Slope is a community based decentralized exchange built on Solana. It provides blazing-fast speed, nearly-zero transaction fees, and intuitive interface for users. Including Slope DEX, Slope Wallet and Slope NFT marketplace in it.

We hosted an AMA session with Slope Finance on 22nd December at 9:00 AM UTC.

Miss Uzma was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Sam was our guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of Slope Finance.


Segment 1️⃣: Introduction


Hello everyone 👋 and welcome to the Crypto Miners AMA session With SLOPE

Thank you all for joining us today❣

To help us learn more about the featured project of this AMA session, we are lucky to be joined By Mr. Sam , Welcome to our community 🤝


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Can you please introduce yourself before starting our AMA session?


This is Sam, VP of Slope Finance, I am taking in charge of Slope global market and business development

Nice to meet you Sam 🤝

Nice to e-meet you here

Coming to the first question from introduction

sure, let’s go

Q1) Could you please make a brief introduction of Slope for our community friends? And what kind of role will it play in the DeFi and Solana ecosystem?

Slope refers to the Wallet and DEX built on the Solana blockchain for the community.

Slope has committed itself to becoming the infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem with a wallet as its entrance, and providing a more comprehensive solution as well as an easy access for more users.

There are now two products that have been launched on Slope, including Slope Wallet and Slope NFT market. Slope DEX has already completed development, but hasn’t launched yet, and Slope DAO will come soon.

Slope Wallet, as the first gateway to the Solana ecosystem, provides users with more intact experience in the system.

Slope NFT Market, here users can trade NFT freely. Besides the leading infrastructure in the Solana ecosystem, Slope NFT market also provides more options of mobile storage and bidding NFT for our users.

Slope DEX is the first mobile DEX based on Solana, which delivers an interactive experience of centralized exchanges to users, and provides decentralized means of exchange.

Slope has been adhering to the concept of building for the community from the start. Slope DAO, as an important infrastructure for the community to participate in the construction of Slope, is also included in the development plan.

In addition, Slope is developing a new heavyweight feature for a project secretly. Through unremitting efforts, our team hopes to provide users with a better experience. Please stay tuned for the latest progress of Slope.

Thankew for this brief introduction about Slope 👌

you are always welcome

Coming to the second question

Q2) Could you tell us something about the background and stories of your team?

let’s see

The co-founder of our team, once studied at prestigious universities in HK and the U.S., has many years of entrepreneurship experience in the financial sector with profound insights into finance and technological development. After his company was acquired by another listed enterprise, he started a career in the field of Blockchain, accumulated a lot of knowledge about the industry, and did numerous technical studies during early stages. Last year, he decided to join the Solana ecosystem for its promising future.

The co-founder of our team has many years of experience in traditional Internet operations. In 2017, he entered the Blockchain field and has accumulated many years of experience in project operation. He was also responsible for running and raising money for projects such as polkadot and terra.

The technical partner of our team participated in the construction of Solana and Serum during the early years, and has many years of experience in developing Rust as well as smart contracts.

Experienced team SLOPE has 👍😉

Q3) Compared Sollet wallet and Phantom Wallet, What advantage do you have?

Slope Wallet is the first mobile gateway to Solana eco, to be exact, Slope Wallet is a cross-platform Wallet. It is available on both Mobile end and Google Extension

In Browser, Slope Mobile wallet has connected more than 70 Dapps. Users can participate in the most popular projects in Solana via Slope Wallet and win rewards.

You can check details at:

Slope Wallet also kicked off plenty of collaborated activities with projects in Solana eco. Users can join our activity on Slope Wallet mobile end.

Besides Browser, We have Nucleus - The heart beat of Solana. Here you can view all News, Ranking, AMA, as well as IDO info in Solana eco.

Slope NFT market is also one of the most popular features in Slope Wallet. Users can buy and sell NFT in the Slope NFT market. If users hope to HODL NFT, Slope wallet will also be a perfect place to store.

Q4) Can you share more about your Investors?

Sure, Investors of our seed round include Alameda research, Solana Capital, NGC, Rarestone, Signum, etc. Investors of our PE round include Huobi, Gate and OKEx. We are actively communicating with leading institutions around the world. Besides, these investors are from all over the world, including Japan, the U.K., Australia, Italy, Vietnam, South Korea, the Middle East and South America.

you can check details here

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Here's the next question

5) Ethereum developed many years ago and has mature infrastructure, BSC has a huge user base. But why do you choose Solana?

Solana is a blockchain protocol that outperforms other existing public chains in terms of speed and efficiency. On the fast-growing public blockchain Solana, the transaction cost is close to $0.00001, and the blockchain can support up to 50,000 transactions per second. The block processing time is 400 milliseconds. With this support, Slope DEX can handle a large number of transactions without a fixed cost.

6) Can you share the Slope tokeneconomic model? Any idea about IDO and TGE?

that’s what users care most

Community Rewards 16.00% Distributed to community through transaction mining and pledge, etc. Emitted across 36 months, with halvenings every 6 months.

Team and Consultants 20.00% Locked for one year after issuance, and then released linearly within one year.

Treasury 22.00% 220,000,000 Unlocked 20% by the third month from TGE, and the remaining released quarterly within two years.

Strategic Investor Phase I /Seed 8.00% 80,000,000 Unlocked 10% by the third month from TGE, and the remaining released linearly within one year.

Strategic Investor Phase II /Private 10.00% 100,000,000 Unlocked 20% by the third month from TGE, and the remaining released linearly within one year.

Partnership & Ecosystem Incentive 8.00% 80,000,000 Locked for one year after issuance, and then released linearly within two years.

Marketing 15.00% 150,000,000 Used for marketing activities, including but not limited to airdrops, etc.

IDO 1.00% 10,000,000 100% unlocked.

As for TGE and IDO, please join our community to get the latest announcements

7) What is your plan for 2022? What features do we expect?

There are 3 features users can expect

Cross chain swap, this feature will allow users to swap their SPL tokens into USDC or USDC swap to SPL tokens

Multiple chain support, In 2022, Slope Wallet will also acceptable for users in Ethereum and Binance smart chain

Game Wallet - Game will be the hottest topic in 2022, So we will prepare some game for our users

Here comes the last question of first segment

8) How will you explore the global market? Do you have any plans for ambassador recruitment?

Slope Finance raised funds in seed and private rounds from investors all over the world. Our investors introduced local KOLs communities and youtubers to help explore the global market.

We are also open to local agency collaborations. If you have good volume, Please feel free to send your proposal to

Besides, Slope finance also launched a global partner program. You can check the details at:

Thank you

Thanks for the well detailed introduction about Slope Finance :)

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Coming to the second and last segment of today's AMA session
Live QnA

Can we go for it, if you’re ready 😃

I am ready

Let’s go,

Segment 2️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1)How many projects launched on Slope wallet browser right now? Will you cooperate with more gamefi projects or will you plan to make a gamefi project by yourself?

Sam Slope:
Thank you for asking, There are more than 70 Dapps in Slope Mobile wallet broswer. We have some Gamefi projects intergrated with Slope Finance now. We think 2022 will the great year for Gamefi, so we prepare some surprises for you, Please stay tuned. You can also join Slope Community for more details:

2) Any plan for Slope Community development and which countries are Slope main markets? And any plan for marketing in the next few months?

Sam Slope:
Slope Finance is exploring the global market. recently, we are focused on non-English speaking countries, such as Turkey, Arabic, Russia, Korea and Japan. Recently, We are reaching out to local crypto agencies and big communities to expand local market. Thank you

3) Have not seen any new features launched on Slope wallt recently, can you tell us more about the latest development of the product? What are the team working on?

Sam Slope:
thank you for asking, Slope just collaborated with Moonpay. here users can buy and sell their crypto with Fiat. Slope Team is working on Cross-chain feeature recently, I suppose it will be available soon.

4) Could you tell us the plan of slope for the next 6 months? And what are the goals Slope want to achieve in 2022?

Sam Slope:
As I said before, the first feature is Cross-chain swap function, this feature will allow users to swap their SPL tokens into USDC or USDC swap to SPL tokens
and another is multiple chain support, In 2022, Slope Wallet will also acceptable for users in ethereum and Binance smart chain. In 2022, Slope will launch more interesting activity for community users. By the way, Slope Finance & GooseFX staking activity is live, All of you can join at:

*This segment ends here*

Thankyou so much For your valuable answers and information about Slope Finance
It Was Pleasure Hosting An Ama With You.

Is there anything else you want us to know?

that’s it

thank you all

We Wish you all the very best for SLOPE Finance And The Entire team behind the project ❤️

thank you Uzma

Time to conclude this AMA session

Thankew mate🙌🏻

Community, if you would like to learn more about SLOPE Finance here are some useful links for you:






Medium: Slope Finance



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