YachtingVerse is an open world marine theme VR massive multi-users platform built on the BNB Beacon Chain. This platform will bring together all the stakeholders and brands in the metaverse. YachtingVerse will consist of Marine Mall stores, customizable lands, YachtGAME(MMO) space, NFT gallery, boat show, YachtADS advertising space, nightclub, gym, event spaces, VRinar, meeting spaces, training space and much more. YachtingVerse is the reflection of real life on web 3.0. YachtingVerse will lead the transformation of brands with web 3.0. YachtingVerse is designed in a way to give users maximum freedom just like in real life. YachtLand owners can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the YachtNFT.

We hosted an AMA session with YachtingVerse on 5th August.

Mr. Ramsy was the host from Crypto Miners and Mr. Servet, CEO of YachtingVerse was the guest. He shared delightful knowledge and unique features of YachtingVerse.
Segment 1️⃣: Introduction

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hello everyone 👋 Welcome to the Crypto Miners AMA session With YachtingVerse

To help us learn more about YachtingVerse, We are lucky to be joined By Mr. Servet

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Hello everyone, I am very happy to be here with you.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Hey there 👋

Welcome here

Thanks for Bringing Us YachtingVerse ❤️

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Your welcome. Thank your kindly hosting

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
I’m pretty sure that our Community is very much excited to learn more about YachtingVerse✌️

So let’s get started if you’re ready!!

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Let’s go :)

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
First of all Can You introduce yourself?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
I am Servet, CEO of YachtingVerse. I have been trading crypto since 2017. I provided consultancy and technical support to many projects. We have a blockchain software company.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Cool ❤️

Now let’s proceed our Project Introduction

Please give us a brief explanation about ‘YachtingVerse’. What popped up in your mind to create such a platform in this Space?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Of Course

YachtingVerse is the most important project of our company. YachtingVerse is the first open world maritime and shopping mall themed metaverse project. It would not be wrong to say that it is a metaverse project where users, consumers, brands and all yacht industry stakeholders can easily come together. YachtingVerse offers a finished product unlike other projects. It will be fully available 120 days after launch. We have already signed agreements with more than 80+ global brands. YachtingVerse has 522 stores where users can display products and services of world-famous brands, where they can shop at discounts with YACHT tokens.

When you go to a shopping mall, you will be able to visit the shops, restaurants, cafes and many more you are familiar with, at Yachting verse Marine Mall. While you can experience interactive shopping with virtual reality at Marine Mall, you can also use the digital copy of the products you buy from the stores as NFT in avatar and land customizations. you can also use.

In addition to these: Music productions, festivals, art shows and many more events will be at the marine mall.

R&D of this project has been done for about a year. Built on strong foundations. It took a long time to form. Our biggest goal is to meet the technological requirements of the era.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Servet for this well start about YachtingVerse 👍

Now let’s see our second question from this segment

Q2) So what are your main features and advantages that discern you from other Projects?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:

As you can see in the image, we are different from other projects with many features. YachtingVerse is superior and unique to many projects, both in idea and theme. Apart from these, we are not central. We will be decentralized and completely governed by the DAO mechanism. We also rely on the imagination of the community.

In our SDK libraries, our users will be able to develop many products and generate income from them. Everyone will be able to make their own games and customizations in their own LAND or in common areas.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Q3) How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
The entire team is made up of developers with years of experience.
We have experience in many areas, always in crypto and non-crypto projects. Our software company continues to develop innovative smart homes. We are also developing market maker bots and some crypto trading bots. We develop innovative software at every stage. We have a lot of ideas that we bring to the blockchain ecosystem. We do everything to improve our company and ecosystem. The entire team is made up of professionals. We have added 12 more developers to our team for YachtingVerse, in addition to the 15 developers already working in our existing companies.
Our CTO Emre has his own game studio. It has dozens of games introduced in mobile markets. He is a gamer all in one person and a hard worker. We have established an organic partnership for 2 years. We have connected the world of Web 3.0 and Gaming.
Apart from the two of us, there are 4 other friends we work with on the board of directors. We are a strong team with 27 developers in total.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Sounds great 👌

4) Now Share us about your Native token, What are the some of utlities of $YACHT Token in Your Ecosystem? And if possible share to us the Tokenomics

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
First of all, our tokenomic structure is as unique as our project. Initial Market Cap is only $96,250 and Initial circulation Supply is 0.38% . This in itself makes it a unique tokenomics. Other than that, it will be a very slow oscillation. All of the tokens will be released in a total of 5 years. We will keep team and advisor allocations locked for one year. Because the team really trusts the project. We will use the BNB network as the main network and bridge to other networks. BNB Chain is investor friendly as the fastest, reliable and cheap network today.

The YACHT token utility includes but is not limited to the following;
⚓️$YACHT will act as a native utility token of the YachtingVerse ecosystem by empowering and incentivizing all the parties. Access to YachtingVerse will be free to all whether you’re a Yachter or not. Users who hold, stake, or transact with $YACHT, will be given certain privileges and benefits.
⚓️YachtingVerse will allow advertisements to be served directly on totems and billboards. We will share ad revenue directly with our NFT and YACHT holders community. We will provide a revenue stream for our users and holders.
⚓️Initially, YACHT tokens will be sold during the ICO period to purchase Land with the NFT mechanism acting as your title of ownership. All YACHT tokens initially used to purchase the YachtLand and advertising space will be locked. YachtLand owners will be able to customize their owned space. YachtLand can earn revenue by licensing, renting, or selling with transactions using YACHT tokens.
⚓️Brands & Advertising will play a key role in generating YACHT tokens as revenue. YachtingVerse is a crypto-focused hub that attracts Yachters & stakeholders and therefore is a key opportunity for advertising & brands for all business types. YACHT token will be used for all these activities.
⚓️Staking of YACHT. YACHT Tokens are used to run the ecosystem & can be staked to earn attractive APY. This is aimed to create monetary incentives for the most dedicated and motivated players. Our staking mechanism takes place on BSC by several community validators and delegates. In effect, the authorizes are pooling their YACHT tokens in their preferred validator.

⚓️Marketplace will be your go to resource to purchase real estate, customize avatars, purchase NFTs to create your personalized YachtingVerse reality.
⚓️Yachters will be able to show, launch, sell and charter your yacht whenever you want in YachtingVerse. Yachters will be able to organize a boat show at any time by purchasing NFT with the YACHT token.
⚓️Education is the most important part of YachtingVerse. Yacht owners will benefit from all training free of charge. After successful training, they will win NFT and YACHT rewards.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Wow, lot of incentives for $YACHT Holders 🚀

Q5) So how long did it take to develop this project? What plans do you have for the future? And what can we expect from YachtingVerse If possible could you please share road map with us.

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
As I just mentioned, there is a serious effort under the project. There is an R&D study lasting 1 year. The experienced team has been working together for years already. Our biggest difference is that we are here with a project that is close to completion. Here it is on our roadmap. Our project will meet with users 120 days after listing. This is really important. Many projects are expected for years of development.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thanks Servet for this well detailed introduction about YachtingVerse:)

And that’s the wrap up of our the first part of the AMA session ✅

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Thank you too

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Let’s now proceed to our Twitter Questions section

i hope you’re ready for that!!

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
I am ready :)

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
So let’s roll

Segment 2️⃣: Twitter Questions

1) Why did you choose BNB Beacon chain to build YachtingVerse? Do you have plans to expand to other blockchains? The integration of a bridge in different chains is very useful for investors and their assets in terms of cost reduction?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Good question

BNB Chain is both the cheapest and the most reliable network ever. It’s also very fast. It is very comfortable for developers and users. These are the features we pay attention to when choosing our mainnet. In addition, we have an infrastructure that can bridge all EVM-supported tokens. We will also be on the SOLANA network at the time of listing. We will support more than 10 networks in the future.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
2) Can you talk about Marine Mall, it is said that world famous brands can showcase their products. Does it mean that YachtingVerse will collaborate with several world-famous brands such as fashion brands? Apart from discounts are there any other offers for YACHT token holders?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Marine Mall will be YachtingVerse’s attraction. 522 world-famous brands will open their stores here. We are currently evaluating more than 80 applications. Each initially measures 256 square meters and is fully customizable by brand. Brands can enlarge their store areas if they wish. It will be more profitable for brands to open their virtual stores in a VR network with a high user and target audience, such as Marine Mall, rather than building the metaverse separately. A brand needs high investments and technological infrastructure to create its own metaverse universe. YachtingVerse will open all the necessary technological infrastructure to the brands. Holders will receive a share of YachtingVerse’s profits as well as discount shopping. We will share the advertising revenues with the holders.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:

3) I consider being a YachtLand owners is very lucky. So can you tell to us what is the benefits and advantages if we our one of YachtLand owners? also how to be YachtLand owners and how much we need to become YachtLand owners?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
You will initially have two options to own a YachtLand. First choice, you can earn 1x1 Land NFT+ high APR by staking a minimum of 10,000 YACHT tokens to Genesis Stake pools for 180 days. In the second option, you can buy it by participating in INOs. The INO will be worth $1200.

YachtingVerse is based on a map of fixed amounts of YachtLand, the total number of YachtLand parcels in YachtingVerse is capped at 16,384 and built on the Cartesian coordinate system of 128×128 dimensions. However, the common spaces, gallery, and roads are owned by the developers of YachtingVerse and cannot be bought or sold by users. Purchasable YachtLand parcels is capped to 9216.
Each YachtLand parcel is represented by an NFT. Marketplace will be launched in conjunction with the YACHT token distribution where YACHT token holders will be able to purchase Land via the NFT mechanism. YachtingVerse will work on a Governance model. Land NFT holders will form part of that Governance council. Each NFT will vote via a DAO. Proposals will be made to the DAO where NFT holders will vote with the majority vote winning.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
4) I understand that YachtingVerse has an extremely flexible and open avatar system as well as providing SDK connectivity, can you elaborate more on that? Is it possible to exchange our NFTs with other users on YachtingVerse?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Avatars can be upgraded and made unique with Smart Editor. There are over 100,000 possible combinations in Smart Editor. This allows users to create virtually anyone with each avatar. Yachters can also customize their avatars by purchasing wearable NFTs from the Yacht Market. YachtingVerse has an extremely flexible and open avatar system as well as providing SDK connectivity. Bring your favorite Characters, and make your favorite NFT JPEGs as your 3D avatars using the glTF or glb 3D file formats.

Apart from that, you can customize and craft your NFTs in other areas with the SDK. This will be a source of income for our users.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Let’s hear our last question from Twitter

5)Staking is a indispensable part of Gamefi’s inflation management. Is it on hand on YachtingVerse? If yes, How does staking work? What’s the minimum amount of $YACHT I need to stake, the prospective annual returns and more info I need to know?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
YachtingVerse Genesis Stakings will be open at TGE (Token Generation Event). Be an early adopter and participate in the Genesis Staking to earn limited time rewards by staking YACHT Stake in the genesis pools to receive rewards that you will only get through genesis staking. Theserewards will never be minted again after the genesis staking window is over. The YachtingVerse Genesis Staking will only be available for 14 days.The Genesis pool consists of ‘Triton 90’, ‘Doris 180 ‘, and ‘Poseidon 360 ‘ three different pools with different rewards, different APY, and different lock-up times. We’ve also launched a testnet about Genesis Staking Pools, which you can join here.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
That’s the wind up of our twitter segment

Now Moving on to our last segment — Live Q&A

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
I am ready.

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
lets go,

Segment 3️⃣: Live QnA
(In this segment group was opened for 60 seconds and Miners sent hundreds of questions. Guest choose some best to answer)

1) Munna Bhaiya:
There are three types of YachtNFT -

👉 Badge NFT
👉 Attractive Zone NFT
👉 Wearable NFT

Can you tell more about these three NFTs and how does each one works? also What are the use-cases of these NFTs also Are they available to buy now?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Currently not available for purchase. The Marketplace will open with the listing. NFT trading will be active after the Market Place is opened.

You can check the here all about NFTs :

2) Snow | The False Cassette 📼:
From buying a digital products from Yacht Shopping Mall, We can put them as a NFTs content, You said it. I would like to know, Can we use these NFTs afterwards for staking purposes? Are your NFTs Supremely revenue-generating and have broader use-case beyond trading?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
You will be able to earn income by staking LAND and Advertising NFTs. If you will be the owner of the same product in real life when you make a purchase at Marine Mall. For example, you bought a T-shirt. You can use it for your avatar in the metaverse and for yourself in real life. It will be like a world intertwined with real life and the metaverse.

Yachtingverse currently has a whitelist campaign where some lucky users stand a Chance to get whitelisted and participate in the token pre-sale before launch.
Could you please share the whitelist link for us and tell us the requirements to participate in this whitelist campaign?
Thank you

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
Our sales are running out pretty fast. It’s usually over in a few hours. That’s why we created a 1 hour whitelist event. Here you can join and read the details.

🏆ONLY 200 TICKETS available on the Whitelist🏆

🍀Be one of the luckiest participants! Get a chance to buy tokens.

🚀Application link:

4) Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
YachtingVerse is a Global project. Currently, more than 80 projects have applied to open stores. This number will be 522 in total. Rather than growing more, we are investigating how we can grow more accurately. We are also planning to go on Series-A investment tours.

5) Monib:
YachtLand owners can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO through the YachtNFT. Is the requirement just to have YachtNFT only? Is there a minimum limit on the amount that must be owned?

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
YachtLAND 9216 will be limited edition. This means 9216 voting rights. It will be configured to have one NFT for each person. In other words, there will not be a Whale print like in other projects. Everything will be more democratic and transparent.

*This segment ends here*

Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thankyou so much Servet For your valuable answers and information about YachtingVerse,
It Was Pleasure Hosting An Ama With You

Servet Ⓨachtingverse:
It was great to be here. Thank you to everyone who participated. Don’t forget to buy whitelis.


Ramsy | Crypto Miners:
Thank you again

Community, if you would like to learn more about YachtingVerse , here are some useful links for you:

Medium: YachtingVerse



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