Pixel Sweeper — A Collection of 10,000 Robots in BNB Chain. 🔥

Pixel Sweepers is a set of 10,000 ERC721 3D NFTs on BNB Chain. They will be sweeping the floor on several BNB Chain NFT collections and redistributing those NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders. 9,500 PixelSweepers will be available for mint at a cost of around $100 BUSD (in BNB). 500 NFTs will be reserved for marketing and the team.

The BNB raised through public mint will be allocated as follows:

- 90% used to sweep the Pancake Squad floor

- 5% of the BNB raised will be used to sweep the floor of other collections as voted on by PixelSweeper holders

- 5% of the funds will be designated for the team.

🌐 Learn more: www.pixelsweeper.com/
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