Venue : @Crypto_miners_Community
Date : 10th August, 2021
Time : 3PM UTC

Guest : DireWolf Team
DireWolf Team shared with us a well detailed insight into the Project and Unique features of DIREWOLF…


WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Hello community, welcome to a special AMA session with DIREWOLF

Now let's welcome our special guests from DIREWOLF Team here to join us.

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
Hey everyone! I just flew in an boy are my arms tired...

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
So let's start without making much delay!😁
Introduce yourselves please. How did you guys get to be involved in crypto & Direwolf ?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
Im Cody, 29 years old and I have been pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors for as long as I can remember. Most of my experience is in direct marketing, business development, and community engagement. I am excited to join the world of charitable giving in crypto. I just stumbled upon this token one day at the end of May, and got hooked. I aligned with the vision, and immediately volunteered to help the project succeed

Hello all, my name is Brad and it is a pleasure to be here with you all today. I just got into crypto this year and while doing my research on crypto as as a whole, came upon Direwolf and found so many things that appealed to me personally and it seemed to have such promising possibilites that there was no way I could NOT get involved

Hey guys, happy to be here! My name is Fidgetybeast, I'm the Ambassador of Direwolf. I spend majority of my time speaking all things Direwolf whether it be the news, updates, and of course our favorite giveaways for our community to participate in growing their bags! You can find me on and also on So to simple put it I was in the beginning a regular investor looking into a long term project. Funny enough when this token was first started off it was based off the love for GoT (Game of Thrones). They were also dropping off the largest airdrops in crypto history so it was a real teaser. As the project progressed it took a serious turn of becoming more than just a meme token but rather now into a Utility token for our 1st ever NFT GAMING MARKETPLACE. More to be announced along the lines of this AMA. Thank you for having us here!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Wow! that was a cool start so can you give a brief explanation about 'Direwolf' .What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in this space?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
Direwolf is an ERC-20 deflationary token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the central currency for an ecosystem currently under construction. The current focus within the project is to become the bridge for traditional non crypto gamers to shift to the crypto, play to earn model. The focus is on bringing high quality gaming into the crypto world, high end graphics, etc. The project around that token is about creating the most welcoming place for anyone to be heard and to feel safe and protected in investing for the long term. So essentially, it’s an investing vehicle combined with a social community aspect. The main concept is to be much more than a meme coin or token, but a tradeable currency in the crypto space. This is where “Direworld” is a vital component. This will converge the gaming platforms and the crypto space into a place where gamers can play to earn.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Please quote "done" after answering each question for better understanding. :)

It was actually really amazing to experience the transition from something that was made for fun into actually something very serious..

But like they say, your fun and passion can be turned into a shapeshifting product to the world

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Sounds pretty cool so what are your main features that discern you from other projects and what robust advantages do you have?

What makes this ERC-20 token different from others is that we are very big on future visions such as charities. Recently, I went to Ohio physically with our partner to donate 20k to John (owner) of the Ohio Wolf Sanctuary. We plan on doing charities for mental health, education, wildlife, anything that the community votes on to impact the world in a positive way! I do have some have some images of the Sanctuary playing with the wolves. Anything that is worth $3500 automatically goes to the community for a vote on which direction we would like to go. The community has the loudest voice we just make the paths, they choose the road to go down on.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Great initiative👌 can you provide an overview on how Direwolf tokens are being used & the Earnings Provided by Gaming?can you explain how to join the wolf pack?

That is an excellent question! So we are an NFT GAMING MARKETPLACE. In order to buy/sell/trade/auction your NFTS or tokens you would need to buy Direwolf token and STAKE it to get the new token. Holders will be given first dibs on the new token immediately. As a very transparent community we always strive to better improve our ecosystem and tokenomics. Along the way we will definitely be doing some farming projects :)

With this video here that we livestreamed on Friday with Byzanthine we gathered all of our communites questions and answered every single one of them live on air!

This tell not only about staking but also why you need to have direwolf in order to stake for the new token.

You can join our awesome community of wolves on Telegram here

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Great ! So how has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

That is another excellent question! I'm liking these questions very much because we are about to exploit on what experiences we have outside of the cryptoworld. We do have professional consultants, lawyers, professional media entertainers, security and investigation experts and so much more. Like all project we talked and talked with our inner team before speaking out to the community to align our visions together. We've been extremely fortunate on all the partnerships we've came across while having our team completely doxxed on our website. (Still a work in progress) which should be done sometime soon in the neat future.

Like all projects relatively speaking, we've had some hiccups before honestly speaking. We learned through our experiences and have done everything in our power to make it better. We do have a very strong and solid community as you can see once you check out our community!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Can you share more details about the Direwolf Tokenomics,is there any particular vesting schedule if so can you share more about it?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
One of Direwolf ’s main functions is a 2% redistribution of every transaction, This variable is part of a larger function that redistributes 2% of every transaction evenly across all Direwolf holders. Because over 96% of all tokens are owned by the burn address and the locked address, the majority of each transaction’s redistribution is collected by these two wallets, burning those tokens. In addition, ownership of the contract has been renounced leaving no possibility of minting any new Direwolf coins. This is meant to increase deflation and token scarcity, which will inflate the per-token price as more transactions are executed. All wallets benefit from this redistribution, and will see an increase in their token balances per transactions

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
How long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Direwolf? If possible could you please share road map with us.

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
The best way to answer this question, in my opinion, is by showing your community what we have accomplished in 2 months.
We are currently working on the Whitepaper V2 and the roadmap V2.

In first two months, direwolf community actions:

1. Diredrop: The biggest redistribution of wealth in crypto history

2. Partnership with Axion and Goldfarm, and many others including institutional joint ventures incoming

3. Partnership with Untamed Isles to bridge gaming and crypto world with upcoming revolutionary game experience. Plans to onboard massive gaming community via diretoken currency as transaction medium

4. $20k Donation and site visit with Axion to Ohio wolf sanctuary. Many more charitable contributions incoming.

5. $6k Community donation to aid a member of the Wolfpack, who needed medical assistance - community financial collaboration in paying for initial listings - 'no wolf left behind' wallet and other initiatives

6. 11 AMAs (Hotbit, crypto talkz, crypto stalkers, crypto league, crypto land, crypto titans, crypto clash, crypto monsters, crypto nesia, crypto venus and crypto Challengers - now ongoing with many more

7. Website V3 (massive improvements - online) & whitepaper V2 incoming

8. Team doxxed

9. Liq locked for 100 years!

10. CMC, CG, Gemhunter, coinmooner, rugfreecoins, coinsniper & coincatapult

11. Bilaxy and Hotbit-listing, many high volume well vetted listings incoming

12. Maximum transparency since day 1

13. Daily tg community voicechats since day 1

14. Discord, twitch by our fidgetybeast, twitter, Facebook, reddit, tiktok, YouTube & Instagram-marketing kicking off hard

15. Direwolf Contest with an overall reward of $12.000! (see the pin message - ongoing contest in recruiting, art, content, meme, social media, twitch and random draw

16. Coming soon: Direswap, Direcharity,…


18.Direswag online- (Profit redistribution: 25% to charity, 25% liq pool and 50% to Marketing wallet)

19. coming soon (until the 9th September):
-dextools banner for one full week
-Kickstarter campaign launched, co-marketing with Untamed running
-AMA conducted with Defi degenerates and possibly Satoshi Streetbets
-Press release campaign running
-Programmatic ad campaign running
-Business plan and deck available online
-High-profile advisors onboard with the project
-LinkedIn page ready, team updated with their profiles
-Professionalize Medium, Dextools, etc

20. New utility token as a cross gaming currency. The only way to get it for the first 6 months is to buy Direwolf and stake it. Buying DW and stake it would make you hold 2 currencies at the same time, instead of buying only the gaming currency after six months.

And we are just getting started with an NFT market place that will blow minds!!!! Low cap jem like no other. Join at this perfect entry, we have the track record.. take full advantage of this moment, in what will soon be a world renowned project.

The date of this projects released was on May 17th, 2021. The roadmap before was pretty simple but now its being revamped along with the finishing touches of the website being done sometime done in the near future. We can expect Direwolf being something similar as to Steam where you guys games online and download them but with NFTs. The more gamers we have into the gaming space the more NFTS that will be created thus creating a strong substantial amount of revenue for those who invest on getting some Direwolf to stake for the new token ( The name of the new token will be announced soon as well ). We do everything by and with the community.

We have been around a relatively short time, but have accomplished a lot in that short time. We have big plans with our Marketplace and partnership with Untamed Isles and continue to develop and evolve everyday

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:
Perfect 👌Thank you guys for that great intro to Direwolf🚀 do you want to add something or we can go to the questions from Twitter?😉

I believe this important to add that we do community voice chats everyday at 19:00 UTC we discuss EVERYTHING and get feedback from our community. Like for example, we heard our HODLORS of having those who have held since the very beginning will be given a 24 hour time frame to be able to stake first because they can see the vision on how great this will impact the crypto space!

SEGMENT 2️⃣ — Twitter Q & A

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

DireWolf the only cross-game NFT marketplace to offer seamless in-game integration. So may I know what are
The unique features and benefits for users comparing to other gaming platforms? Is this only benefits for gamers? Or the entire users?

Our platform will only allow partnered games to work within our marketplace, we do not want our marketplace filled with useless NFT's which make it hard for our users to search for real items. Markets like OpenSea often struggle with fake items which look like they are real but just fake copies of other items...

We want to really maintain the quality of what is showing up on our marketplace and promote partnership amongst the games which are listed on our marketplace, making the gaming developers like true partners for us. One big concept is the idea of "Universal Items" game items which could be used not in just a single game, but also be used in other games also...

What this comes down to is building the foundation of a long term Metaverse for all of the games within the marketplace to live within and provide our users with another level of "connected" experience when using our platform which no other platform has aimed to do. Most other marketplaces are only a place to sell items for "disconnected" games...what we are aiming to do is create a connected web of games and game developers who are all working together to support each other by being connected in different ways that the world has yet to even imagine as being possible.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

We all know the efficiency wonders that ETH with ERC-20 tokens generates in performance and security. However, gas fluctuations have become a massive problem for retail investors and the latter are rarely taken into consideration. Do you have plans to migrate to another network?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
There are no plans currently to move to other blockchain networks. The team does like this idea, and will look into it in the future, but the ETH chain is the best for our needs at this time. Its our goal to perfect one arena before over extending ourselves into another.

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

We are currently in the boom of the NFT market, which revolutionizes all DeFi with its authentication features and indefinite value, do you think that the NFTs provided in Direwolf will be able to compete and keep up with a market that is in full development?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
We are innovating and creating the first ever NFT gaming marketplace. We will be the standard for the competition to keep up with, not the other way around. We are striving to create cross game compatibility and an ability to profit from time spent gaming without an initial crypto investment being required. We really dont have any competition in this area right now

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

On your website, I came accross one of the several product you offer ''Dire Swag''.
What kind of merchandise can i purchase from your shop?
Apart from using $DIREWOLF for in shop payment, what other crypto do you accept?
Is payment with FIAT allowed?


So this is actually one of my favorite topics to bring up because its a win win win! So when you purchase anything from the direshop 25% goes to charity 25% goes to liquidity and 50% to the marketing wallet! I was given a nice coffee mug, shirt, stickers, hat/cap, and stickers! They also have phone cases and much much more. They have them for Men, Women, and children of all ages! The best part was too was that it came by very quickly!

I love rocking out my Direswag whenever I'm live streaming all things Direwolf! Even when I go out the girls just want to know where I got these cool accessories ;)

Another cool point about the Swagstore is most of the designs you find in there are designs submitted from our community members! We held design contests and some of the winning designs were featured on the store and plan on continuing these contests to further build the store and feature the art of our fantastically talented community members!
So if you have some artistic talent, make sure to join the pack and keep an eye out for these too and you might get to see your designs on the store too!

WOLVERINE | Crypto Miners:

What strategies have you created to maintain the stability of the token over time and prevent early investors from dumping the token after the pre-sale?

How can I forget but yes we even have our communites submit their artwork and it becomes part of the direshop!

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
So we established a community foundation of holders with our Diredrop back in June. We redistributed $2.5M to holders of over 1 trillion DW tokens.

We are also allowing DW holders to stake their tokens to earn NFT gaming marketplace tokens. The DW community will be able to do this before anybody else.

We have doxxed our team and do daily voice chats to maintain transparency and accountability to the community. This allows for all questions and concerns to be addressed verbally, and directly. This allows the community of holders to trust that they will always be given the most accurate and up to date information without any deception being present.

SEGMENT 3️⃣ — Live Q & A

Uci Suryadi:
What do you need to trade on DireSwag??? is KYC needed?? and can payment only use $Direwolf tokens?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
Right now you use Debit or Credit card for the Direswag store. We have plans in the future to accept DW as payment but have not implemented that yet. We will be perfecting the process before allowing the community to use their DW tokens to buy

How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?🔥🔥🔥

You can buy it on Uniswap! Here is our contract address!

Hello sir 💖

of the new crypto projects initially impressed investors / users with their positive features but later deceived people by fraud. For this reason, how will you resolve the doubts that arise against all projects?

Cody M. (Wont DM you first):
We prove to the community that we are accountable by our actions. It is not the mistakes, but how you attack the solution which defines your character. Daily voice chats, and 3 weekly live streams keep our community updated on all of our progress and initiatives currently taking place. We also require community approval on all purchases from the marketing wallet in excess of $3500 USD. This allows the community to decide the direction of the project in the long term

I read DireWolf have charity incentives with Dire Charity. A charitable initiative that seeks to support those who urgently need it. So which affected communities would you like to donate to? Can the community participate and decide on this type of non-profit event?

The Direwolf community is very passionate about giving back to the world around and doing what we can to improve our communities and the world. We have already made one $20k donation to the Ohio Wolf Sanctuary to honor and help save the wolves, our name sake. We will be making efforts in both environmental and humanitarian areas, and as we have been discussing what our next charity may be, it is looking like our could be a children's cancer hospital may be our next.

That is not decided for sure, as of yet though, as our community decides through a community vote on which charity we will purse. This is common, as our community is directly involved on many levels by voting on the direction of Direwolf, as this is truly a community driven and community centric project.

Hello sir,❤️

CAN you explain the background of your team? How will you and your team carry out this project during this current pandemic(COV-19)???

The funny part is that we have been working at home doing our parts in the project to make this an overwhelming success! We don’t realize there’s a pandemic going on until we go outside. For the most part we are constantly speaking with our community and engaging in a very positive direction. We create the paths for our community they just decide which road to take so we let our community hold the keys when the moment is presented. The team comes from all backgrounds, our Leader Mo is actually from the Netherlands. Most of us are in the U.S but in different regions. If you have any more questions we can always answer more questions on our telegram group!


Follow DIREWOLF here for the Latest Updates…



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