 2" and how it works in facilitating transactions with minimal slippage?

Patrick BM:
LZ Swap is the key product of the LaunchZone ecosystem. It is a decentralized, trustless, and non-custodial application on BSC and will soon provide cross-chain swaps. LZ Swap supports more stablecoin and cryptocurrency pairs and even meme tokens. LZ Swap automatically finds the best rate and liquidity to facilitate the transactions of users. On 16th January, 2021, the total liquidity that SwapX can take advantage of is over 200 million USD.

The problem of high price slippage is closely tied with market depth and measures the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price level arrived at after execution. High price slippage typically indicates a market is less liquid. As consequence, users of BSC and Ethereum cannot execute an order with high volume without causing a big slippage. LZ Swap solves the problem of lacking liquidity and facilitates transactions with minimal slippage by using our unique technology called Cross Liquidity Layer 2.
LaunchZone’s Aggregating Engine will find the AMMs with the best liquidity among the network's AMMs to divide, match, and execute user’s orders. The Aggregating Engine will divide an order into many parts and execute each part in a different AMM to lower the risk of price slippage.For example, a LaunchZonian wants to swap 2000 BUSD to BNB. The price slippage of BakerySwap for 2000 BUSD in trading volume is 0.2%. Each $500 in trading volume will cause a 0.05% slippage in price. While PancakeSwap slippage is 0.12% and a $500 in trading volume will cause 0.105% slippage. Our LaunchZone Aggregating Engine will calculate and divide 2000 BUSD into two smaller orders. One order of 1363.636 BUSD is executed on PancakeSwap and another order of 636.364 BUSD is executed on BakerySwap. The total price impact/slippage is 0.097%, much lower than executing an order on just one single AMM.
This example shows the advantage of LZ Swap compared to other AMMs. This makes LaunchZone the best option to trade small and low cap cryptocurrencies on multi-chains.
At some points, due to crypto market volatility, buying and selling BNB on LZ Swap is even more profitable than trading BNB on Binance

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