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Super Cells Metaverse is the world’s first blockchain-based super cell membership service ecosystem. Through technology and information technology, it continues to expand the scale and depth of life sciences, extending life sciences from a single laboratory to communities and platforms. , factories and other diversified fields, realizing the transformation of life science from exploration to realization. It is the world’s first super cell membership service ecosystem based on a blockchain’s operation, creating a metaverse of super cell storage, cultivation, R&D, trading, service, and incubation. The first stage of SuperCells is a platform stage based on the new generation of Internet technology, with the application matrix as the core, including APP, DAPP, smart contract, Dex/Cex, NFT market and other applications. The application matrix integrates the resources of users, service organizations, joint laboratories and audit supervision to provide services for users and embodies the concept of platform.

We hosted an AMA session with Super Cells on 10th April.

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Bob, COO of Super Cells was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of Super Cells.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hello everyone 👋 Welcome to Our Another AMA session With Super Cells

Today, we are very honored to invite Mr. Bob, To be our guest in our today’s session to introduce Super Cells

Hey Bob

hey ,guys ,thanks being here

nice to meet you guys

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Welcome here mate

Nice to meet you too 🤝

Thanks for bringing us Super Cells ❤️

I’m pretty sure that our Community is very much excited to learn more about Super Cells✌️

So let’s get started if you’re ready Bob!


Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
First of all could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about Super Cells?

It’s a pleasure to meet you all. my name is Bob and I serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Super Cells.

Super Cells is the world’s first blockchain-based supercell membership service ecosystem, creating a meta-universe of supercell storage, culture, R&D, trading, services, and incubation.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Bob for this brief start 👍

Let’s see our second question from this segment

Now Can you tell us more about stem cells?

Well ,In simple terms, stem cells are a class of cells with unlimited or immortal self-renewal capacity, capable of producing at least one type of highly differentiated progeny.

Stem cells are loved by many celebrities, mothers and children, and subhealth users. Stem cells are an important biological resource for human beings, and in recent years, stem cells have gradually come into the public eye. As an emerging medical technology, it has played a significant role in the interventional treatment of many diseases.

Actually many people do not know is that lots of celebrities have been quietly using this new technology for their own and their family’s health for a long time.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s really a great technology👌

So what kind of product service are in Super Cells?

It’s good question, SuperCells will partner strategically with Supercell, a globally recognized and compliant company, to provide health services to members worldwide.

SuperCells has built a four-in-one demand, service, community, and supervision metaverse ecology, and uses the blockchain to economize the users’ participation behavior to promote the rapid development of the supercell industry value chain and contribute to the cause of human health. Its utility token, SCT, is a BEP-20 token operating on the BEP20 Chain.

Relying on well-known, large-scale supercell companies in Japan, France, China (Hong Kong), and other countries and regions, SuperCells provides health services for members globally and will continue to expand its partner organizations to further establish an all-round and multi-dimensional strategic partnership to build a supercell metaverse, in the hope that in the near future, all human beings can enjoy cheap safe and effective super cell medical care services.

On March 5th SuperCells founder, Ryu Oshima, officially signed a contract with Sakura Clinic Medical, and we are pleased to announce that President Yoshid of Sakura Clinic Medical has become the Honorary Chairman of SuperCells.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
How much does it cost to do a stem cell treatment in the market? I saw that Super Cells has 3 service packages, the standard package, the pathology package, and the family package. Can you explain the differences and features of these packages?

SuperCells” was launched to make this stem cell therapy available to more people at a lower cost by serial entrepreneur Ryu Oshima, who founded Premium Water Co., Ltd. which is known for its natural water server business.

Stem cell therapy is touted as the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment, but the cost of treatment often exceeds 10 million yen. Shohei Ohtani in 2018 and swimmer Ike Eriko Ikari, diagnosed with leukemia in 2019, reportedly underwent stem cell therapy and made remarkable recoveries.

Although a very expensive treatment, appointments are coming in, and the clinic in Ginza, which can be considered a mecca for stem cell treatment, is also said to be packed with wealthy people from China. Against the backdrop of growing health awareness among the affluent after the new crown crisis, the number is still expected to grow at an average annual rate of 20% per year.
In an effort to make this stem cell therapy available to more people at a lower cost, “SuperCells” was launched by serial entrepreneur Ryu Oshima, who founded Premium Water Co., Ltd. is known for its natural water server business.

Standard Package:
We use in vitro expansion and activated autologous stem cell transplantation to conduct a full-body age-reversal anti-aging and health maintenance, comprehensive full-function health maintenance, and sub-health full-function maintenance that can regenerate and repair the aging and degeneration process of multiple organs and systems, regulating its structure and function, rejuvenate and holistically restore health and vitality. It is a full-body, systemic treatment that is suitable for most users. Standard Package price: 20% discount for cash purchase, 50% discount for SCT purchase

Pathological package:
The core course of treatment of the SuperCells project has nationally patented technology and is a secret formula for some diseases. It helps strengthen the adjustment of the immune function, prevent and fight against tumors; contributes to the recovery of the body’s functions, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases of the nervous system as well as hard-to-treat diseases such as diabetes. Standard Package price: 20% discount for cash purchase, 50% discount for SCT purchase

Family Package:
We provide a year-round stem cell service to our high-net-worth VIP customers, through a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, we customize year-round super cell therapy programs and product services. One membership can be enjoyed free of charge for the whole family. Standard Package price: 20% discount for cash purchase, 50% discount for SCT purchase
Where to buy stem cell products and services? You can purchase at SuperCells APP, APP is expected to be launched in mid to late April, and the invitation rebate will be launched at the same time, welcome your participation!

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Very detailed answer 👍

Tell us what kind of application SuperCells APP is?

Super,SuperCells APP is the world’s first one-stop stem cell application platform integrating discounted purchase of stem cell products and services, the appointment of stem cell products and services for treatment, popularization of stem cell knowledge, stem cell community discussion, trading and transfer of stem cell products and services, etc.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Sounds interesting 👏

Is there a roadmap for SuperCells Ultra Universe Ecology? What are the next steps for the team? We are also curious about what big moves your team has made recently, can you share them with us?

Absolutely. Please check our development roadmap:
Big Move:
1. April 10 online gate exchange
2. SuperCells APP is expected to be officially launched in April
3. SuperCells invitation function is expected to be officially launched in April
4. SuperCells pledge SCT function will be available in April

These actions are more favorable to the rise of SuperCells Token (SCT), let’s wait and see!
In short, the heat keeps on the good, welcome your supervision

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s great. That brings me to more questions that I want to ask 😃

How will you build the SuperCell SuperCell meta-universe ecosystem? What is the operating model? What groups of members will you focus on and favor in the future development of the ecosystem? How will you drive cross-border use of SuperCells services?

The development of the SuperCells meta-universe can be divided into three phases. platform phase The first phase of SuperCells SuperCells Meta-Universe is a platform phase based on the new generation of Internet technology, with the application matrix as the core, which includes applications such as APP, DAPP, smart contracts, Dex/Cex, and NFT marketplace.

The application matrix integrates resources from users, service providers, joint labs, and audit and supervision to provide services to users, reflecting the concept of the platform. community phase The second phase of SuperCells SuperCells Meta Universe is a community phase based on blockchain technology, which converts the application matrix of the first phase into a decentralized DAPP network and builds a trusted, secure, and private DAPP cluster based on BSC’s mature public chain technology and other identity encryption technologies.

In this stage, we introduce the concept of nodes, including citizen nodes, service nodes, audit nodes, and pledge nodes, and the whole community is accomplished through the interaction between nodes. Web 3.0 Phase The third phase of SuperCells super cell meta-universe is the Web 3.0 phase with citizenship as the cornerstone, with the new application public chain SuperCells Chain as the core solution to solve three major problems, namely meta-ecology building, citizenship, and basic chain (convenience and security, smart contract, cell storage and GAS, human rights encryption). Operation Model: First, we will cooperate with travel agencies in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand to sell stem cell therapy tours to Ginza. Tour participants use SCT to offer big discounts.

Premium Water, founded by the founder, has a proven track record of expanding its market share in Singapore and Taiwan and is targeting Asia as its primary target. Wealthy individuals from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand are already participating in medical tourism and visiting Japan and already have commercial distribution. As a result, we are negotiating partnerships with travel agencies throughout Asia. There is plenty of subscribers for SuperCells, which currently has 2,000 members as well as a target audience of 3,000.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Speaking of which, can you explain SuperCells, SuperCells Foundation, and SCT (SuperCells Token) and what is the relationship between them?

SuperCells and SuperCells Foundation are interdependent,SCT (SuperCells Token) is the payment token of the SuperCells platform, which is the governance token of the SuperCells meta-universe.

SuperCells: The world’s first supercell membership service ecosystem based on a blockchain’s operation, creating a metaverse of supercell storage, cultivation, R&D, trading, service, and incubation.

The SCT (SuperCells Token) is the governance token of the SuperCells metaverse, it can be used to purchase stem cell services on the SuperCells platform at a discounted price, and you can also access even more applications and ways to enjoy them within the metaverse.

The SuperCells Foundation abbreviated as SCF, is responsible for the issuance and oversight of SCT. SCT focuses on fund support and management of pathological SuperCells research.

SCT acts as a mother fund and establishes several pathological SuperCells sub-funds and issues tokens, aiming to promote the development and application of SuperCells with a new crowdfunding model of innovation and sharing for SuperCells to provide support.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Now share about the management team and team endorsement? Are there
any investment institutions that can invest?

SuperCells core team is composed of supercell experts and professionals from Japan, Korea, the United States, China, and other countries, with a wealth of relevant knowledge and practical experience, the management team are Chairman — Sheng Oshima, Director — Satoshi Murakami, and Honorary Chairman — Osamu Yoshida.
SuperCells was launched by serial entrepreneur Ryu Oshima, who founded Premium Water Co., Ltd, known for its natural water server business.
Investment direction: We intend to do it with our own funds. It does not require a large investment that puts selling pressure on the tokens. On the other hand, if it is a partner that we can expect business synergies with and form alliances with, we will consider it.
We opened a strategic partner-only private placement round on Feb 20 with about 10 strategic partners for private placement, which is public on SuperCells Foundation’s Twitter community.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Finally, what kind of brand will SuperCells build? What are its competitors? Will
it stand out from the competitive circle?

When it comes to the brand, we will focus on the “big health” concept and take care of the “whole cycle of life” as the brand, and establish the ambitious goal of a life bank.

SuperCells is not only the world’s first blockchain-based super cell membership service ecology, but also the world’s first application platform to create a meta-universe ecosystem of supercell storage, cultivation, R&D, trading, service and incubation, and in the future, stem cell citizens will develop a meta-universe identity in the SuperCells super cell meta-universe community phase for the concept of membership, using SC wallet as the only authentication mark to build a personal identity tree around BID, members are able to use a decentralized and decentralized identity to fully control their digital identity and digital assets.

The service is the key to linking members to the SuperCells metaverse but is not the only node. Members of the SuperCells meta-universe also enjoy the right to govern, suggest, and even meet the requirements to join the special results research of SuperCells, contribute to the SuperCells meta-universe, and receive the corresponding benefits.

It is also planned to establish a laboratory that can grow the stem cells needed to lower the price of the treatment. Marketability is also big, and stem cell therapy is in high demand, especially in Greater China. We see a lot of potential in combining brick-and-mortar with Web3.

The official Supercells app will be launched soon. The payment process is to make cryptocurrency payments within the app and then make payments to the clinic on behalf of Supercells. The app will also include health management features. Making it possible to manage data on the blockchain. In addition, “SuperCells Metaverse” will be available from April to June. It will visualize real stores and allow for clinic appointments. We will also implement a mechanism to convert stem cell therapy certificates into NFTs and save the data.

At last , I would like to add to the resource infrastructure built by SuperCells:
-SuperCells Bank
SuperCells super cell metaverse relies on citizenship to build SuperCells Bank (SuperCells Bank), which is important for patient’s health protection and treatment future preparation, and in the future SuperCells Bank has more important financial significance for trading, research, incubation, and voting.

-Supercells Lab
Supercells Super Cell Lab is a leading-edge driver of life sciences, empowering proprietary cell technology and service research with platform-based standards to achieve rapid lifecycle response and drive deeper exploration in the life sciences.
-SuperCells Factory
SuperCells Factory is an efficient bio-manufacturing platform with technological upgrading and precise production as its core, which enables collaborative manufacturing of life science products throughout the process through digital design and intelligent optimization of big data, creating significant industrial value and giving a strong impetus to the life science industry.
-Scientist Brain Bank
Supercells has a strong global talent pool of scientists with not only outstanding scientific knowledge but also extremely high innovation capability, dedicated to continuously improving the technology of the platform. The development of SuperCells SuperCells meta-universe not only brings technological breakthroughs but also creates more opportunities for success and is an important driving force for future development.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Bob for this well detailed introduction about Super Cells

That’s the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session

Let’s now proceed to our Twitter Questions section

I hope you’re ready for that!!


Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
1. How does @super_cells utilize the functionality of blockchain services by using it to create health services to members of it’s platform? What are the steps and procedures to obtain a @super_cells membership card ?

Supercells platform mainly uses the form of issuing token and NFT pass card to provide blockchain health services to users, such as purchasing supercells NFT to enjoy supercells stem cell vaccine service, the steps and forms to obtain supercells membership card is mainly through the purchase of sct ( The steps and forms to obtain a supercells membership card are mainly through the purchase of sct (token issued by supercells) to obtain a membership card, for more information, please refer to our official website link: Official website:

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
2. Partners, partners in every project play a huge role as backup and support at every start of a project/company, so my question is What role do your partners play in the ecosystem of Your Project and what benefits do they have for being a partner?

I think there are two types of partners of supercells: one is to participate in the scientific research of supercells and work with us to provide safe and more effective stem cell vaccine service to our users, this kind of partner will get our share revenue; the other kind of partner is to participate in the community building of supercells and contribute to the promotion of sct and supercells’ upcoming NFT, these partners will enjoy the preferential purchase service of supercells’ stem cell vaccine and token rewards

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s the wind up of our twitter segment

Now Moving on to our last segment — Live Q&A

Shall we Bob?

ready now

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Lets go

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) john:
Before you go, kindly tell the reason why we should choose your project over others project out there

Well ,I think the difference between our project and other projects is that we have a physical stem cell hospital to provide stem cell vaccine service for users, and we use token and NFT pass card to settle the cost of stem cell vaccine, which makes the cost of injecting stem cell vaccine lower than the average cost in the market to about 20%, so choose supercells not only can enjoy better stem cell medical service, but also the future value of holding sct is unlimited!

2) Aqib Rao:
In which countries Super Cells is providing health services at the moment? And what are the global partnerships of Super Cells that are notable for its expansions?

At present, supercells’ medical services are mainly in Japan, and we will arrange a full set of services for our customers after they purchase the relevant medical package, and later we will increase our services in Europe and America; recently we have cooperated with Japanese experts in the field of stem cells to provide a safer and more reliable guarantee for our vaccine services.

*This segment ends here*

thank you guys

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thankyou So Much Bob For your valuable answers and information about Super Cells

you are welcome

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
It was a informative session with you 🤝

Lastly is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know?

not yet

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:

those questions are all the info I would like share with your guys

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Time To Conclude Our AMA Section

On Behalf of Miners Community Wish
all the very best for Super Cells And The Entire team behind the project❤️🤝

Have a nice day Bob 🤝

thanks ,you too

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