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OGz is the first and only MemeFi project that strives to create a thriving community by incorporating the beloved Meme culture with DeFi. OGz is a MemeFi project that aims to support its community and derive its strength from it. In line with this goal and taking into account feedback from the community. OGz goes beyond being a DeFi project inspired by Meme culture. It aims to create a financial system that is inclusive and equitable, using the power of blockchain technology and the creativity of Meme culture. OGz seeks to revolutionize the DeFi landscape, enabling everyone to access a more accessible financial system, regardless of their technical skills or knowledge.

We hosted an AMA session with OGz Club on 1st June.

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Carlo was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of The OGz Club.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hello everyone 👋 Welcome to Our Another AMA session With The OGz Club

Today, we are very honored to invite Mr. CarloTo be our guests in our today’s session to introduce The OGz Club

Hi Ramsy, hello everyone, great to be here

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Welcome here mate

Thanks for having me
I will be here with you today

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks for joining with us today mate

Thanks to you and Crypto Miners Community !

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
So now let’s begin our first part of the session if you’re ready!!

Sure, fire it up!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:

1. Could you make a brief introduction about The OGz Club?

OGz is the first and only MemeFi project that aims to create a thriving community by incorporating the meme culture with Decentralized Finance

This system is here to make sure that every user benefits from this new and improved concept, so it has different features embedded into it to ensure that system is profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks for the great start Carlo 👍

Of course, that’s why I’m here

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Let’s see our second question from this segment…

So What are the features of The OGz Club that makes it special as other meme projects?

2. First, OGz is not looking to be as special as other meme tokens, it is intended to be “more special” than other meme tokens.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s cool 😃

Being the first MemeFi project already makes OGz unique as it combines the power of DeFi and memes to deliver a powerful ecosystem filled with great benefits.
This concept amplifies the benefits of Decentralized Finance and the power of humor to create a system which is not only profitable, but enjoyable. Have fun while getting rich 🤑

Unlike other meme tokens that only focus on incentives siphoned from the total supply, OGz has impressive features like:

The dynamic staking system which has been built to be sustainable, utilizing the revolutionary taxation system.

A transparent and well-tailored referral system that lets you earn by inviting others, track your earnings on the leaderboard and withdraw them whenever you want.

Future plans vaults that keeps OGz at the forefront of the DeFi. system and non-stop development, providing solutions across the industry all for the benefits of its users.

Powerful and effective marketing to help OGz gain more visibility and onboard more users.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Mooving on…

3. Could you tell us about your security strategies, audits and every measure that have you taken?

As OGz, security is very important to us and is at the very core of our system because we understand how vital it is for the efficient functioning of any defi system.

To ensure security, our experienced team constantly monitors the OGz ecosystem to identify and squash any threats, in order to protect our user’s interest.

To take it up a notch, OGz system and smart contracts has been audited by solid security companies whose reputation in the Blockchain industry are highly placed.
Hacken and Echo has audited OGz, with their highly skilled and trusted security experts.

So when it has to do with security in OGz, you have nothing to worry about.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Sounds great 👏

We are OGz, we are here to stay!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Now Share about your token $OGZ, Where we can buy the token currently? Also provide with us the tokenomics

$OGZ is the native token of the OGz Memefi system and is used to dish out rewards on the platform.

You can currently swap to $OGZ on our website or purchase directly from

The token distribution could be found on our litepaper right here: and it contains more information about the project.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Moving to our last question from this segment

What The OGz Club achieved so far and What important updates and developments can we expect in the future?

In terms of achievement, you’ll be intrigued to know that our affiliate program is already up and running, and OGz has already pattnered up with different reputable systems and has received recognition from some others.

As for what to expect in the near future, there are a lot of things on our radar, including the OGz dynamic staking which be starting very soon, the governance system, Centralized exchange listings for $OGz.
It is also worthy to note that thanks to the taxes, heavy marketing will happen for OGz.

All these and lots more developments are what to look out for, stay tuned!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Carlo for this well detailed introduction about The OGz Club 🚀

That’s the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session ✅

Thanks to everyone participated, and special thanks to Crypto Miners Team!

Let’s continue!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:

Let’s now proceed to our Twitter Questions section

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1. What is OGz affiliate program and who can get in this program? Is this available for all users?
And what incentives can we earn through this program?

And here is the first one

Now that’s a solid question

In the quest to make our platform much more beneficial and enjoyable by users, we developed the affiliate program as one of the ways to help users earn with ease.
Remember, it is open to everyone

This referral program allows individuals to earn some form of passive income simply by inviting others to join OGz. When you sign up for this program, all you have to do is share your referral link to others and anyone who joins through your link and name, grants you a 1% commission upon every transaction they make on the system.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
2. Why you implement tax on buying and selling the ogz meme coin?

I didn’t see this coming 😆😆😆

The introduction of the taxation system is a vital part of the system as it helps ensure the sustainability of the system.
The collected taxes are spread across different aspects of the OGz ecosystem including the referral rewards, liquidity pools, Future Plans Vault, dynamic staking and even the team.

So to sustain the entire system, the taxation was introduced.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
3. How do I become an OG?

Another intresting question 😃

I see the community is creative today😁

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Haha yes 😄

Becoming an OG is really simple, do what OGz do, buy $OGZ, invite others to join OGz because OGz share.

It’s simple enough, isn’t it?

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Indeed 💯

4. With the rapid rise of meme coins, people may join as quickly as they leave, and you also have a lot of competitors. What would you say sets you apart from others? What is OGz biggest selling point? Can you explain clearly how will accomplish your goals?

As earlier stated, OGz is different from the regular meme projects put there because we are MemeFi, so we do not have the regular features of meme projects, rather we combine the upsides of DeFi and the meme culture to achieve a revolutionary system.
I already answered on the first segment about the intriguing features of OGz which sets it apart from the rest one of which is running a sustainable system, which has proven difficult for others.

As for how we will achieve all we have planned, we have in our arsenal, the Future Plans Vault, which which we will deliver lots of developments.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
The Special One 💎

5. What measures does OGz have in place to prevent abuse or misuse of the referral program?

Here is our last question from Twitter

I think that was my best question here

To make the referral system fair and devoid of manipulation and abuse by dishonest players, OGz has deviced a reliable method, where each wallet and user are only allowed to receive referral reward from different users, hence preventing reciprocal referrals.

With its anti-cheating system in place, users will not be able to recreate add themselves and cheat others. We are all about fairness on the referral program.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Impressive method 👌

That’s the wind up of our twitter segment

That’s how real OGz do it😉

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Now Moving on to our last segment — Live Q&A

Shall we mate?

Sure, let’s go!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) North:
Are those ranked higher on the Affiliate Leaderboard given more rewards? I saw that 1% of tax goes to staker, is there chance of increasing it beyond 1% to get double?

Those who rank higher on the leaderboard are people who has invited more people with their referral link and will obviously earn more than others because the more you refer, the more you earn.

But the earning per transaction of your referred individual is 1%

2) Mario:
AUDIT and security are important for trust and reliability for users and investors. Did #OGZ audited? Can you share your results?

Yes, security is paramount and OGZ has been audited by not only one but two security companies which are Hacken and Echo, and the audit report will be published soon on our website.

3) 💐 Crypto Flower:
- Will The OGz Club be just Memes or are there other DeFi products planned to be developed and released soon?

Remember, OGz isn’t just meme, rather it is combining the meme culture with Decentralized Finance to make the system profitable as well as fun and enjoyable.

Already, we have some amazing features like Dynamic staking, referral program and more.

With our Future Plans Vault, we will develep solutions to lots of problems and remain at the forefront of DeFi.

So expect a lot of building.

4) APE Crypto:
🟣 One of the innovative features The OGz Club is integrating is “Dynamic Staking”. Can you explain to us what this new staking modality consists of? What advantages does it offer over the traditional model that we all know from other DeFi projects?

Dynamic staking was designed to be sustainable, unlike the regular staking in DeFi where rewards are taken from total supply.

Here, the users who stake will be rewarded from the tax collected from transactions, this will keep the staking system sustained.

5) New projects usually face liquidity problems. What do you do in this matter? Is there enough liquidity?

Of course, there is.
If you check the litepaper, you’ll find out that we have about 60% of the total supply dedicated to liquidity.

Currently we have enough liquidity locked for all users.

*This segment ends here*

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thankyou so much Carlo for your valuable answers and information about The OGz Club

It was a very interesting session with you 🤝

Is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know?

Thanks to the community for all the questions

Thanks again to Crypto Miners for this AMA session

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
On Behalf of Miners Community Wish all the very best for The OGz Club And The Entire team behind the project❤️🤝

For any further questions, feel free to join , we will be glad to answer

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Time To Conclude Our AMA Section

Have a nice day Carlo 👋

Have a nice day all Crypto Miners!

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