Trace Network: The Outstanding Buddy Launch and Media Coverages

About Trace:
Trace Network is an enterprise-grade NFT based decentralized finance protocol harnessing the capabilities of composable smart contracts to enable permission-less financing options powered by DeFi, and NFT based unique merchandise identification solutions to unlock the billions of dollars’ worth of business potential otherwise undermined due to poor merchandise inventory & ownership management, costlier trade financing & banking options, and perennial inefficiencies in par Diem business transactions. Trace Network is a decentralized protocol enabling lifestyle for any multichain metaverse. Trace is enabling the next era of Luxury Lifestyle For Metaverses powered by NFTs & Digital Fashion. Trace will be a de-facto gateway for lifestyle brands to launch a new set of Limited Edition Lifestyle & Fashion products exclusively made for Digital Avatars of Metaverse residents across multiple chains and Metaverses.

🔥 Most Hyped and Mega BUDDY Launch 🚀

🥳 #BUDDY by Trace Network is now Live..

You can now create your own Human-like, Real-looking #Avatars & mint it as an #NFT that you own for life…& will be your passport to ANY #Metaverse

❇️ BUDDY possibilities are immense

- Give a real human face
- Connect & collaborate like in the real-world
- Live & create memories
- Bring us closer to experiences from the real world
- Connect in a more realistic & experiential manner
- Enable creators to build cross-chain digital life experiences
- Enable people to their daily lives e.g. meetings, events, games etc
- Be a passport to ANY Metaverse
..& More

Lets Meet in the #Metaverse…and work towards building a world that reflects our current lives and lifestyles in the real-world…

▫️ Lets build A #Lifestyle4Metaverse..
▫️ Lets Start with our very own digital twins..
▫️ Lets Start with our own real-looking selves..

🔅 Visit here to get started:

🔥 Listings

➖ BitBNS

Thrilled to announce that Trace Network’s $TRACE Token was now be listed on Bitbns — A leading exchange from India — on Monday, 25th Apr 2022!

🔅 Trading Pair: TRACE / INR
🔅 This marks the 1st Fiat trading pair for $TRACE.

Trade here:


➖ DappRadar

DappRadar — A trusted source for exploring global DApp data — has listed Trace Network on its portal.

Go find, track, analyze and discover more about #Trace.

Visit here:

➕ Featuring's and Mentions

➖ CoinTeleGraph

CoinTeleGraph has featured the launch of #BUDDY hailing it is as a major stepping stone in building #Metaverses powered by #NFTs & #DigitalFashion and enabling creators to build digital life experiences for #Metaverse residents.

Read the Article here

➖ Outlook

Outlook Magazine — a leading media house — has featured the BUDDY launch it an extensive article…

The article mentions how BUDDY will empower the users to create fashionable, real-looking, and human-like digital #avatars as an #NFT & roam freely in ALL #Metaverses.

Read here

➖ Economic Times

Economic Times has featured $TRACE’s listing on Bitbns. The article covers the token’s many utilities that includes protocol governance, community incentivization, interoperability & cross-chain #NFT related settlements.

It also covers #Trace’s foray into real human-like #Avatars via #BUDDY to enable residents of ANY multi-chain #Metaverse to experience realistic lifestyles in virtual worlds as well.

🔅Read the Article here

Economic Times has featured the Launch of Trace Network’s #BUDDY!!

The article mentions how users can mint their own human-like #Avatars as an #NFT using Trace Network’s product #BUDDY with a few simple steps starting with a selfie!

Read here

➖ Business Standard

Business Standard India has featured the Launch of #BUDDY.

It talks how BUDDY can:
- help users mint their own real-looking #Avatars
- Enable users to get unique experiences in #metaverses
- Enable creators to build digital life experiences for metaverse
- Become your digital identity for Web3, just like Google is for web2 — a single-sign-on for all metaverses.
- Enable you to Work, Play, & Socialize among other things in ANY metaverse

☀️Read Here

➖ NewsBTC

NewsBTC has featured the launch of BUDDY!

The article elaborately mentions how BUDDY is helping create human-like Avatars that get minted as NFTs which the user can own for life

It also talks about other possibilities with #BUDDY such as it being a passport to ANY #Metaverse..

Read here

➖ Bitcoinist has featured the Launch of Trace Network’s #BUDDY

The article discusses how BUDDY is at the core of users’ metaverse identity and aims to be the next-gen real human-like looking avatars that go beyond PFPs and allows metaverse residents to truly express themselves via their avatars.

Buddy will also be the stepping stone for Trace Network Labs to build metaverses powered by #NFTs and #digitalfashion.

☀️ Read here

➖ Dataquest

DataQuest — a leading tech focused media house — has featured the launch of #BUDDY!!

The article talks about how BUDDY will allow users to create their own real-looking #Avatars as an #NFT & also become the common digital identity for ALL #Metaverses.

Read here

➖Indian Express

The Indian Express has featured the Launch of Trace Network’s #BUDDY!!

It mentions how BUDDY will allow people to mint their real human-like looking digital avatar as an #NFT & equip themselves with various #fashionNFTs, stances & backgrounds for #Metaverses.

Read here

➖ The Daily Guardian

The Daily Guardian has featured the Launch of Trace Network’s #BUDDY!!

It mentions how #BUDDY empowers #metaverse residents to create fashionable human-like #avatars defining the user & his personality in the virtual world!

It also talks about the simple process of minting the Avatars with a simple front-facing photo or selfie that gets stored as an #NFT on Blockchain to be retained forever..

Read here

➖ Know Techie

KnowTechie has featured #BUDDY launch in an article.

It mentions how #BUDDY will pave way for an immersive experience in the metaverse with real-looking avatars & real-world activities like work, play, & socializing with family & friends.

Read here

🔥 AMA with BitBNS on the Launch of Buddy Launch

🔊Mr. Lokesh Rao, CEO of trace Network did a YouTube Live AMA with Bitbns

❇️ He was talked about
- Trace’s #BUDDY MegaLaunch
- $TRACE Token Listing
- BUDDY Launch rewards
- Creating real looking #Avatars for the Metaverse
- Trace Network Vision, Overall Roadmap
…& More


🔥 AMA with Founder of CoinCrunChin

Mr. Lokesh Rao, CEO of Trace Network with Naimish Sanghvi , Founder of Coin Crunch as they demonstrate the #BUDDY #Avatar Minting process — LIVE on #Trace Buddy App on 30th April.

♾️ Creating Experiences with your BUDDY Avatars ⚡️

The best thing about #Metaverse is the people & “Experiences” they can derive in it via their #DigitalTwins.

In a response to a query asked in a panel discussion at The Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, Mr Lokesh Rao highlights how experiential commerce will be the next best bet with #BUDDY Avatars!

➖ Challenges in the Current Metaverse Ecosystems

The current state of #Metaverses need a major overhaul to increase adoption — interoperability, closed ecosystems, unrecognizable avatars & more…

Mr. Lokesh Rao speaks up at The Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 on challenges we need to overcome while we keep adding value to the Metaverse starting with making recognizable #Avatars via #BUDDY!

➖ Future Tech Amalgamation into the Metaverse

The growth of the idea of Metaverse has resulted in the amalgamation of many mature technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud & IOT in the Metaverse.

Mr. Lokesh Rao speaks up at The Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 on how these technologies have converged together to make #Metaverses more relevant space for businesses & people to interact.

➕ Twitter Spaces

With Sequence Wallet

There was a discussion on the Trace Network Twitter Spaces with their partner Sequence Wallet on #Metaverses, #Avatars, #NFTs, Web3 Wallets & a way forward with real-looking avatars in the #Metaverse on 13th April.

Listen here:

➖ With Polygon

Mr. Lokesh Rao & Polygon Studios in a Live #TwitterSpaces AMA discussed all things #Metaverse, Upcoming Buddy Launch, #NFTs, Fashion, Future & more…

❇️ Listen here:


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Lets get Social in the #Metaverse with your friends and family!!

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️Go Mint your #BUDDY NOW….🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


Learn more about Trace Network here:




Medium: Trace Network Labs



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