We hosted an AMA session with Sunrise Gaming on 13th April.

Miss Uzma was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Peter was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of Sunrise Gaming.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Hello Everyone 👋
Welcome to the AMA session with Sunrise Gaming DAO

Welcoming our guest Mr Peter from Sunrise Gaming DAO

Thank you!

Welcome here 🤗

Hope you are doing well

I’m fine. Thank you!

So lets start the session without any further delay


Before starting, let me share something for our community 😉

Have a look at the introduction🔥

Now moving to the introduction segment


Could you Introduce yourself to the Community!!

Hi my name is Peter. I am in charge of Marketing. I am very excited to be here today!

Nice to meet you Peter🤝

Can you tell us about SUNRISE GAMING BY DAO?

SUNRISE GAMINGY BY DAO is dedicated to make casino games decentralized as well as make all the games trackable on its native blockchain. We have listed our native token, SUNC on Uniswap in Aug 2021. We are about to launch beta version Casino games soon.

Our casino games will be fair and non-fraudulent one. All the operation is completely on the blockchain. Most other “blockchain” casinos use the blockchain only when deposits and withdrawals happen, or when they use the lottery system,or when they show the results. However, there would be no blockchain casino which is fully operated on the blockchain. We think the blockchain casino should be completely operated on the chain.

Thankew for the great introduction 👌🏻

Now please describe your tokens

We have three native coins; SUNC, xSUNC and SUSD.

Regarding SUNC, By staking SUNC tokens in the V1pool, users can get xSUNC tokens which can also be exchanged for SUNC in the future.
30% of the revenue will be distributed by staking SUNC tokens in the V2pool.
SUNC acts as a governance token and SUNC token holders can vote on all management decisions.
By staking SUNC tokens in the V3pool, users can participate in the lottery for the right to purchase different NFT Table Owners.

Regarding xSUNC, xSUNC tokens are to be distributed as bonus tokens to the community.
These tokens can be exchanged for SUNC after one year or after the gaming officially opens. (Whichever comes first)
By staking xSUNC in the V2pool, it will take 6 months to replace all that has been staked into SUNC tokens.

Regarding SUSD, a stable coin that is exchanged 1:1 peg with USDC (ERC 20), used for game coins.

Could you please elaborate more about your tokenomics? What’s the total supply and what kind of plans do you have regarding the token unlocks in the future?

Total supply of SUNC, our main token is 8,000,000,000. The allocation is as follows.
Founder : 12.5% (1,000,000,000)
Developers : 12.5% (1,000,000,000)
Marketing : 20% (1,600,000,000)
AMM : 5% (400,000,000)
Presale sales : 20% (1,600,000,000)
Community Bonus : 30% (2,400,000,000)

According to our smart contract, the token will getting unlock gradually in order to reduce the strong sale pressure. We would like to share the chart as below.

Cool 👍

Now give me your top 3 features why investors should invest in your project and play your game?

In order to solve three traditional issues which we mentioned earlier, we have developped the solutions through our blockchain technology.
Our first feature is Transparency. All revenue will be published on the Blockchain. All results will be published on the blockchain. These include
the user’s income and their expenditures, will all be published. This means that all of Sunrise Gaming by DAO’s revenue will also be published on the blockchain. The blockchain proves that the deduction rates and RTPs (Return to Player) can be seen by the public,
and this means that Sunrise Gaming by DAO is not stealing profits, and shows transparency.

Our second feature, is that there are no vested interests. Anyone can be an owner. SUNRISE GAMING by DAO is a decentralized service and an ecosystem
where everyone has the opportunity to become the casino owner. Here’s how it works. All proceeds will be distributed 100% to SUNC Holders, NFT Owners and Players. The aggregate breakdown is divided into four parts.
SUNC Holders 30%
NFT Owners 30%.
Jackpot Games 20%.
DAO Fund 20%
This adds up to 100%, and all of which will be distributed to the users.

Finally, let us explain the third feature, “Democratization and how important decisions are made by voting.” And we will also explain “the DAO Fund” as well. Important decisions will be done by a majority vote of the users who hold the SUNC token, which is the governance token for this project. 20% of the proceeds are kept in the DAO Fund and its use is also decided by voting. Depending on the usage of the DAO fund, we will develop and operate services according to the majority of the users’ decisions. Some topics include are developing new games, new features, and managing
the tokens accumulated in the DAO fund.

Can you share the achievements the team have made so far ? And If possible also share your roadmap.

We have collected funds which reached 8million USD. After struggling for making the fairest blockchain casino which is completely on-chan, finally we have almost developped gaming itself to launch in March as beta version.

We would like to share the roadmap as follows.
(Q1 2022)
“Launch of SUNRISE GAMING beta version”(Roulette, Baccarat)
V2 Staking Pools Opening
-Distribution of USDC for the revenue from project games
-Single SUNC & SUNC/ETH LP Staking
V2 xSUNC Pools Opening
(Q3 2022)
“Launch of SUNRISE GAMING Ver. 1.0”(Black Jack, Poker, Craps, Sic Bo, Casino War)
(Q4 2022)
“Launch of NFT MarketPlace, Acutions and INO”
NFT MarketPlace Version 1.0
NFT Auctions
INO Platform Version 1.0
V3 Staking Pools Opening — SUNPower

Where can I find more information about SUNRISE GAMING BY DAO on social media

We have everything, like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, etc. We almost update our latest infomation by twitter. This is our Linktree.

How can players be assured of your future plans? Are those plans sustainable and secure enough for players to enjoy and profit from at the same time?

Once users belive this casino is the fairest, users choose our casino. The casinos have long history. People have been enjoying for long time. Web 3 world makes our lifetyle change totally. However, we are leading this casino indutry as a pioneer. Our casino will be loved and used for long time.

The more users come the more profit users receive. This is a good circulation of our system.

Moving to the last question of this segment

Do you have ongoing events or coming-soon events?

We have started Everyday Aridrop campaign since 1st March until the casino opens. Everyday we distribute 1000USD. Please join our campaign.

That’s the end of introduction segment ❤️

Now moving to the Twitter Questions

If you’re ready


Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1. In SUNRISE GAMING, I see there are Two Types of Ownership namely Main Token SUNC and NFT Table Owners. Can you talk about the features and benefits of holding them? How much minimum do we need to keep in order to receive dividends? Is your NFT available for purchase now?

Holders of SUNC tokens deposit their SUNC tokens in stakes and receive 10% of the revenue generated by Sunrise Casino based on the number of stakes they hold. there is a staking plan in place whereby if you deposit ETH tokens of the same price as SUNC tokens into your staking account, you will share 20% of the revenue generated by Sunrise Casino based on the number of staking accounts you own The company has a system in place for the purpose of providing a wide range of services. Also by owning SUNC tokens, you not only have beneficial ownership, but also “voting” and “lottery” rights regarding Sunrise Casino.

In addition, although NFTs are not currently available for purchase, becoming an owner of an NFT table entitles you to 30% of the revenue generated by each gaming table.
here is no specific minimum amount of money to receive dividends, but it depends on how much holders stake tokens or NFTs.

2. Many platforms to attract the attention of users to invest in your project offer profit, security and transparency, but end up being a fraud. How do you solve SUNRISE this problem and how do you transform the bad reputation of casinos in terms of security and transparency?

All operations are done on the blockchain to make our casino games fair and fraud-free. Other blockchain casinos only use blockchain when depositing and withdrawing money, when drawing lots, when announcing results, etc.
However, there are no blockchain casinos that operate completely on the blockchain. We believe that blockchain casinos should operate completely on the chain.

Great 👍
Thankew for the well detailed answers

That’s end of Twitter segment


Now moving to the Live QnA

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1)How many games we can see on Sunrise platform or it’s only itself one game?
And any totorial videos of Sunrise Gaming by DAO as a demo before doing any investment?

SUNRISE GAMINGS BY DAO has six games: roulette, baccarat, poker, craps, Sic Bo, and casino war.
An introductory video of Sunrise Gaming is available on Youtube below.

2) why choosing casino as the bussiness model of the project?
how you proof transparency and fairness in the game?

World is not fair in general. We really would like to change this situation in the specific industry. So we are determined to change the history of online casino with blockchain. We will be a pioneer!!!
Our casino is operated entirely on the blockchain to ensure fair and fraud-free gaming. Other blockchain casinos only use blockchain when depositing and withdrawing money, when drawing lots, and when announcing results. However, there are no blockchain casinos that operate completely on the blockchain. We believe that blockchain casinos should operate completely on the chain.

3) Can players manage their earnings in Legends Of Mitra? Is it possible to connect our wallet to “#SunriseGaming”” and transfer various tokens earned from the game?

Our casino does not have control over the money earned by players at Legends Of Mitra.
For your information, our casino’s tokens are available on Uniswap. Please check the link below.

*This segment ends here*

Great 👍

Thankew so much Peter for the well briefed information about Sunrise Gaming DAO
It was a pleasure to hosting an AMA with you ❤️

Is there anything else you want to share with us?

Please follow our official Twitter in order to get the latest information!

We have everything, like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, etc. We almost update our latest information by twitter. This is our Linktree.

We have started Everyday Airdrop campaign since 1st March until the casino opens. Everyday we distribute 1000USD. Please join our campaign.

Thank you for your time today!
We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.

Time to conclude this AMA session




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