We hosted an AMA session with on 9th June.

Miss Uzma was the host from Crypto Miners and Miss Mara was the guest. She shared delightful knowledge and unique features of
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Hello Everyone 👋
Welcome to the AMA session with

Lets welcome our guest Miss Mara

Hello everyone😊 I’m very excited to be here!

Hello 👋
Welcome here 🤗

Nice to meet all of you 🤗

Same from our side 🙌🏻

Lets start the AMA without any further delay 😃

Sure! Sorry for being a little late😅

No worries mate 😀

Let me introduce myself first

Hello all Crypto Miners!❤️
I’m Mara, Story & Lore Creator at MUMMY.IO

We are welcoming you to join MUMMY.IO community in telegram:!

Welcome to our epic journey through the lands of the Ancient Egyptian metaverse 🙌

📖Take your time, say hi 😄, read some Lore, and our WP —

✨Marvel at the pyramids and cities of old swept by the sands of time. Have a look at some #sneakpeeks.


I’m the writer and creator of the lore & storylines for 😄 I’m very excited to meet you all on our social channels to chat 😊

Great 👌🏻
Here’s the first question from introduction segment

1) Give us a brief explanation about ‘’ .What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in this Space?

At Mummy, we are creating an expansive play-and-earn MMORPG that draws from the myths of Ancient Egypt while having its own compelling lore. There will be 60 km of open world for players to explore, all with immersive lifelike visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5. 🔥

❤️We aim to nurture a strong community and ensure that our metaverse is a safe and inclusive environment for all with plenty of opportunities for socialising and forging true friendships amongst the dunes and forgotten cities of ancient worlds.

Players can
⚔️team up to brave Dungeons
🏹join a Guild
🔮customise their hideouts and invite their friends over
🍻socialise in hubs.

🔥The fast-paced battle system ensures that players enter a state of flow while improving their combat skills in delivering blows, blocks, and parries. 🔥

We focus on PLAY-AND-EARN, so the game offers a triple A experience that comes with the additional benefits of earning and true ownership of in-game assets in the form of NFTs.

Earning happens in an organic way while having fun which differentiates us from other projects in the space.

Why did you choose the ancient Egypt exclusively 👀

We’re planning to add more ancient worlds in the future and have them iterconnected with Gods and storylines inspired by their mythologies 😄

We’ve started with ancient Egypt because it’s such a magical place that incited our imagination as kids and we wanted to bring it to life 😄

Cool 🤟🏻

For example, I was obsessed with queen Nefertiti & mummies in general :)) used to watch lots of docummentaries on National Geographic, so I guess this comes close enough to being an Egyptologist/ archaeologist 😅

I’m joking, our game is mainly focused on fantasy, so we’ve created our own lore that is only loosely connected to the ancient myths 🔮

So what are your main features and advantages that discern you from other projects?

We are a very passionate team & determined to stand out from what has become a very crowded space by creating & delivering a truly state-of-the-art experience. 🔥

Our main strong features are:

As I’ve already mentioned — play-AND-earn & a very robust in-game economy.
A game that’s fun and exciting in which earning happens naturally as a result of engagement with the world (doesn’t feel like a job performed for tokens). Our in-game economy will be designed in collaboration with & then constantly audited based on live player data.
It is this approach that is necessary to bring blockchain-based gaming to the mass market. Play-to-earn games so far have only engaged players with the financial gain incentive, their gameplay and visual graphics can be improved a lot.
In contrast, play-and-earn gives players earning benefits while also providing earnings and ownership.

2. plenty of opportunities for socialising -Guild, hubs, hideout, dungeons. Safe and inclusive environment.❤️

3. 60 km open world filled with lore, backstories for characters🗺

4. immersive lifelike visuals — UE5 🤩

5. focus on community. We will gather feedback about desired directions for gameplay and encourage them to create their own lore that we can tie into the game world. 💙

6. fast-paced combat system — players improve their stats and capabilities as they fight which encourages them to enter a state of flow⚔️🏹

This is a sneak peek at our environment with the magic provided by Unreal Engine 5 & some very talented developers 😊

3) How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

We are a truly global project. Our team comes from all over the world 🌎 Japan, UK, Romania, Czechia, Russia and many other countries — working remotely using the latest technology.

In this way, we’ve gathered talented and passionate people that are very dedicated to the success of the project — many have background in traditional gamings — Sea of Thieves, Ubisoft & other crypto projects

Our focus right now is on delivering an amazing Chapter 1 for our Demo — players find themselves in this strange world where chaos rules, they have to perform certain tasks, interact with NPCs, defeat some creatures, and then face a memorable boss. 🔥

This #sneakpeek is our fierce Warrior player character facing the boss in the Chapter 1 of the Mummy demo ⚔️

Keep your eyes on social media for more surprises to come & the chance to be among the first to play the demo! 🔥🔥

4) Now Share us about your Native token, What are the some of utlities of $Mummy Token in Your Ecosystem? And if possible share to us the Tokenomics

Mummy is a play-and-earn game, players are rewarded with gold — our in-game currency — which they can exchange to $MMY, our token. It has a fixed supply, more info can be found in the tokenomics section of the Whitepaper.

The tokenomics is above, you can see the maximum supply, token allocation and all else

We have partnered with to design our game economy which is a very challenging task because of its mathematical and logical complexity. Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service will predict and prevent economic hurdles by verifying our game economy based on large-scale simulations prior to the launch of the game and afterwards continuously audit, monitor, predict and alert on trends based on live players and market data. ⚔️

$MMY can also be used to purchase & trade NFTs on the Mummy Marketplace.

Right now $MMY can NOT be traded and is NOT found on any exchanges.
Our IDO will happen later this year followed by CEX & DEX listing.

If there is anyone here who wishes to take part in the private round of investment, go to our website and fill in the whitelist form or drop us an email. 😊 All private investors are personally selected by the team. Thank you!

Lastly, How long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from If possible could you please share road map with us.

Many exciting milestones happening this year. Here is the roadmap

You can find more info in the WP at and please join our twitter mummylabs for the latest news 😊

We’be been working on the project since Autumn 2021 & have already made great progress. We’re in very advanced talks with some tier 1 launchpads as well, more info coming soon

What we’re excited for this year:
⚔️Chapters 1–3 of the Mummy Demo
🏹 Mummy Marketplace live
🔮Primordial NFT Collection
🌎release of the Pre-Alpha

We pursue a dynamic and agile production methodology, so aspects of our design, roadmap, and ideas may be further developed and subject to change to create the most incredible game and experience for our community to enjoy. The current Roadmap is in the WP.

For Chapter 1 of the demo — to be released in a month or so — you can expect to:
🗡play as a Warrior (Sorceress and Ranger characters coming in future Chapters)
😄to interact with some really memorable NPCs
🗺to explore some caves, temple, mountainous region
⚔️battle some creatures and a memorable gruesome boss

A truly immersive and fun experience 🔥

#sneakpeek from the Mummy demo with some cool effects for the Warrior’s sword

Is there any video demo regarding the game👀

We have an awesome demo trailer that we’re very excited to release soon! Join our twitter mummylabs to be the first to find out😊

Will be waiting 😉

Also working on a cinematic trailer for the MMORPG — it’s looking great, needs some polishing to be ready & can’t wait to share it with you! 😄


Our introduction segment ends here ☑️

Some stories related to the boss & lore comming soon! We’d love to involve our community in the creation process, so see you on telegram & discord 😄


Let the next segment begin 🎉

Now moving to the Twitter Questions now

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1) Mummy is developed on Unreal Engine 5. Games running on unreal Unreal Engine 5 has incredible graphical qualities and details, Unreal Engine 5 requires a level of sophisticated gadget. So, What is the specifications of devices that can run the Mummy game effectively without lags?

The demo game will be available to download on PC, Windows. Mac is coming in the future

We don’t know yet the exact device specifications, but we’ll be sharing them with you as soon as we’re certain. 😊

2) P2E games are blowing up in the cryptocurrency space with great potential. A significant issue for many of the currently offered P2E games is just that they are being created as blockchain games, not great games where blockchain is just one element. How’s “@Mummylabs “different?

We are a PLAY-first game that can be enjoyed by traditional players just as much as by those who have embraced blockchain technology and the potential of true ownership of in-game assets

Our priority and main focus is to deliver an exciting and fun game, a state-of-the-art experience for gamers to enjoy — filled with memorable bosses, thrilling quests, layered and epic lore, and plenty of opportunities for players to socialise — in hubs, hideouts, teaming up for Dungeons, joining Guilds. 🔥

We’re working on a fast-paced combat system that helps players enter a state of flow by continuously improving their stats & abilities through combat.

Players can be fully immersed and enjoying the game itself for its entertainment value 😊

The game is developed in the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5 which is incredible for large-scale world-building with 3D details & lifelike materials & stunning facial realism for NPCs. The dynamic lighting of the environment & fluidity of motions create amazing lifelike interactions.

another #sneakpeek from the Mummy environment! the realistic visuals are out of this world 🤩

So, we’re striving for Mummy to be a triple A game that stands out from the crowd. The play-and-earn mechanics are the cherry on top, a cool reward system that happens naturally while playing. 🔥

We are building for and with our community, so we aim to constantly gather feedback about the desired directions for the game, future storylines, and other game functionalities. 😊 Join us @mummylabs on twitter

3) I noticed the breezes of Unreal Engine 5 and web3 technologies. So, do you have any plans to create a MetaVerse world? It can be fun to navigate inside the Egyptian pyramids with AR, VR wearable technology, do you have such plans? Also tell us about the pre-sale of mummy token!

We are creating a metaverse world.😄
we are open to partnerships with other projects & brands that can further expand the experiences the players can access.
Our land sale is happening H1 2023 & will further expand the scope of the game.

Some areas of the Mummy world will be parcelled and sold as land for owners to build different experiences on it 😄

Our Primordial NFTs also have some cool utility that helps us connect with digital artists and other projects — more in the WP on

For the private sale of $MMY — there is a whitelist form on our website or you can drop us an email. There is a minimum amount of 20k USD and the core team personally choose the private investors. 😄 Thanks for your interest!

Yes, I agree VR & AR technologies are fun. Right now we’re not focusing and thinking of incorporating it. It’s not very feasible to integrate into a MMORPG — there are all the visual effects, you have to be able to see all around you — where the monsters are coming from — & it can be tiring wearing a VR set while playing the actual game — battling dungeons & creatures.

We might be considering adding some experiences in the future, though😄

4) PARTNERS are the most important that strengthen the ecosystems of all projects. Could you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategy it has adopted?

We really value our partners and are open to new partnerships as well — you can see them on our website

We’re in talks with multiple gaming Guilds as Mummy offers a triple A experience that traditional gamers are very excited about as well 😄 is helping us desing a robust in-game economy.

We’re in talks with Tier 1 launchpads that we’re exited to share with you soon.

another Mummy #sneakpeek above 😄 the gods Set and Anubis up to no good 🔥🌪

5) Considering that security is the top priority for blockchain, how does the Mummy team secure the money of its investors, partners and players? What kind of precautions do you take against malicious people who can gain an unfair level or product with external web Attack??

Here’s the last question from twitter

We take the security of our players very seriously and have our smart contracts externally audited regularly to prevent any attack from happening and secure our community’s interests.

We advise everyone to practice due dilligence, always check the social media handles to make sure they are our official ones mummylabs 😊
We NEVER dm people first.

Everyone from the community should be cautious when engaging with any web3 project because of how many scammers are in the space — check social media handles, verify multiple sources, don’t give in to FOMO & make sure you check dates for mints & other announcements from official sources.

Thankew Mara 🔥
Thats the end of Twitter Questions

Thank you as well 😊

Now moving to the last segment — Live QnA

If you’re ready 😃


Lets go then

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) Abinash:
Can you please shed some lights on the loot box of Mummy and What does the lootbox contains? Can you also tell me how can I buy a loot box also Can I get the loot box for free ?

Lootboxes can contain in-game items, gold (our in-game currency) or/& NFTs.
Consumables, depending on what they are & their utility — weapon upgrades, spells, clothing, hideout artworks & decorations etc can be obtained in lootboxes after defeating certain bosses, earned while playing after completing quests etc

They can also purchased from the Premium Shop as in-game items (non-NFT) or as NFTs from the Marketplace.

2) Subham:
Is it really necessary to have NFT to start playing Mummy Game and Is it also possible to play your game without having NFTs? What rewards do we get for playing your game? and What type of NFTs do you have in your game currently?

The MMORPG will be free to play, we want as many people as possible to enjoy it & have fun. 😄🔥

Most of the game world will be free to enjoy, only certain quests or game aspects may require ownership of a specific NFT — some of these can be earned in-game for free, others may be available for purchase on the Marketplace.

According to what I’ve read, we must choose between two factions when playing Mummy: Order or Chaos. Could you tell us more about this? Are there any game — changer between each mode that we should be aware of ahead of time? Will each side be portrayed by a separate character?

First of all, the player chooses a character — Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger, more characters will come in the future.

Then, the actions the player takes in the game — whether they choose to help (or not) an NPCs, fight a monster, pledge allegiance to a certain god, go on a certain quest — determine the faction they belong to. This intricacy of relationships between the character classes, god allegiance, and personal player choices also creates an exciting challenge for players, along with their ability to constantly improve their combat skills. Once your faction is determined you’ll receive a Ren Soul NFT — more info in the WP on

You’ll be able to change factions in the future, still figuring out the specific way to do it. 😄

4) Matt:
The graphic of the Mummy game looks so amazing , May i know your partnership about it ? What about the engine ?

Thank you 😄 They truly make you feel as if you’re in Ancient Egypt!
Unreal Engine 5 is a cutting-edge game engine that facilitates large-scale world-building in intricate 3D detail with lifelike materials, as well as facial realism for NPCs that populate the metaverse. The improved graphical fidelity, dynamic lighting of the environment, and fluidity of motions create startlingly lifelike interactions. The players can enjoy a truly immersive experience in the ancient world. We created The Mummy MMORPG using C++ programming language within the powerhouse of UE5, which allows us to fine-tune and scale the game to bring our vision to life.

5) James Adamson:
Hey MummyIo What is Your Project all About ? Have you enabled staking and where can I buy your tokens ? On which chain you have established your token and why?

At Mummy we are creating an awesome play-and-earn MMORPG that draws from the myths of Ancient Egypt while having its own compelling lore.
🗺Open-world! ⚔️epic battles 😊Full of socialising opportunities. Stunning graphics and immersion.🔥

The IDO is coming later this year. $MMY, our token, is NOT on any exchanges and CANNOT be traded at the moment.

Tokens can only be bought in the private investment rounds — whitelist on our website or drop us an email. All private investors have to be agreed upon by the team first. 😄 Thanks for your interest!

*This segment ends here*

Thank you everyone for participating 😊

Thankeww Mara for the well detailed answers about 🙌🏻

It was a pleasure to hosting an AMA with you ❤️

I’m very excited and passionate about what we’re creating at Mummy & hope you’ll join us on this epic journey 🤩

Anything else you want to share with us?

Thank you as well for having me over ❤️ Hope to chat again soon!

For sure mate😉
After the launch of game😉
Or any last words for community

Only to keep an eye out on our social media mummylabs because this year is full of exciting events happening 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you!

Of course😊

Time to conclude this AMA session

Once again thank you and best of luck for the🔥

Thank you! 🤩Best of luck to you too ❤️




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