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Partisia Blockchain builds more secure digital infrastructure by merging blockchains and ZK computations in a collaborative fashion. Partisia Blockchain is a complete semi-permissioned public blockchain offering generic coordination of public and private information. The blockchain is designed to solve for privacy and interoperability across all platforms. By focusing on privacy and interoperability, the Partisia Blockchain project will initially focus on the following three goals:
1. Orchestrating ZK computations as transparent, efficient and simple as possible. 2. Offering blockchain agnostic ZK computations. 3. Offering privacy-preserving and auditable coin agnostic payments.

We hosted an AMA session with Partisia Blockchain on 16th May.

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Miss Amana was the guest. She shared delightful knowledge and unique features of Partisia Blockchain.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hello everyone 👋 and welcome to the Crypto Miners AMA session With Partisia Blockchain

To help us learn more about the featured project of this AMA session, we are lucky to be joined By Miss Amana

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Hello everyone!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hello there 👋

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
I’m Amana from the Partisia Blockchain Marketing team, here today representing Partisia Blockchain. I am working on the KOL and Community Management.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Welcome here ❤️
Thanks for bringing Us Partisia Blockchain

Glad to see you here mate

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Thanks for having me!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
I’m pretty sure that our Community is very much excited to learn more about Partisia Blockchain ✌️

So let’s get started if you’re ready!!

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Yes please!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
First of all Please give us a brief explanation about ‘Partisia Blockchain’ .What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in this Space?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Partisia Blockchain is a Layer 1 + 2 protocol which solves the extended blockchain trilemma using sharding for scalability, MPC powered / collateralized bridge for most secure interoperability, and zero-knowledge smart contracts for multi party computation (MPC) powered privacy available at the protocol layer and as a second layer privacy service for other blockchains.

We want to help blockchain users and developers who care about the future of the free internet to experience blockchain technology, unlike legacy protocols our solutions are revolutionary, built for scale and privacy to unlock the full potential of Web 3.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Amana For this great start about Partisia Blockchain 👌

Now let’s see our second question from this segment

Q2) So what are your main features and advantages that discern you from other Projects?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Partisia Blockchain is a layer 1 blockchain that was architected and designed to solve for scalability, insecure interoperability, and to bring true privacy to blockchain. We achieve solving the scalability by having sharding at the protocol and smart contract level. We create the world’s most secure interoperability by utilizing Partisia’s vast historical software libraries of MPC technology, particularly in the field of threshold key management, to create an open source version of fireblocks, where instead of a few private parties managing secret keys, an open network of hundreds of node operators are the entities facilitating the cross chain value transfer and managing secret keys. We also use the MPC token as refund collateral inside the bridge in case a bridge were to get hacked, there is an automatic refund mechanism built into the network. This design and implementation creates more secure, transparent, and asset backed bridging.

Finally, we bring multiparty computation, zero knowledge smart contracts to market which allow for enterprise adoption of blockchains where massive networks of private data can be computed on in private environments, and the transparency of blockchain can be leveraged without violating and private data requirements. These smart contracts are also available as a second layer privacy service for other blockchains, which creates a built in network effect for the developer communities to leverage our Zero Knowledge, MPC technology without any switching cost. Our partnership with Emurgo, the co-founding group of Cardano, to bridge privacy to Cardano mainnet, demonstrates our built in network effect and strategy to grow our technology usage amongst all the other large developer / blockchain networks.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Q3) How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
The Partisia Team has been involved in the research and development of advanced cryptography solutions since 2008. We were the pioneers in delivering the first commercial use cases of MPC. We built this blockchain to disrupt layer 1 by bringing privacy, scalability, and interoperability.

Partisia is the first to bring MPC to public blockchain. MPC means Multiparty Computation. What this means, is that for the first time, multiple parties can compute on encrypted data. This is a major innovation on the typical zero knowledge proofs in the industry, which are limited to two parties.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
4) Now Share us about your Native token, What are the some of utlities of $MPC Token in Your Ecosystem? And if possible share to us the Tokenomics

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
MPC is required to be staked for the node validators and is also used for our industry first collateralised bridge which functions as a cross-chain lightning network.

Please see our tokennomics below:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Moving on…

Q5) So how long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from Partisia Blockchain If possible could you please share road map with us.

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Born in 2008, Partisia is the world’s pioneer in MPC technology, facilitating the first ever commercial use of MPC in a Danish Sugar Auction. Since then, Partisia has provided data privacy solutions with it’s MPC technology to global leaders such as Bosch, SBI Japan, Tora. In 2017, Partisia Decided to merge MPC technology with blockchain technology to bring better use of MPC to the world. During 2017–2020, Partisia began architecting Partisia Blockchain to solve for scalability, interoperability, and bring MPC to smart contracts, as open source technology that the developer communities could leverage for the first time in history, removing the barrier to entry for this world changing, state of the art technology. In 2020, FINMA of Switzerland approved the Partisia Blockchain Foundation as the home entity for the open sourcing of decades of R&D work to become the launch of Partisia Blockchain. Since then, Partisia Blockchain has raised $48MM from top tier blockchain funds such as Emurgo Ventures, Ausvic Capital,, and more.

Q2-Q4, 2022, “ZEUS” Mainnet version 3.0

-Sharding with robust cross shard event propagation
-Activity based revenue sharing of basic blockchain service version 1.0
-Zk Node signup and allocation
-Wallet Version 2.0
-Block Explorer version 2.0

Privacy and Smart Contract Language
-Unified Public and Private smart contract version 1.0
-REAL (binary) MPC Available
-Dynamic REAL preprocessing
-Confidential node address lookup and authenticated channel
-Signed ZK output designed for cross-chain ZK computation

Interoperability and Bridges
-Generic BYOC EVM
-Price oracle for EVM version 1.0
-Price oracle for ETH version 1.0
-Price oracle for MPC tokens version 1.0
-Second price auction as second layer on EVM (PoC)
-Dynamic repricing oracle for MPC token staking requirements

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Amana for this well detailed introduction about Partisia Blockchain:)
And that’s the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session ✅

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Let’s now proceed to our Twitter Questions section

i hope you’re ready for that!!

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Yes! Lets begin🔥

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
1) so partisia blockchain provides an additional layer of data security unlike other blockchains right? Could you enlighten us more about this functionality to us? if possible can you explain how are you gonna guarantee the privacy of our data in this blockchain?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:

Partisia Blockchain project provides a complete platform for orchestrating and offering Zero-Knowledge (ZK) computations on-chain, off-chain and across blockchains (inter-chain). ZK computation adds privacy and confidentiality to blockchains in a decentralised fashion with no single point of trust.

Partisia is also the first to bring MPC to public blockchain. MPC means Multiparty Computation. What this means, is that for the first time, multiple parties can compute on encrypted data. This is a major innovation on the typical zero knowledge proofs in the industry, which are limited to two parties.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
2) While doing my research i found out that Partisia already raised a huge amount of funds through various private sales round. Please explain how will make use of these funds productively?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Most of it will be used for hiring more developers to build out our blockchain and incentivise new dapps to be built on Partisia. As we are competing against many layer 1’s we need to build aggressive to catchup to the top 10 competitors today which we are confident we can achieve.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
3) Is it possible to run a node in Partisia blockchain? If yes what are the requirments?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Yes! We have a step by step guide to read on how to set up your node correctly, before you commit your stake. You can find out if you have the skills and patience for running a node here —

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
4) i could see that Partisia Blockchain outperformed other blockchains in various regions from comparison chart, but the fees you are charging are like 0.01 which is alot higher than those of Solana or Polygon. may i know why did you think of charging way more than your fellow opponents?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Our fees are set by us. 1c is an ideal amount as the miners earn something and DDOS or spam attacks are too expensive. This is why Solana has shutdown so many times as a DDOS attack would only cost cents. With our blockchain a DDoS attack would cost $10,000+ and they would stop quite quickly.

You can find the full information on the yellow paper —

Based on market projections and estimated costs involved in operating a node, the
follow initial tentative prices has been chosen:
● Basic fees prices the basic blockchain services and consist of:
○ Network fee: 5 USD cents/kb.
○ CPU fee: 5 USD cents per 1000 instructions.
○ Storage fee: 1 USD cent/kb per year.
● ZK and Oracle fees prices the Oracle services:
○ BYOC (tentative):
■ 0,1% of the value transferred with a threshold of 25 USD as
minimum transfer (equal to a BYOC fee of 2,5 USD cents).
○ ZK computation
■ Basic blockchain services priced with Basic fees.
■ MPC multiplication fee (tentative): 5 USD cents per 1000
■ MPC triples fee (tentative): 5 USD cents per 1000 triples.
■ Staking fee (tentative): 1% of the locked staked value per month.
The locked stakes for ZK computations are set by the users.
○ Token Bridge
■ 1% of the value transferred with a threshold of 25 USD as
minimum transfer (equal to a Token Bridge fee of 25 USD cents).

KB per transaction:
transfer: 79
transfer with number tag: 87

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
5) just came to know that Partisia Blockchain may soon launch their first DEX on their network, would have been great if i got some key details of whats in the pipeline for the DEX? if possible could you say how this DEX operates different from other DEXs like UniSwap and PancakeSwap in terms of unique features?

Here is our last question from twitter

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
The DEX will be live in the in the next few months which is likely to be integrated with our lightning bridge on the same website. We can’t disclose any other features at this point in time.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks for Your Valuable Answers❣️
And that’s the end of our twitter question segment

Now Moving on to our last segment — Live Q&A

Shall We Go mate?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
lets go,

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) Shiva:
On your platform I see about 3 Nodes ,
that is

Baker node
ZK Node,
& Oracle Node,
Can you please explain about these three Nodes?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Baker Nodes: Operate basic blockchain
- Validate transactions
- Stake MPC token worth USD
- Stakes do not get locked as
part of the operation

Zero knowledge nodes:
- Operate Zk computation
- Operate in smaller subset of ZK
- Stake MPC tokens worth USD
- Stakes get locked as part of the

Oracle Nodes (BYOC)
- Operate Oracle functions like
token bridges
- Operate in smaller subset of
Oracle nodes
- Stake MPC tokens worth USD
- Stakes get locked as part of the

2) Nancy 🌷:
How do we newcomers wish to contribute to the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem and where can I get a blockchain wallet to store/access MPC tokens?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
You will need to get a Partisia Wallet — this is a Partisia Wallet Extension for your browser. Access it here —

You can contribute to the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem with our go-to resources for developers to start building with Partisia Blockchain!

3) 🎸❣️🇳 🇺 🇵 🇺 🇷❣️🎸:
Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space??

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
As we are a crypto project we are focusing on the crypto space but yes! We are working with many KOLs who are also from the non-crypto space.

Partisia is architected and built to create and preserve a free and open internet controlled by the users for everyone!

We have marketing plans to simplify how we discuss our technology so everyone can understand!

4) Saima💰:
PARTNERS are the most important that strengthen the ecosystems of all projects. Could you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategy it has adopted?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
We’ve covered Emurgo which is a partnership with the co-founding entity of Cardano, to deploy cross chain zero knowledge smart contract capabilities to Cardano. We’ve partnered with, one of the most famous charities co-founded by Bono to raise money for charity using NFT’s. we’ve partnered with Orginall and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) Secretariat, to launch healthies, a counterfeit goods detection platform using Partisia Blockchain. This technology will further support the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) Secretariat, with whom OriginAll has signed an exclusive agreement in its mandate to create a safe trade zone across African countries. With OriginAll’s partnership with 54 African nations, Healthies can be potentially rolled out to over 1.3 billion people.

5) Jade:
🔶I read that Partisia Blockchain is able to improve search engines, so What makes the Partisia Blockchain suitable for search engines?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
While most search engines make their money through advertising, Better Internet Search and Partisia Blockchain are working together to develop an alternative that is both privacy-preserving and completely ad-free.

Rather than using valuable processing power and bandwidth to serve ads to users, this new approach to search leverages advanced algorithms to prioritise the results that searchers actually want.

With a token-based internal currency system and by implementing Partisia Blockchain’s bespoke privacy-preserving solutions, the two are challenging the current advertisement model by using their proprietary technology with the highest levels of privacy and security.

Read more here —

*This segment ends here*

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thankyou so much Amana For your valuable answers and information about Partisia Blockchain,
It Was Pleasure Hosting An Ama With You

Time To Conclude Our AMA Section

Is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know ?

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:
Thank you so much!

If you are interested in our public sale please visit — Complete your kyc to be eligible at

Make sure to join our telegram channel @partisiachat @partisiampc

Thanks so much crypto miners for hosting🔥🔥🔥

And all of your questions!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
We Wish all the very best for Project Partisia Blockchain And The Entire team behind the project ❤️🤝

Amana | Partisia Blockchain:

You too, thank you!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks too…




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