BIB Exchange is the world’s first crypto exchange with a Web3 ecosystem. It was founded in September 2022 in British Virgin Islands and has successfully acquired the MSB license of the United States. Its capability in filling the technical gap between digital assets trading and electronic payment assures BIB to have a seamless and stable business system. BIB builds the BIB Meta Web3 ecosystem based on its own technological advantages in line with principles of openness and fairness. It is designed to provide users with an astonishing ecological experience with DeFi, NFT, GameFi and so on. In order to achieve its goal, integration of NFT sale, trading, fusion, match prediction, card collection, community nodes, and virtual sports games are carried out to broaden the block chain world. With aspiration, BIB works dedicatedly to be a terminus a quo for users to set sail their voyage in Web3.

We hosted an AMA session with BIB Exchange on 12th September.

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Jearon Wang, CEO of the BIB Exchange was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of BIB Exchange.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hello everyone 👋 Welcome to Our Another AMA session With BiB Exchange

To help us learn more about BiB Exchange, We are lucky to be joined by Mr. Jearon Wang

Hey Jearon 👋

Jearon JW:
Hi crypto lovers👋

it’s an honor to be here today. How’s everyone?

Jearon’s here from the BIB Exchange, I am the CEO of the BIB Exchange ( and BIB Meta (the native web3 token of the Exchange)

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
We’re doing great

How about you?

Hope all are good!

Jearon JW:
Yeah. I am glad to be invited here today to share with the community today about the WEB3 concept of the BIB ecosystem with the $BIB token and the World Cup 2022 NFTs utilities. 😄

Let’s get started!🔥

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Let’s Go 🚀🚀

First of all Introduce the BIB Exchange and the $BIB token?

Jearon JW:
About me and the BIB: Once a Bitcoin early miner in 2013 I experienced in the exchange business from 2017.

Building a new exchange is for the expansion of the crypto industry which still has room for growth in the next 20 years and now I am working with the BIB group to provide user-friendly products and interfaces.

Let’s take a look at the world class CEX we are building.

Nowadays, the technology behind cryptocurrency is changing daily, for current blockchain technology from Web 2.0 applications to Web 3.0 covered blockchain technology, Metadata, Defi, DAOs and GameFi. And yes, less projects defined what Web3 is and how the ecosystem works to bring the mass benefit for the whole ecosystem and importantly to the holders.

BIB Meta is developed as the world’s first Web3 ecological exchange (Web3 CEX), vision to be the largest CEX platform in Southeast Asia. And, $BIB is the first CEX platform token strong connection with #NFT and Community ecosystem that other exchanges never touched. We call it: First CEX with #web3 Ecosystem, we would build more services with the $BIB ecosystem.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:

That’s a fantastic start 👍

Thanks Jearon

Now let’s see our second question from this segment

2. What’s about the role of $BIB token in the BIB Exchange and tell us about the tokenomics?

Jearon JW:
$BIB created a DEX+CEX development path with exclusive traits. $BIB holders can earn profits from BIB group’s decentralized protocol $BIB Meta and centralized crypto trading platform BIB Exchange including but not limited to: capital gains of asset appreciation, transaction fee dividends, NFT minting, and other virtual entertainment utilities. Details can be described by the photo:

For full information of the Vesting, TGE,… please read the Whitepaper:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
3.What’s the idea of the $BIB different from the other Web3 projects ?

Jearon JW:
We have experienced team doing brainstorming and real approach towards the market, we realized:

1. Web3’s Lack of Traffic and Funding Portals
2. Security Issues
3. Privacy Issues
4. Ecological Construction Issues
5. Current Market Gap Between Web3 Projects and CEX

In order to solve the problems of Web3 in connection with capital and traffic, BIB Meta will be combined with BIB Exchange. This in many ways aids BIB Meta since BIB Exchange is a centralized trading platform that owns convenient and smooth transaction and traffic channels. It’s how the idea was sharped.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
4. How do you raise funds for the $BIB, any big ventures or backers can be shared?

Jearon JW:
BIB was officially founded in 2021, BIB Exchange raised a US$ 20M first-round fund led by top blockchain investment firms in Singapore, with a view to developing the services in the cryptocurrency market.

BIB Meta has received strategic investments from top-tier information technology giants in Southeast Asia as a way to accelerate the expansion of the BIB Meta ecosystem. With this investment, BIB Meta will continue to grow its market share and reach out to partners around the world. 🚀

Details will be official published on our website, social media channels and communities.📑

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
5.When will the IDO/IEO of the $BIB token and How to join?

Jearon JW:
The IDO is coming up within this month Sep 2022 and IEO will follow up in Oct 2022.

✅IDO will be held on some trusted launchpads as PinkSales at the initial price at 0.0002$
✅IEO will be on BIB Exchange ( with the better allocation of tokens and shares between BIB users. You can register a BIB account and get ready with the USDT deposit preparing for the $BIB IEO.

Also, the allocation for the IDO/IEO will be only 2%. After that, you can trade $BIB on DEX (PCS) and CEX (

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
When can we expect the market listing?

Jearon JW:
For NFT whitelist, kindly join the community and the Discord

After IDO/IEO, market listing will be hype. 🔥🔥🔥

We will have some give-away activities for BIB users. Some of the art of World Cup NFT I posted below.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Jearon for this well detailed introduction about BiB Exchange:)

And that’s the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session ✅

Jearon JW:
Thanks for your questions, hope more people will learn more about BIB Exchange.😃

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
I think so ❤️

Let’s now proceed to our Twitter Questions section

Jearon JW:
Let’s go!🔥

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
1. I heard about the BIB Meta testnet, how do we engage with the Testnet and any rewards?

Jearon JW:
High quality projects airdrop rewards often have considerable earnings whether it is a bear market or a bull market stage as the UNI, DYDX, APTOS and more projects run very successful Testnet that helps lots of people change their life.

Today, we bring BIB META Testnet, a Web3 platform with the NFT full ecosystem. Anyone can create two or three new BSC wallets to participate in the interactive test as Mint NFT, Fuse the NFT and join to earn Community Nodes which can bring the mass rewards of 10.000.000 $BIB (Est. 20K USDT worth) and 200 NFT whitelist spots.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s cool 👌

2.Do you have it in future plans to provide more utilities to the $BIB token and the NFT collections?

Jearon JW:
The $BIB token ecological function can be seen below which provides more utility to our token and also for an early community member to be rewarded and protect the long-term holders of the $BIB.

As a platform token, seeing from 2–3 yrs period, $BIB Holder earns the long-life benefit from the BIB ecology.

I will explain the map in short for How you earn when HODL the $BIB


There are 03 ways to enjoy token dividends
📍Hold in CEX wallets (system counts via asset snapshot)
📍Hold in a DEX wallet (automatically executed via smart contracts)
📍delegate to the node

Prize pool source
📍Dex seller: 10% charges, 6% transferred to the BUSD pool, 3% to the liquidity pool, and the remaining 1% will be burned.
📍Transfer of BIB token: 10% charges, 6% transferred in the BUSD pool, 3% to the liquidity pool, and the remaining 1% will be burned.

✴️For the DEX holders, the profit sharing mechanism will be determined by the smart contract and CEX holders will be determined by the snapshot.

✅NFT (Try the Testnet to understand how the Web3 works)
📍Minting NFT Through Token Burning
📍Empowerment of Value and Liquidity in NFT
📍Delegation of BIB to Nodes for Staking
📍Match Prediction and other GameFi

You can read this part more detail here:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
3.Does the BIB Exchange have a listing plan, launchpool and earning functions?

Jearon JW:
Yes, the listing for other projects on is there. We have an R & D team and the strategy to early adopt the potential project from the beginning and list their token on the BIB Exchange.

Also, we listen to the community to pick the top of mind projects and some of the names I can say now in the plan to list are Aptos and Sui. You also can suggest us by dropping the names of coin/token in @BIB_Global.

For launchpool, it’s one of key products of every top-tier CEX, as the BIB will launch the first IEO for the $BIB token in Oct, 2022. We will consider partnering with some potential projects to share the launchpool. Earning part can be viewed in the BIB app, you will soon earn with the BIB Exchange while enjoying the trading profits.

The BIB App can be download here:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
4.Why should we trust BIB Exchange? What are the long-term benefits for the users, especially for traders on having to trade on BIB Exchange?

Jearon JW:
BIB exchange offers a wide range of trading products for users. BIB also ensures that traders enjoy these services while charging low fees. The list of trading services on the BIB exchange includes:

Spot trading: with an average daily trading volume of $80 million, supports over 50+ currencies, and a vast array of perpetual swaps to satisfy traders’ needs, thus increasing liquidity on the exchange.

Futures and Flash Trading: which has an estimated value of 9,000 active users daily and an average daily trading volume of $1 Billion.

BIB Exchange is a trustworthy centralized exchange with complete transparency. Security is ensured by the internal team. We will reach out to the big Audit partner to publish the Audit report soon besides the Audit Report for $BIB smart contract and NFT code.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Let’s hear our last question from this Twitter

5.Do you have a single staking function? How many %APY can you expect?

Jearon JW:
In March 2022, the team formed in Singapore and launch the BIB Exchange at

In June 2022, BIB token’s official website launched at

In July 2022, BIB token’s white paper launched. Check out here:

In August 2022, BIB token successfully passed the audit by Armors Labs. Check the audit file here:

In September 2022, BIB token prepared for IEO/IDO & launching trading pairs on PancakeSwap network (BSC).

In October 2022, BIB Team will open a wide range of token applications including NFT minting, staking, Game-Fi activities, and other mechanisms.

I also share the roadmap table here for you to nail with BIB long-term growth:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s the wind up of our twitter segment

Now Moving on to our last segment — Live Q&A

I hope you’re ready for that!!

Jearon JW:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Lets see it then

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) Jessy:
Are there any $BIB token rewarded programs running now? Please let us know.

Jearon JW:
With the rewards $BIB token, the Testnest program and Airdrop event to celebrate the IDO/IEO will bring you the biggest opportunity to own the $BIB at ZERO Cost.

Just join our BIB official channels to get the latest news (@BIB_Global).

We also have upto 10 local communities, hope you will be a part of the BIBiers. The details and tutorials are updated there clearly to guide the community to earn $BIB token before the IDO/IEO.


We will have some activities to give rewards to BIB Exchange users by register and trading with the BIB Exchange at or the BIB app (IOS and Android).

Also, you can rely on the referral program to earn the trading fee with BIB when share the ref. link to your friends.

2) Jarvis $BTC:
Can you tell me if you have any application for BIB Exchange? If yes, How can I download and Where can I download it from? What devices are supported for installing the app? Do you also have any installation tutorial?

Jearon JW:
For now, we have 9,000 active users daily using the BIB Exchange mobile app.
The link to App Download link here:

We are working to publish the app on AppStore (IOS) and Google PlayStore ASAP.

You can find out details of how to download the app and the usage at the Help page:

3) Alex:
Can you show us simple steps to join the BIB Meta Testnet? I want to have $BIB on the wallet before the IDO/IEO. Lots of projects run the testnet as UNI, DYDX and APTOS looked very successful.

Jearon JW:
We would like to show all of you how the BIB Meta testnet looks like. We will have some tasks to give the users to try us on the Web3 ecosystem.

First, users can easily connect the Metamask wallet, choose the BSC mainnet.

Then, we will provide some tasks that are related to the main functions as:
- Go to Faucet to get the $BNB, $BIB and $BUSD
- Mint NFT mystery box
- Reveal the star cards
- Fuse the star cards
- Trade the cards on BIB NFT Marketplace
- Join to earn Community Node

Testnet to Mint mystery box
Testnet to mint
Testnet the NFT Marketplace

We will publish more tutorials for all users to join us, let keep updating
BIB Meta website:

4) Justin:
You have mentioned $BIB META have many profitable usecases. Could you please explain its mechanism

Jearon JW:
$BIB initial price at 0.0002$ with the Max Supply: 100B $BIB.

As the whole BIB Ecosystem and the Web3 building to earn with the $BIB token, you can relate to the question above and the Whitepaper.

At this starting point, $BIB will easily reach out to the mass users who are eager for the long-term project from the top-tier team and company.

In the roadmap, staking function for the $BIB token will be launched with the expected APY at a reasonable rate aimed at the higher TVL and growing the DeFi function effectively. We also keep the holder earning $BIB along the time with burning and the tax fee mechanism.

With those who are new with the Web3 and NFT mint, trade, fuse and join community nodes, we build up the Learning article, rich-media information, AMA and the Learn to Earn (maybe) to bring the $BIB Web3 ecosystem to real-life, real-users.

Access to almost BIB information here:
BIB Help Blog:

Also, enjoy our simple BIB Exchange x BIB Meta teaser Video:

5) Jerry:
Web3 have became more relevant topic nowadays. As $BIB also have many important measures to bring changes in WEB3. What are all the changes are you planned? When can we expect that?

Jearon JW:
That’s a good point about Web3. As one of the big mission the BIB aiming to. We will push the mass adoption not only from the crypto users also from the tradition finance investors.

The team had the clear pain-points write off at the very first page of the whitepaper on Github:

We also map almost all information into the infographics for friendly approach and understanding how the BIB Ecosystem built on Web3. Once you understand it you will find yourself bullish on us $BIB Meta the first Web3 building on CEX.

Also, enjoy our simple BIB Exchange x BIB Meta teaser Video:

The Testnet of BIB Meta built on Web3 will be published today.

A Web3 Door is READY to ENTER. BIB is waiting you there

*This segment ends here*

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thankyou so much Jearon For your valuable answers and information about BiB Exchange ❤️

It Was Pleasure Hosting An Ama With You

Jearon JW:
Nice, I am glad to be here to talk about the very interesting topic about Web3 today with the community.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know?

Jearon JW:
BIB was born in the bear market but it’s the motivation for us to BUIDL a new big thing. Now you have a chance to make yourself part of the Moon gangs. Learning about #BIBexchange, #hodl and get on board $BIB, when you look back from 2025, you will definitely thank me and BIB!

Thanks for having me today.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
We Wish all the very best for BiB Exchange And The Entire team behind the project❤️🤝



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