DROPP is a blockchain-based platform that leverages geo-localization technology to connect the real world with the virtual world of NFTs and the METAVERSE. DROPP 2D is a module that enables you to create their own NFT and place them on the map in real-life locations. It also allows you to buy NFTs in these locations, and with the appropriate fee, it allows you to ignore the locations, so that you can purchase from anywhere. DROPP LAND is a module that enables you to purchase plots of digital land at real-world locations issued as NFTs. Each plot has coordinates and is reflected in the real world. The plots are of different value. Plots can be bought, rented and most importantly, users may place their own 3D objects on them. DROPP 3D AR is a module that enables you to place 3D objects as NFTs in the real world. With AR technology, objects can be viewed in the real world as 3D objects connected to a real place. These can be 3D buildings, 3D characters or entire animated 3D scenes.

We hosted an AMA session with DROPP on 12th April.

Miss Uzma was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Samson was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of DROPP.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Hello Everyone 👋
Welcome to the AMA session with DROPP

Welcoming our guest Mr Samson

Samson Li:
Hi Guys!! Honored to be here!

Welcome here 🤗

Thankew for bringing us the DROPP

How are you doing today

Samson Li:
i’m feeling Great!

how about you!

Am absolutely fine😌

Lets start the AMA session without any delay 😀

Samson Li:

Please introduce yourself before going to the introduction segment 😇

Samson Li:
Hi, I am Samson, the BD lead from DROPP, mainly involved in partnership and business collaborations.

Nice to meet you 🤝

Samson Li:
Nice to meet you too.

Q1) Now give us a brief explanation about ‘DROPP’ .What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in this Space?

Samson Li:
DROPP is the first go to metaverse GEO NFT minting platform. Creating the bridge between the traditional world w/ NFT. Dropp incorporates Augmented reality overlays and exclusive nft collaborations to shift online traffic to physically offline locations(O2O) creating crowds of individuals for minting events.

The idea is to link NFT with physical world location so that this gives NFT another layer of value
We had made our idea easy to understand with the analogy of Grabbing Pokemon in Pokemon Go now grab NFT from DROPP

Q2) What are your main features and advantages that discern you from other projects?

Samson Li:
Back in the early days of DROPP, we pitched to some early investors and the idea became more and more polished, those were also the days the metaverse started to get a lot of attention.

People began to talk about life in the metaverse just like the 1999 movie “The Matrix” Keanu Reeves, Neo all live a life inside the Matrix.

We started to discuss more and more, and on the contrary, we couldn’t just rely on that idea. -> We are all Mortal Human, we all have family, we love our families and depend on the community, we live in a society that we all interact in.

We quickly realized that the future in front of us that we should embrace is something far more approachable.

Instead of building a metaverse that separates us from the physical world, we should connect the metaverse with the physical world.
Leveraging what we had, we link the metaverse with the physical world and vice versa, we mimic our metaverse with physical locations, places, landmarks, familiar buildings and objects, you will realize we are deeply connected to the day-to-day activities.

You could quickly imagine that we I use the word-> “bridging” it essentially means the vision is having a “way-in” and “way-out” of the metaverse

Other projects like sandbox and decentralland are great successes and sometimes people ask “what’s in the metaverse for me?” and if you think deeply, it is a very difficult question, as that doesn’t address human survival needs nor social values.

While for us, apart from metaverse experience, we gather people to physical spots so that they can actually meet and interact with.

What a great elaboration 👏🏼

Q3) How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Samson Li:
The Dev team has worked on some crypto and non-crypto games
I do own other AI company working with industry for various computer vision and AI project
While some co-founder has previous success in DeFi Projects

therefore we are using a lot of previous experience in making DROPP’s success

More importantly, i believe is the role we take and the relationship we have with the team

that’s give us energy how we move forward.

4) Now Share us about your Native token, What are the some of utlities of $DROPP Token in Your Ecosystem? And if possible share to us the Tokenomics

Samson Li:

Stake farming in our land

use it as currency for asking other user’s to work for you like creating a building and designs and such

also there would be burning when work is completed, etc

we’ll announce more when it’s more ready~

Moving to the last question of this segment

5) So how long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from DROPP? If possible could you please share road map with us.

Samson Li:
Right now we are just 10mths old…

we are still a baby….

we expect us to continue working for our product while building the partners and listen to our community, these are the most important aspect of DROPP

DROPP Application beta version will be released in Q2 2022
🔸 Initial UI design and testing has been completed
🔸 User beta experience will be released in mid Q2 for feedback

🔸 DROPP LAND playable demo will be out in April 2022

🔸 DROPP LAND gallery will be released in April 2022

have some review here:

Thankew Samson for the well detailed information about Dropp
That’s the end of introduction segment

Now moving to the second segment of Twitter Questions

Samson Li:

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1) Dropp is marketing itself as a geo-based minting, land & AR firm that uses useable NFTs. Can you elaborate on this aspect of the Dropp problem, paying particular attention to taxes and the usage of funds collected? Do you have users with choices such as NFT staking or VIP access?

Samson Li:
Yes, we have NFT Staking, this allow VIP or land owner to gain early access to NFT dropps and exclusive events

For Landowner they will have a share of the revenue when DROPP events happen in their lands.

we just don’t call it as tax.

big portion of the funds collected will go back to the community of development and promotion aspect

2) There are a lot of NFT merge Metaverse projects going on right now. As a result, market competition must be fierce, and users must be more meticulous when joining new platforms. What are some of the distinguishing characteristics that set Dropp from other blockchain-based games?

Samson Li:
Nice Question!

We are actually not just a game.

instead we are doing a whole bunch of physical community events

apart from “play-to-earn”

we are also enabling “Work-to-earn” we want users to be here to make a living as well. and more importantly attracting users to a physical location will enable physical community building that is something only we do!

3) Can you tell us, What are the advantages that DROPP gets from helping users improve their NFT quests? And are you providing information only from DROPP contributors? Or will DROPP do a global search across the Web?

Samson Li:
well you will earn our native tokens for sure! we are building on tools and utilies so that when people work, it will earn from community, commounity can decide what are worthy and reward accordingly.

right now, we are still in planning and simulation phase for those reward scheme, but do stay tuned on our social media and will announce when we finalize things.

4) It’s unfortunate that the current blockchain remains complicated for most people, what solution has DROPP developed to help break through this complexity so that blockchain can be accessible to everyone? Also, how do you intend to solve the liquidity issue of NFTs?

Samson Li:
first of all, easy-to-use is one of our main goals.

we designed the app to have built in wallet so actually a 5-year old is able to create dropp

and who every have experience in pokemon go will not find it too hard to understand and basics

for liqidity, we are connected with magic eden so it provide some good liquidity!

while for the metaverse, we have 2 apps, one is a web-based, so it will be accessible to most people who can access the internet!

5) You have FIVE types of plots, DROPP (Star PLOTS) DROPP (Diamond PLOTS) DROPP (Gold PLOTS) DROPP (Silver PLOTS) DROPP (Bronze PLOTS), It was also stated that Plots will be obtained from loot boxes, Which these Loot boxes are of 5 different Tiers . what are their Functionalities?

Samson Li:
ok, actually tier-2 to tier-5 can be obtained from loot boxes. Tier-1 is super super rare.

loot boxes are basically are the mechanism that user can acquire the land, as most users find it super difficult to understand all of the land property, while we simplified that down to 5 tiers.

More info can be seen here:

That’s the end of Twitter segment

Now moving to the last and most exciting segment 😉

Samson Li:

Lets go,

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) Aulgvrl 🐨:
A few days ago I saw DROPP enter into a partnership with Witlyio. So can you tell us about this partnership? How will this partnership benefit DROPP and Witlyio users? And do you plan to have more partnerships in the future?

Samson Li:
Yes, that’s a good observation, is a metaverse real estate project. You can treat it as land market place. It will also provide function like renting, buy/sell. there will be additional revenue on their project.
so users can earn from not only our platform, also their platform.
their users will gain access to certain of our facilities as well!

2) Mechanic Worker:
You say that you use “geo location technology” in your every article and speech, but you haven’t explained what ‘geo location technology’ is anywhere, can you explain it to us? What is the place and importance of geolocation technology in the DROPP platform?

Samson Li:
We though public has a knowledge of geo-location tech”
geo-location basically use your mobile phone’s GPS location and cell-tower and also wi-fi / bluetooth to determine where you are.
because of using multiple technology, we can work out if any user is spoofing location.
so that when creating a NFT, a creator will record there it is being created and the buyer actually can understand when and where it was being created so it can understand the story of the creation a lot better.

also we are able to lock down NFT so that only when the buy is located in certain location so that they can buy the NFT, just like you have to been in a concert into to but certain NFT from a concert

3) Space Dan:
Does DROPP comprehensively handle the promotion of the entire celebrity/brand NFT collection? Are you planning to provide additional income and enter the crypto world on an unprecedented scale? What’s that?

Samson Li:
when we onboard any celebrity / brand, we are most likely to do join-promotions and marketing events.
we are expanding different marketing ideas and efforts.

4) kouba ba:
Does DROPP provide an environment where content creators can convert their files like audio, movies, images to NFT? NFT audio is a thought that could revolutionize the market, will there be NFT audio in DROPP?

Samson Li:
yes, this will be our app functions. but mostly we don’t want to allow just creation from converting from existing photo album, we are more of creating unique content.
so they will need to proof it is being unique created.
NFT audio will be in DROPP, but we are not doing like a full length song. it will mainly be a 5–10s based short clip or sound bite

5) Isabella:
What is the place and importance of social interaction on the DROPP platform? What strategies will you implement to socialize people both in the real world and in the virtual world? What kind of world is DROPP building in the new norm of the Metadata warehouse?

Samson Li:
In the upcoming future, we do have AI technology that when you are in a certain spot, your avatar will spawn in the metaverse, and the avatar will mimic your actual body pose and do exactly what you are doing very much like a VR experience without the glass.

For example you have a Starbucks in the metaverse, and when there are customers walking and wandering around the house, the avatar pops up immediately.

People in physical world will be able to interact with the metaverse. ~

*This segment ends here*

Thankew so much Samson for well briefed answers about Dropp
It was a pleasure to hosting an AMA with you❤️

Samson Li:
Thanks Uzma!!!

it a nice experience here with your community

i think they ask good questions!

Is there anything else you want to share with us? @Samson_li

Samson Li:
oh yes

here are some offical links
as there are a lot of scammers nowadays..

and we are going to release a very nice NFT in upcoming weeks!! it will 100% sell out in minutes!!!

so do follow us!!!

thanks a lot!

Once again thank you and best of luck for Dropp and the team behind 🔥

Time to conclude this AMA session

If you want to learn more about DROPP, here are some important links for you:




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