Jasmy aims to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual. Jasmy is an IoT platform company on a mission to provide the infrastructure which allows anybody to use data safely and securely. In order to achieve this, they are currently developing and providing the “Jasmy Platform”.

We hosted an AMA session with Jasmy on 18th December at 11:00 AM UTC.

⏩We previously hosted an AMA with JASMY on 25th October. If you want to read, here’s the link;

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Miss Giselle from Jasmy was our guest. She shared delightful knowledge and unique features of Jasmy.


Segment 1️⃣: Introduction


Hello everyone 👋 and welcome to the Crypto Miners AMA session With JASMY

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To help us learn more about the featured project of this AMA session, we are lucky to be joined By Miss Giselle , Welcome to our community 🤝

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here is the first question

1. Is the company trust-worthy?

Hello again guys, Im giselle your Jasmy Moderator.

So before i answer that, Today’s main agenda will be on why you should choose JASMY. But before we go into it, let’s have a recap on JASMY as a company

JASMY is an IoT platform company on a mission to provide the infrastructure which allows anybody to use data safely and securely though the concept of “Decentralized Data democracy”.

JASMY’s concept allows users to have control over their own personal data which will be stored in a blockchain-based “data locker”.

In order to obtain permission from the user, companies need to introduce the content of their services and give rewards to utilize user’s data.

Thus, it will be easier for users to determine the scope of data utilization, because the purpose and compensation are clearly defined. This mechanism will also allow companies to use data across its borders, as long as they pay the right price.

The goal of JASMY is to make all users aware that user data is valuable and to create an environment where anyone can freely hold and use cryptocurrencies.

JASMY aims to establish a Stable coin system that is fully pegged to the Japanese yen.

The core technology of JASMY are as above:

JASMY’s initiative to accelerate adoption of democratic, safe and secure devices that make use of technologies such as IoT, blockchain and AI consists of joint operations with other companies, design, proof-of-concept, demonstration experiments, and information exchange, in order to realize a profitable business foundation for the platform.

So Is the company trust-worthy?

Just like committing to any investment, trust is something that is always in question. For an example, imagine buying a house, you will need to check a lot of different factors.

But one of the highlights that can show trust is who the developers are. If the developers are well-known or from a high standing, it is less likely a project will be abandoned or a scam as the developer’s reputation will be on the line.

The same applies when investing on tokens. JASMY’s Core Executives are individuals of great calibre who put their reputation on the line to revolutionise the current market.

The JASMY’s Core Executives are as below:

thanks for the well detailed answers ❤️😊

2. What is the future prospect of JASMY as an IoT platform development company?

As we know, blockchain technology has shown a spike in popularity and it plays a very important role in the 4th industrial revolution. As a result, more and more company has shown to incorporate blockchain technology into their new system.

As such, JASMY has received an increase in new projects in the recent months (4 projects in 2 - 3 months).

With the development of the 5G telecommunication infrastructure and the spread of IoT devices, it will be quite safe to assume that JASMY will be receiving even more projects in the near future.

This will ultimately lead to the further growth of the company and data ecosystem. Therefore now when the price of the token is still affordable, you should try to invest into it before the spike of the value happens.

3. What is the future prospect of JASMY Token?

Over the course of a few months, JASMY has been successfully listed in a large number of Cryptocurrency exchanges. As of now, JASMY Coin has already been listed on more than 10 different exchanges (inclusive of several worlds’ renowned Cryptocurrency exchanges).

JASMY has always been setting their goals towards World-Class Cryptocurrency Exchanges and in order to do so, we have undertaken the following work:

• Drafted the white paper and built the JASMY system.

• Ensured that JASMY transactions run smoothly without any security risks.

• Built a community of more like-minded followers who share JASMY’s vision in handling crypto assets management.

• Japan currently has the world’s most progressive regulatory climate for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, JASMY has to follow many Japanese laws in terms of its operations. It is important to do so without violating the regulations of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan, and at the same time to be able to be listed overseas successfully. JASMY clarified all regulatory issues and risks by working in depth with leading law firms.

In October 2021, JASMY then became the first Japanese company to be listed on Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. At the end of October, it went on to be listed on Bitpoint Japan, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.

Based on JASMY’s achievements, we can assume that JASMY Coin will grow in value and some day it may become the mainstream coin of cryptocurrency.

4. Why is the cause of JASMY so important?

Interesting question

JASMY advocates giving back the control and ownership of user data to users to achieve data democracy and maximize data value, so that each individual can enjoy profits and services by providing personal data.

Furthermore JASMY ensures the security of data through the incorporation of the latest blockchain technology.

This is very important as it addresses several modern day issues such as:

• Individuals blindly providing personal data to companies while being left out in the dark on what data are used. Some individuals may feel discomfort or distrust on the management of their personal data.

• Security issues regarding disclosure of information, leakage prevention, and protection from attacks by hackers.

• Ineffective / inefficient interaction of data across organizations due to heavy reliant on centralized management systems.

In order to widely disseminated JASMY’s cause to the public, the company actively seek partnerships with a variety of companies and organizations.

5. Does JASMY carry out any particular external added value?

JASMY has built a community for individuals who invested into JASMY Coin. Over in the community, people who invested into JASMY Coin from all around the world can interact with each other.

The content of the group from JASMY will be on the latest announcement for talks, news and even giveaways. As for the content from the community, it defers from inquiry, to casual chatting and even the latest value for the cryptocurrencies (for those who want to sell off their cryptocurrency).

This may result in individuals who invest with JASMY Coin feel a more warm and favourable approach.

And not to mention, our new website is coming soon!

6. What is JASMY Token’ economy?

This is a very famous question.

The JasmyCoin will be the method of exchange for individuals selling access to the personal data in their PDL. In that way it will be a utility token that businesses will have to hold in order to access individuals’ data.

But, it is also intended as an investment that can create demand for data utilization while accelerating data democratization, the company said.

The 50 billion pre-mined JasmyCoin will not increase in number, while the amount of personal data that can be stored in the system is essentially unlimited — meaning its intrinsic value can grow. “Data utilizers” in the ecosystem will need to stake JasmyCoin in order to access platinum data.

There are four main business areas for JasmyCoin, each with sellers and buyers:
-Using personal data with IoT devices, such as Secure PC
-Managing individual data via the Personal Data Locker
-Selling individual data on marketplaces and
-Platform business

Jasmy’s goals are seven million Japanese users in five years, and 100 million worldwide; building the value of accumulated data to $500 per person; and greatly expanding the token’s market capitalization.

7. What is JASMY’s difference in comparison to other data management related company?

Traditional data storage and management are carried out in the form of centralized management by companies, where servers are set up in-house and managed with the company at the centre, while decentralized management can be achieved through blockchain technology, which can greatly reduce the risk of massive leakage of data and information.

However, relying on blockchain alone does not completely solve the problem of data security, and there will still be some security loopholes, which require the cooperation of other encryption technologies to further enhance the security of data.

There are other projects working on solutions for secure information storage, but projects like Jasmy that combines blockchain, IoT and hardware encryption technologies with proven experience are still relatively rare in the market.

JASMY’s advanced data encryption technology comes from the core team who have worked in Sony and possess more than 20 years of proven experience in encryption technology of the Japanese market. With the commercial application of Jasmy in some institutional customers, we believe that Jasmy, with related patents and technologies, will have a bright future ahead.

8. The future of JASMY is indeed supported by many well planned strategies. Why don’t you please tell us about some of Jasmy’s partnership and their implementation in supporting the development of projects?

My pleasure!

Here are some application areas and use cases of Jasmy services:

i. The Secure PC that Jasmy developed for Transcosmos, a large customer service call center in Japan, utilized blockchain technology, blockchain-based call service applications, and Jasmy’s SKC service to help the 20,000 operators of Transcosmos work efficiently from home even during the pandemic. The project has entered the final stage of commercial testing, and the service will be fully rolled out to all 40,000 Transcosmos operators in the near future.

ii. Since Japan’s financial regulators have very high requirements for the security of hardware devices including computers used by financial service institutions, the Secure PC developed by Jasmy and Sony VAIO will be widely used in banks and other financial institutions.

The product combines blockchain technology and Jasmy’s SG service to enable a secure usage environment that can only be accessed by the device owner through biometric technology and personal passwords. It makes remote working easy for financial professionals.

Also, with blockchain-based distributed storage technology, the risk of data information in the device being stolen or attacked is greatly reduced.

iii. Jasmy, together with Japanese automakers and mobility services providers, has created a platform for the local government of Hokkaido to record visitor data and to facilitate the realization of Japan’s first pilot for the commercialization of wide-area auto-driving and ancillary facilities in the region.

The platform can collect and store relevant data of driverless vehicle users for the government, with the compliance of personal information in Japan.

At the same time, the platform records the data of different behaviors such as the travel mode, duration, distance, shopping consumption and diet; such data by classification can be provided to local merchants, service providers and municipal departments for new value creation.

iv. Agreement with a Japanese company client with cutting-edge technologies in regenerative medicine and cell culture to conduct joint research and testing on methods for the secure management of personal genetic data.

v. Agreement with an F&B company with 50 chain stores in Japan to provide solutions for building a platform without customer information.

vi. The newly-launched TISIWIT system can be used in various commercial performances as well as in the user management of the venue to securely manage user information through JASMY personal data locker technology, reducing the risk of leakage of sensitive information. TISIWIT system is a successful R&D exploration and a new solution in the era of Covid-19.

9. What is the latest news about JASMY?

Hah! Great question!

📌Also, we are excited to announce that:
-JasmyCoin is listed in Binance
- JasmyCoin is newly listed in Coinbase + Coinbase Pro
-JasmyCoin is newly listed in KuCoin
- JasmyCoin is newly listed in BITPoint.
-JasmyCoin is newly listed in Bitrue
- JasmyCoin is newly listed on DigiFinex
- JasmyCoin is newly listed on
-On top of others exchange as well.

Jasmy Secure PC Basic Edition "Agent DR" is now available for download. And newly added product page for Secure PC


JASMY Conducts Empirical Experiment with Nippon Travel Agency, Marking the First Major Application of Blockchain Technology in Tourism #JASMY

JASMY will use its original IoT and blockchain technologies to help Nippon Travel Agency become “a provider of customer and regional solutions”, and complete their digital transformation to future-proof their businesses.

This cooperation will bring a new change and revive the tourism industry during the cold spell.

Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. is the oldest travel agency in Japan, born in the Meiji era (1905), with annual sales of $500 million, and its parent company, JR West Japan Railway Group, is the largest railroad travel agency in Japan.

Thanks for this well detailed introduction about JASMY:)
That's the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session ✅

Let’s now proceed to the Twitter Questions section,
here the first question:)

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1) What major partnerships does you project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer - especially non-crypto users?

Intend to use? As of now all i can tell you that we have been partnered with some of the major partnerhship in Japan. You may refer to our previous segment above.

As for the non-crypto users, This is rather our specialty. We have already signed a number of collaboration agreements with listed companies in the non-cryptocurrency market in Japan, and we plan to expand our business through capital and business alliances with many more companies.

Also, since we have been developing without any equity from institutional investors, we would like to expand our data services around the world with the help of leading global funds.

2. What’s interesting about this project over the others? and what will be developed from this project in the future?

Jasmy is based in Japan, which has a forward-thinking regulatory climate when it comes to cryptocurrencies and is a major market for digital currency. JASMY tokens can be used not only for digital transactions and trades, but also traded with fiat currencies, such as the Japanese yen or U.S. dollar. The JASMY token is a certified Japanese cryptocurrency, making it highly trusted by major corporations.

Besides, JASMY has a limited supply, which will automatically create scarcity which makes this digital asset a great option for a store of value. Essentially, Jasmy’s leadership and underpinning technology are strong, making the JASMY token a solid investment.

There's a possibility that Jasmy will merge into meta/nft as everyone kept saying but all i can say is, the future for Jasmy IoT Platfrom is indeed at its brightest

3. Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

As mentioned before, indeed we are improving the website for more people to understand what is Jasmy is all about without having to go through the white paper. I admit the language barrier is our enemy but with our 25weeks of IR success story previously, we will never stop to improve and increase our marketing.

4. According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?

Funds was never our problem and for that you dont have to worry.

As for the community, ofcourse we do💪🏼As of our current numbers, we have 15,000+ holders in Jasmy.

With that being said, we are expanding to achieve the maximum community engagement we could get to achieve our goal.

5. I love your project but still not convince on investing my funds. So can you tell me atleast 3 good reasons why I should invest in project?

1. Jasmy is based in Japan, which has a forward-thinking regulatory climate when it comes to cryptocurrencies and is a major market for digital currency.

2. JASMY tokens can be used not only for digital transactions and trades, but also traded with fiat currencies, such as the Japanese yen or U.S. dollar. The JASMY token is a certified Japanese cryptocurrency, making it highly trusted by major corporations.

3. Besides, JASMY has a limited supply, which will automatically create scarcity which makes this digital asset a great option for a store of value. Essentially, Jasmy’s leadership and underpinning technology are strong, making the JASMY token a solid investment.

Thanks for Your Valuable Answers❣
And that's the end of our twitter question segment

Moving on to our last segment - Live Q&A. If you are ready?

Let's go💪🏼

Let’s go,

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Miss Giselle choose some best to answer)

1)I want to Buy your Token. Where can i Buy your Tokens now. Can you tell us please?

Hello , thank you for being here.

JASMY Token is listed on Binance | KuCoin | BitPoint | Coinbase | Coinbase Pro | | Bitget | HitBTC | Bybit | AOFEX | NamiExchange | Attlas | DigiFinex | Decoin. Io | Bitrue | Bittrex | Bitfinex | ZB | CoinEx | Gateio | CEXio | MEXC | Hoo | JUBI | XT

📳 Margin Trading Available on MEXC
📳 Staking Available on Bitpoint, KuCoin, & Bybit
📳 Available at Uniswap &

Trading Pair: Jasmy/USD, JASMY/USDT, JASMY/ETH

2) Do you have AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?


JASMY Coin has undergone a security audit by SlowMist Technology (hereinafter referred to as SlowMist) and passed the vulnerability and security assessment of all evaluation programs.

You can

3) Please provide more information on your ROADMAP. What are the most anticipated plans and events for the next few days and months that we should be aware of?#JUS

Our project is currently in the platform penetration period. We are in close collaboration with Japan's biggest customer service call centers, well-known consumer electronics brands and local governments.

Our current service plan is to serve 50 corporate customers over the next two years, with 1.5 million individual users joining the Jasmy platform and 1,000 participating companies in five years. It has reached and is expected to have more than 100 million individual users.

4) PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATIONS are the backbone in making every project more widespread. Can you list some of ur partners with us?

Hello , thank you for joining us.

In Japan,

-We have started to work with the biggest Japanese call center, Transcosmos

-MaaS solution provider for Toyota and Panasonic. Service providers can use the personal data of automated driving users in a safe and secure way to provide various services such as transportation, medical care, and payment

-Witz, the famous laptop brand — VAIO. We have developed the secure PC with owner recognition function based on our unique blockchain technology and device management ideas. Even if the device is attacked, the risk can be kept within a certain range, so that it will not cause great loss to the company or the individual.

-Japan x Nippon Travel Agency as i have mentioned on the first segment

-And more.

Find out on our Medium:

5) Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?


*This segment ends here*

Thankyou so much For your valuable answers and information about your project,
It Was Pleasure Hosting An Ama With You.

Time to conclude our ama section:)

Thank you so much everyone!

We Wish all the very best for Project
JASMY And The Entire team behind the project🚀🚀

Community, if you would like to learn more about JASMY, here are some useful links for you:






Medium: Jasmy



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