Revolutionizing Gaming with Strike Protocol: A Play-to-Earn Adventure

2 min readApr 5, 2024


Get ready to embark on an epic gaming journey with Strike Protocol, a groundbreaking multiplayer adventure that seamlessly blends base management with raiding champion bases.

All crypto gaming benefits with zero drawbacks!

Next generation crypto gaming
Strike Protocol stands out as a pioneer in next-generation crypto gaming, backed by over two years of extensive industry research and development. It effectively sidesteps common pitfalls that afflicted numerous crypto based games launched between 2020 and 2024.

Uniquely addressing all common pitfalls:

Player adoption
Unlike most crypto games, Strike Protocol does not rely on crypto enthusiasts to drive its player ecosystem. Instead, its player adoption model focuses on low-entry thresholds, traditional free-to-play gaming mechanics, and player marketing within traditional gaming communities.

Gaming distribution
Strike follows a non-crypto, traditional game access distribution model which includes all applications, geographic requirements and legal handling across all major digital game distribution centers, OS driven distribution (iOS and Playstore), as well as volume scale indie-centered distribution.

Bridging gamers and crypto
Strike Protocol acts as a friendly bridge between traditional gaming and the world of crypto. Players have the freedom to enjoy gameplay for free, with fiat currency only, cryptocurrency only, or a combination of all methods within the same ecosystem and across all devices. Player conversion to crypto is optional, and not mandatory, as the $STPR investor base sees rewards from all revenue streams, both Fiat and crypto, flow back into passive income.

Instant play with zero delays
Unlike the majority of PVP-based games, Strike Protocol doesn’t suffer from the frustration of endless delays in player matching, as it has entirely eliminated the need for both sides of the PvP to be online simultaneously. It offers instant real-time matchups within seconds, accessible from any place and across any platform — PC, Android, or iOS — all within one ultra-fast ecosystem. This represents a breakthrough in how PvP is approached in crypto games.

Lock free stakeholder balance
Stakeholders are balanced to ensure sustainable volume scaling while offering rewards to both players and investors. Financial streams, whether Fiat or Crypto-based, are aggregated into reward pools and distributed accordingly. By utilizing next-gen revenue sharing instead of the problematic staking methods, investors are seamlessly integrated into the flow of Fiat without the drawback of locking their holdings.

Company backed results
Strike Protocol is a game produced by GD Entertainment and includes industry backing from companies such as Gempad, SolidProof, Koopi, Electrocoin, and Hotkey to assure a financially solid and fully registered and transparent opportunity to both players and investors. It ensures that all stakeholders benefit from industry focus and a long-term investment approach aimed at creating a multi-year gaming environment that sets the standard for next-generation crypto gaming.

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