BetaMars is a highly open metaverse project, constructing a metaverse ecological civilization which detached reality. In BetaMars world, playing, social communicating, competing, working... Every decision will trigger different consequences. The most exciting point where lies the charisma of BetaMars is that the development of the world is not a result of formulated calculation, but the combination of emotion, interest and humanity that will never be replaced by science and technology.

We hosted an AMA session with BetaMars on 3rd March.

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Zach was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of BetaMars.


Segment 1️⃣: Introduction


Hello everyone 👋 and welcome to the Crypto Miners AMA session With Betamars

To help us learn more about the featured project of this AMA session, we are lucky to be joined By Mr Zach

Zach Lopez:

Hey there 👋

Welcome here
Thanks for bringing Us Betamars ❤️

Zach Lopez:
Thank you Ramsy. Can't wait to start 😄

I'm pretty sure that our Community is very much excited to learn more about Betamars ✌️

So let's get started🚀

1. Could you please introduce your project?

Zach Lopez:
Hello everyone, I’m Zach Lopez, CTO of BetaMars. I’m very glad to participate in this live event.

BetaMars is an innovative metaverse project, aiming at building a highly open, free and decentralized metaverse world. Our team members are from all over the world, we work together for this common great vision. In the future we hope every BetaMars participant can build their dream land in the BetaMars world.

To achieve this vision, we design BetaMars in stages. BetaMars 1.0 is the resources distribution stage.

By integrating SLG and the Play and Earn model, BetaMars allows players to gain fun by playing the game while earning income. In BetaMars 1.0, the Land NFT is endowed with a revenue model, that is, each Land NFT can be regarded as a mining GPU.

By mining in the Land NFT, players can get project income, which arouses the passion of players building the BetaMars world. In BetaMars 2.0, we will continue to extend the Land NFT application, linking the Land NFT to BTC and other major mining farms to gain more income from the BTC and other main tokens.

At the same time, we will integrate SLG, RPG, metaverse UCG to provide game experience of great freedom, entertainment and benefits. A metaverse world that parallels reality will start here!

Thanks to our team and community, our project has made rapid progress. And the first closed beta test is now ongoing. Once all beta tests are finished, our game will be officially launched. Welcome to participate.

Thanks Zach for this great start about Betamars 👌

Now let's see our second question from this segment...

2. Please say something about the details in BetaMars closed beta test.

Zach Lopez:
Ok. Currently BetaMars first closed beta test is ongoing.

Expectedly there are 3 stages. In the first test, Exploitation mechanism will be available for playing. Apart from that, players can experience the entire process in the game. Lords are able to set the Exploitation Value to divide up Elonpunk revenue on the Land NFT with Miners.

Lords can also fly drones to view the activated land NFT. Here is a screenshot from the Lord’s perspective.

We release millions of project token EP to Land NFT every day, which can be acquired by players and Miners. This is the daily revenue rank of lords in the game!

In the other two stages, Tax and Revolution mechanisms will be available. As lords or Miners, testers can experience the two mechanisms and learn more about the game process, reward mechanism and basic features.

It's safe to say that this test will be the best opportunity for players to gain early benefits of the project. Don't hesitate to take part in the test!

Currently the places in the first test are full, we plan to open the second test in mid-March. Testers are recruiting now. In the second test, 4 Land NFT whitelists and 40,000 project token EP will be awarded to excellent players. If you're interested, welcome joining our Telegram group to sign up for it.

3. Could you talk about the 3 mechanisms available in the test you mentioned above?

Zach Lopez:
In BetaMars 1.0, we set up three gameplay mechanisms: Exploitation, Tax, and Revolution to stimulate class conflicts. And we also introduce Play And Earn to attract players to participate in the construction of BetaMars.

The total EP of our project is 10 billion, among which 65% will be used as ecological circulation. Players can get them through the following three mechanisms of BetaMars1.0.

Exploitation is the basic mechanism of BetaMars 1.0. Lords can set the Exploitation Value to share EP revenue with the miners. Also, Miners can get our sub-token Revo by the Exploitation mechanism. Revo is closely connected to Lords' income in BetaMars 1.0.

As shown below.

Exploitation is also an important way for Miners to obtain EP and Revo in BetaMars.

The Tax mechanism aims to distribute resources to different classes as evenly as possible. It concentrates the BetaMars token EP by collecting taxes on a daily basis. By staking Revo, Lords and Miners carve up EP.

Of course, Lords have unique rights about the Tax Mechanism. Lords can burn Revo to get daily tax pool dividends.

The picture below is the entrance to stake Revo from the Lord’s perspective in the game.

Revolution is the core mechanism in BetaMars, including Riot and Great Revolution.

Riot breaks out every day. The daily revenue from Elonpunk Pool on land NFT will be ranked in descending order, and 1% lands at the bottom of the rankings will be broken out. At the same time, a piece of new land will be issued in BetaMars world.

In the Great Revolution, when the amount of Revo staked in the Rage Pool reaches 30% of the total balance, the Great Revolution will likely break out. Once it succeeds, all Elonpunk Pool will be destroyed. After that, all destroyed lands will be reissued!

The Revolution mechanism brings more fresh blood to BetaMars world and promotes its development.

Moving on...

4. Could you talk about the function of Land NFT and the value of Land NFT whitelist in detail?

Zach Lopez:
Okay. Land NFT is a BEP-721 token issued on BSC, and it is the very basic infrastructure in the BetaMars world!

Holding Land NFT has the following rights.

Right to share Tax Pool Dividends: Lords can earn extra Elonpunk by burning Revo at the Tax Pool. Additionally, Lords can stake Revo at Rage Pool to carve up benefits from the Great Revolution. Right reserved albeit Elonpunk is destroyed.

Right of Land Ownership: Each Land NFT is the ownership of the game land, corresponding to an exclusive area.Land NFTs record the information of land coordinates and sizes.

In BetaMars 2.0 and 3.0, Land NFT will be more important. In BetaMars 2.0, the mining GPU feature of the Land NFT will be maintained and linked to BTC and other major mining farms to earn daily BTC income.

Meanwhile SLG, RPG and UCG will be integrated into our metaverse. Land NFT is the starting point of BetaMars metaverse civilization and the foundation of business. At that time, BetaMars Land NFT will not only bring stable income for players but also has the commercial value as high as a land in the real world.

The Land whitelist represents the qualification to buy Land NFT at the starting price of 0.5 ETH. So far, BetaMars has received wide attention from the capital. Land NFT boasts strong momentum to grow, so there is no denying that the price will be higher in the later real auction.

It's safe to say land whitelist is the best reward for players who contribute most in the closed beta test.

Of course, we will also give away a few land whitelists in the next two stages. Welcome to participate!

Cool 👍

5. Could you talk about the economic model? Will there be value growth in the future?

Here is our last question from this segment

Zach Lopez:
Yes. Let me introduce the tokens in the BetaMars 1.0 stage first. BetaMars constructed a dual-token model, that is, the main token EP and sub-token Revo, for boosting the development of game ecology.

Elonpunk (EP) is the only ecological governance token in BetaMars world, which can be used in most of the scenarios in game, including land auction, buying HPs, purchasing Ticket NFTs, building future world and other features.

In addition, EP can be used to pay for the transactions and services opened in the future. It has to be mentioned that currently our Ticket NFT and Land NFT can be purchased by ETH or USDT. After the game is launched, we will close this payment method, then both of the NFTs can only be purchased by our project token EP.

Currently, EP can be gained through Exploitation, Revolution and Tax mechanisms.

Revo is the incentive token embedded in BetaMars 1.0. It has its own value in the secondary market.

Firstly, it is an essential way to increase Elonpunk Pool Solid and earn tax dividends. Secondly, it is vital for Miners to fight against Lords. Also, Revo is the key index to measure when revolutions will be triggered in a Land NFT.

At present, Miners can only gain Revo through the Exploitation mechanism. Lords should get Revo through the secondary market.

Therefore, both EP and Revo have rich application scenarios, as well as a unique deflation mechanism. Currently BetaMars is in the primary stage. I believe that both EP and Revo will grow with the project!

Join our group for more info!

Thanks Zach for this well detailed introduction about Betamars:)

And that's the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session ✅

Let’s now proceed to our Twitter Questions section

i hope you’re ready for that!!

Zach Lopez:

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1) Many games today set high costs to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does Betamars an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so,what are they?Do I need to hold an NFT or hold a certain amount of tokens in order to enjoy & play Game?

Zach Lopez:
Yes. Currently, the high participation cost of some projects keeps users away, which we have noticed to avoid in BetaMars design and users can enter our game at low cost.

BetaMars has two role identities: Lord and Mine. Miners need to burn one Ticket NFT to Enter BetaMars world.

In the early activities, we have airdropped our Ticket NFTs to many community users, who are Free to Earn. We have already closed the airdrop channel. Users who participate after that can spend 100USDT to mint Ticket NFTs on our official website.

If you want to become a lord to participate in the game, you can make an auction purchase when the Land NFT is launched on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

The starting price is at 0.5ETH. Of course, if you perform well in this closed beta test, you are eligible to purchase Land NFT with 0.5ETH.

And land has a sustainable rising commercial value. At present, most of the NFTs related to Metaverse land on the market are around 5ETH-30ETH. So on the whole, the participation cost of BetaMars is not high!

2) Part of the community users would love to buy Land NFT but still haven’t found the market place. How will Land NFT be sold? How can users purchase to enter BetaMars earlier?

Zach Lopez:
Currently entering BetaMars game reuqires Ticket NFT or Land NFT. Before 10 Land NFTs has been listed in Binance NFT Marketplace and sold out. We plan to start the second sale in Binance NFT Marketplace in mid-March. At that time you can enter Binance NFT Marketplace to purchase Land NFT!

Of course you can buy Ticket NFT to enter BetaMars as a Miner. It can be minted on our official website
Welcome to join in our game!

3) The BETAMARS MIGRATION PLAN, the closed beta test will be available soon. Are still able to join this event? If ever we miss the chance to join this, when will BetaMars be open for the public?What are the prerequisites for joining the closed public test?

Zach Lopez:
Yes, the first test is ongoing now, and the second test will be available in mid-March. Now testers are being recruited. In the second test, 4 Land NFT whitelists and 40,000 project token EP will be rewarded to excellent players. If you are interested please enter our telegram group to sign up for the second test.

4) One of the Gameplay Features that BetaMars offers is the "Exploitation Mechanism". What concepts or practices are instructed to all players in Exploit Mechanism? How To Play With The Exploit Mechanism & How do I set the Exploit Value & What are the advantages when playing?

Zach Lopez:
Exploitation mechanism is a basic gameplay in BetaMars. In this mechanism, players need to know the concepts of Exploitation Value, Solidity and Miners' working times. They are influence factors to both Lords and Miners' revenue.

Take Solidity as an example. It is a feature in the Land NFT, so Lords should burn Revo to increase the Solidity in their Land NFT. The higher the Solidity, the higher the land hashrate (output rate). Miners will choose to work in the land with higher Solidity, which means those land will have the chance to earn more.

Exploitation Value are decided by Lord. Lords and Miners share the land revenue in the exploitation mechanism. The difference of Exploitation Value will have an impact to their revenue. The higher the Exploitation Value, the more EP a Lord will get while the less EP and the more Revo a Miner can get. And vice versa.

In this test I suggest you to increase the land Solidity as high as possible. It will contribute a lot to your land revenue.

Alright,Let's hear our last question from twitter

5) BetaMars included three varieties of NFT Tickets (General Ticket, Co-branded Ticket, and Rare Ticket) along with "Gold Ticket & Blue Ticket." So, what is the distinction between a Ticket and a Color on a Ticket? What are the Functions and Benefits of NFT Tickets?

Zach Lopez:
We have released three kinds of Ticket NFTs, namely common Ticket NFTs, co-brand Ticket NFTs and rare Ticket NFTs.

The color of golden and blue respectively correspond to the rare and common Ticket NFT. Currently, rare Ticket NFT has an only 3% drop rate. A Golden Ticket NFT with the logo of institution on it is the co-brand Ticket NFT, which will be released when we successfully raise an investment.

For every additional 10,000USD investment in BetaMars project, a co-brand Ticket NFT with the logo of the institution will be released as the rewards to our community.

Compared with common Ticket NFTs, the rare and co-brand ones have a cooler look and higher collection values. In the future, we plan to release more rights of the golden Ticket NFTs.

Thanks for Your Valuable Answers❣
And that's the end of our twitter question segment

Now Moving on to our last segment - Live Q&A

Shall We Go mate?

Zach Lopez:

For sure

Let’s go

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

How to get revenue from BetaMars Land NFT?

Zach Lopez:
Firstly I’d like to talk about BetaMars Land NFT. BetaMars Land NFT is a BEP-721 token issued on BSC. The total initial issuance of Land NFT is 10,000 pieces. Each NFT contains a Elonpunk pool, which is revenue source of players. Lords can influence the distribution of Elonpunk and Revo to Miners.

In BetaMars 1.0, Lords and Miners can mine on lands to win the main token Elonpunk and sub-token Revo. In BetaMars 2.0 and more versions, Land NFT will become the infrastructure of BetaMars civilized world, which plays an important role. Land NFT can be developed and sold. Large-scale business clusters will be established on the Land NFTs.

There are two types of Land NFT sales. We will sell 10,000 Land NFTs before the project goes online. At this time, ETH can be used for purchase. When our project is officially launched, new Land NFTs due to the Revolution mechanism will only be purchased with our BetaMars ecological governance token Elonpunk.

2) 김민수:
We know that most of NFT Games projects require their users to buy NFT first and invest in their NFT before they can play the game. Does this also apply to game of #BetaMars? What are your unique Play-to-Earn features that bring benefits to your investors?

Zach Lopez:
The point that distinguish normal metaverse game in the market is that players can experience our game first then choose whether to join in.

Meanwhile we have airdropped more than 5,000 Ticket NFTs. Users who owns Land NFT could take part in the game for free. The test is for players to learn more about the process and feature of the game. After the Land NFT online, the game will formally launched.

Many players concern about how to make income from the game. Firstly, our economic model is unique. Through Exploitation mechanism, Tax mechanism and Revolution mechanism, EP and Revo can be gained. Both of the tokens have its application in the game.
In the future, Land NFT will be applied to more scenarios, and its value will continue to increase!

All of these points will bring benefits to gamers in the process of deep involvement in BetaMars games.

3) Isabella:
I realized that BetaMars has two role identities, Lord and Mine. So, can you tell us about Lord and Mine? Does a player have to deposit money to play BETAMARS, is there a free version of BETAMARS?

Zach Lopez:
Players can activate the jurisdiction of Lord by purchasing and lighting up the land in game, at the same time obtaining the right of management to their own lands as the elite in BetaMars.

Players can activate the jurisdiction of Miners by purchasing and burning Ticket NFT in game, they can mine in Lords' Land NFT and get income

They don’t need to deposit oney, but the Ticket NFT costs $100, and the starting price for the Land NFT is 0.5 ETH.

4) Jessica Silva:
Do token holders have the right to participate in the management of other projects? Will they be able to vote on a new decision about the project?
Tell me👈

Zach Lopez:
Holding EP you can have the following rights

Voting: When ELonpunk holdings exceed the 1% node, proposals can be sent.
Decision-making: After the proposal is generated, players could vote. If the single resolution vote exceeds 15% and not higher than 51%, the one with the highest number of votes; if the single resolution vote is less than 15%, it will be rejected.
One-vote veto: When ELonpunk holdings exceed the 51% node, the right of one-vote veto could be implemented.

We will gradually implement decentralized governance when the BetaMars 1.0 world goes live, and we believe this work will be initially implemented in 2023 and fully realized in 2025.

*This segment ends here*

Thankyou so much Zach For your valuable answers and information about Betamars,
It Was Pleasure Hosting An Ama With You

Time To Conclude Our AMA Session

Zach Lopez:
Thank you all the friends in Crypto Miners AMA

We Wish all the very best for Project
Betamars And The Entire team behind the project ❤️🤝



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